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  1. captain crossbricks

    Design a Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Results!

    Congratulations to the winners!
  2. captain crossbricks

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 5 discussion

    Nice pics! I must have that imperial guard guy or whatever hes called.
  3. captain crossbricks

    Top Five Must have Pirates Sets

    Miner are... 1: Skulls Eye Schooner 2:Armada Flagship 3:Pirate Perilous Pitfall 4:Elderado Fortress 5:Imperial Flagship 10210
  4. captain crossbricks

    The Governors Office

    This looks very nice! The black and white chess floor design is my favorite part! The white horns for the table holders are a ice touch too. Nice job!
  5. captain crossbricks

    VOTING: Design a Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) set

    Here is my votes. 4 points to number 5 3 points to number 9
  6. captain crossbricks

    Din's Fire

    Your right it is from Zelda my child video game! Enough with that the ship is a beauty! I like the look of the back a lot. But i do not really like the color scheme all the much.' Amazing job!
  7. captain crossbricks

    Review: 7049 Alien Striker

    Another new space theme! I think this is more of a bonus theme for the space police line. The set looks great though. Especially the new ADU soldier. The gun looks quite cool also. It might be able to fit with some Star Wars sets also. Nice review Buddy!
  8. captain crossbricks

    Best and Worst ideas for PoTC sets

    I would love to have e kraken set.
  9. captain crossbricks

    Non-Pirate Mini-Figures Useful for Pirate MOCing?

    Oi thanks for that ill try to take more research if next time.
  10. captain crossbricks

    Non-Pirate Mini-Figures Useful for Pirate MOCing?

    Yes i know you can do that , but lots of the torsos have fleshie chests showing. And it might sound stupid , but im just picky that way. And Haltiamieli my mistake I am kind of new to Eurobricks.
  11. captain crossbricks

    Non-Pirate Mini-Figures Useful for Pirate MOCing?

    Hello there! I wanted to ask this for quite some time , but I am looking for a few torsos that aren't in the pirate theme. I have been wondering to buy some since im really not liking the new POTC torsos which are really the only pirate option. (Flesh Toned) Please excuse me also if theres already a thread for this type of discussion. Any thing helps! Captain Crossbricks
  12. captain crossbricks

    Caribbean Fortress

    Oi! I love it! The texture of the water looks like a great technique same with the structure of the building. The windows are also very nice. I also notice that 1 of the first pics with the row boat the imperial flag is upside down. Amazing job Erdebreeis! (Sorry if i spelled it wrong.)
  13. captain crossbricks

    MOC - Sunset Grog

    Aye Curumba! I love it! The fishing boat and how you made the roof is my favorite. I notice that the small skinny stick piece under the main roof is kind of tilted which in my opinion brings out great detail kind of showing that the building has been there for a while. So much detail its amazing! Thanx for sharing.
  14. captain crossbricks

    Yellowface Captain Jack

    I wish fleshy didn't exist. Ya I totally agree theres not much flesh heads that acctualy look good nowa days. Nice idea! Captain Jack looks better this way!
  15. captain crossbricks

    Classic Pirates Comeback #1

    Nice comic so far i cant wait to see the rest of it. Sigh if only i had some of those old pirate sets. Though the text bubbles could have used a little more work, but hey! Atleast we can read it. Nice work!