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  1. CPDano

    MOC: Fire Rescue Squad

    I like that you created space in the cab for more figures. A whole fire squad usually consists of at least 5 members , so getting more figures into the truck adds to the realness of the truck
  2. CPDano

    MOC - #legoselfie

    Very clever design. I really like the lamp and how you incorporated a plug!
  3. CPDano


    Hi there! I've been building legos for a few years, but never really deviated from the instructions much. I really enjoy modern designs and look forward to learning new ways to make my builds look realistic. I want to be a firefighter/paramedic, so i really like the lego city sets. I have the fire brigade set and recently decided i wanted to make it larger. I'm planning on have 4 total bays (1 in front, 3 in back) and making it almost twice as long. (front to back) Well thats just a little bit about me and my legos! Thanks -CPDano
  4. CPDano

    MOC: Fire Station

    Nice job on modeling those hose reels!
  5. CPDano

    FDNY Rescue 3

    Awesome, The roof design is just amazing!
  6. CPDano

    My collection of city MOCs

    Amazing builds! I love the brick look on the fire station!
  7. CPDano

    MOC: LDraw Fire Engine

    Nice use of bricks to create that signature front bumper!
  8. CPDano

    MOD: Fire Engine (based on 60002)

    The extra storage doors are awesome, the lack of places to put tool was always my least favorite part about the fire engine sets.
  9. CPDano

    Tiny Fire Engine

    Love the driveshaft! Awesome idea!