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  1. power1369

    [MOC] Photo Camera

    Absolutely amazing work !
  2. power1369

    Bentley 4.5 Litre "Blower" @scale 1:8,5

    amazing job !
  3. power1369


    great model for sure !! well done !!
  4. Another amazing piece of work. Wow !!
  5. power1369

    GP-1 Superbike

    Fantastic work. I can only hope instructions are produced for this. Best bike I have seen.
  6. power1369

    MOC : Dorm building

    this looks fantastic ... great work !!
  7. power1369

    [MOC] Compact 6x6 Pickup

    Great work !
  8. power1369

    Steel Mill WIP

    Great work so far.
  9. like others, first thing I said when I saw it was OMG !! incredible detail phenomenal work !
  10. That would be great ReBricker because I have built the Ball Factory based on these instructions but am struggling with the timing even though I watched your videos during the build. Power1369
  11. power1369

    [MOC] M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank (RC)

    Another amazing piece of work Tommy. As mentioned, you really are a master of Lego tanks.
  12. Love the new colours !