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  1. Divine

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Oh fair enough I thought it was just that, though regardless it's very smart! Thank you for the response Simon :) And you're very welcome!
  2. Divine

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Hey @Simon_S this is incredible, amazing work. You've really inspired me and I'm sure many others to follow and do something similar of our own. May I ask out of curiosity, how did you do the wheat field? I love it and am trying to figure out how it's done can you please explain how you managed it? Great work again and Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Divine
  3. Divine

    Narnia: The Horse and his Boy

    I havent read the books but all 5 are beautifully designed. Simple in some ways but elegant. The concept of less is more. Putting a lot in such a small space. Looking forward to the other designs! Respectfully, Divine.
  4. Divine

    [ESL-FB1] Please don't take it apart

    Just scrolling over your builds, you have really nice MOCS! I would add to the fact that I would compliment this fortress in a brick film just to show its beauty, it truly is quite the fortress. -Divine.
  5. Divine

    [MOC] Trouble in the Tavern

    I would so buy this! How long did it take to make this? -Divine.
  6. Divine

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    Wow mate, shes an absolute wonder! Love it! I was going to ask where exactly do you buy these sails from? For lego ships? Would love to build one but have no idea where to buy these sails from are they custom ? Awesome work mate! -Divine.
  7. A new story arises.. about coffee.. like you've never imagined. This story will undertake the gritty underground of the Coffee world. Find out about coffee like you never knew, and watch as it changes the characters and how war will begin over... The coffee beans! Lego Friction will become a longer based film but chapters will be released as the film could take a long time to finish. Although a little bit of light flicker overall I am very pleased with this. Members suggested to use more different angles and shots, and I have listened this one is filled with it even in the short amount of time! I hope you do enjoy it! Please leave some feedback or comments would love to hear what you guys think and what I should improve on! Watch now! Sincerely, Divine.
  8. Medieval Universe - Segment 2 Wolven interrogation outube: Hey guys, The second segment of Medieval Universe has been released, called Wolven interrogation. This takes part right after the first segment. If you sure it and you were wondering what was behind that sealed wooden door, well now you will know! This film took much longer than anticipated over 6 hours of animating, and it took me right into the middle of the early morning to finish! This scene also suffered serious light ficker problems due to me forgetting once again to turn off the BL option. Which honestly never use to tick itself. I was able to rectify all the light flicker, but with a sacrifice of video quality. None the less it was worth it, and its still very watchable, hopefully the next time this won't be an issue. Hope you guys enjoy please leave a comment and feedback it would be much appreciated! Recommended to watch in full screen! Sincerely, Divine.
  9. Ohh great I'll be sure to check out your facebook and send in a link to my video! And no worries I love the idea! And these are some of best brick filmers around! Thanks mate!
  10. So many fans of Johnny thunder, but I've always been in the dark! Is he like Indiana Jones?
  11. Divine

    Behind the scenes @ BrickCon 2014

    Great article and loved the displays! Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!
  12. Hey guys. For people that don't know Medieval Universe will revolve around different factions and a large storyline of different tribes and guilds. Whenever I can I will create a new segment that will be part of this universe, all references will somehow link to other scenes/brick films to come and they all connect in a big puzzle. If you've seen my brick film Medieval Election, that is apart of this universe. So to make sense the best way to explain this is, as you begin to follow this when a character is killed by another member that character will actually be gone and the guild/tribe will be affected accordingly just like real time. Anyone can feel free to join in this Universe, just make sure its castle/Medieval themed and join in the fun! Get in contact with me! one way or another and we can collaborate! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Medieval Universe - The Lion Knight Segment 1 ------------ LINK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the full reference I done not just a day ago: My goal is to really open up the Lego Medieval world. I feel that Medieval and castle in lego is very underrated in brick films which is a shame. Because it can cover so much different areas, the most notable is fantasy, history, lore and magic. But it doesn't end there. What this Collaboration is really about is bring people together to create something on going. Now the good thing about this is, it's very flexible. For example I've already started on a script for this. But I have seperated this into several different stories, so it will never focus on one person or group everytime rather it will expand into different realms/races and characters. Currently I have 8 different tribes/fractions I want to bring in. If you don't have any of these you are able to create your own tribe or even guild and then create a short about them, however the point of this collaboration is too really connect it to the story, so below I will have the current tribe leaders and with them of course their tribe, from there you begin to create your own tribe and from what you read and see, create a story how your characters in some way or another connect to my characters and so on. Even if they are to never meet, it is really about using your imagination to involve other peoples characters and perhaps cities and people of special interest (Heroes, kings, leaders etc.) Perhaps you will bring them up while drinking some ale with a few buddies, perhaps it will come up in a story. Or better yet if both people have the characters why not bring them in a scene together?? Its time to bring back that imagination and the best thing about this is anyone can be apart of this. How to join: *Create a Medieval/castle themed brick film: In the brick film allow it to have some kind of dialog or connection to other peoples films only that connect back to this. You can also have the option to make it have no link to any others but in some way other people will be able to connect back to yours. *Post some photos of your Medieval tribe, or character. *Provide some information about the tribe or character of interest. Optional Questions: Tell us about your homeland; Is it a village, did you grow up in the city, did you live in tents? What are you; Are you a warrior, are you a rogue? Are you perhaps a farmer, or a noble lord? What do you seek; Do you seek Fortune? Or perhaps retribution? Why do you seek it? Will you live in the already created kingdom or your very own? (Kingdoms represent Countries more or less). NOTE: If you don't have castle minifigures but want to be apart of this, I myself would be willing to put in a character for you in a short, based upon your own description of how your characters personality would be. This is also a possible option. (This also goes for people that just don't have the time to animate) (Voices are accepted). My Eight Factions; The Ravlon Lion Knights The lion knights of Ravlon, are one of the strongest Fractions of Tavenrfall. Tavernfall is located on the far eastern border of the Kingdoms of Battlinord. They are large in number, and are the only current fraction that has their own appointed King. The Lion kinghts normally never get into battles that are disputes between other fractions, and won't aid them either. Unless they enter the borders of Tavernfall they will not respond. Being close to the Eastern border allows an advantage for fishing, their main source of income. The fishes are sent through out fractions by a neutral party that distributes them. The Wolf Gang: The wolf gang was once large in number, but they became targets between other fractions and rapidly died out in numbers. Few remain, and now the current leader Allgrof is recuiting new members to join the cause of the Wolf Gang. Originally the gang started in a small village known as Wolvega. Wolvega had a lot of wolves in the surrounding areas, and the people there tamed wolves as pets at the time there were very few but they grew rapidly and within a decade they had spread of the borders of Battlinord. However they became a threat to the rangers and Thracons, are quickly died out. The few remaining are now most likely in neautral zones, and never stay in one spot for too long. There still dangerous and strong as ever. Allgrof was once a trained assassin before he became leader of the Wolf Gang. The Masked Bandits: Formerly known as ''The Beast men'' the masked bandits are the most primitive. They hunt alone, and are very precise on their target. They grew up in the wilderness, so mother nature comes to their advantage. They know the ins and out of the wilderness almost as good as the Rangers. They normally fight with spears as a preferred weapon but they are trained with swords, and crossbows as well. Their leader Sulgor, was once an enchanter. Legend has it while doing an experiment something went wrong and took away his face. He has the face of a shadow. The masked bandits originated from the Eastern lands, but Barbarians ambushed the Masked bandits and killed many, and by doing so claimed the easter lands. The Masked bandits were pushed to the west, were they finally settled but now are hungry for revenge and to claim back the lands of the East. The Northerners: The Northerners are vikings of the North, they live in primitive conditions without any prevail or consequence. Although they are vikings by nature. Sulfor who is their leader, has made plans to rebuild the roads of the north, and the roads that border to the south along with repairing all the broken buildings if he is too be elected as the new Governor. Northerners are up-rised in combat training from an early age. They become skilled swordsmen in their teens, and have generally mastered the sword and the ax along with the crossbow. Later on as they advance they begin to study the art of healing and 2 handed swords and axes. The Assassin Guild: The assassin Guild is much different to all the other fractions. They have all different types of races in their guild, and rather owning land of their own, they live in something known as a Guild Hold. It's like a big Stronghold thats just for Assassins. Normally they are lone mercenaries and pick up the daily job on who needs to be captured or removed. They get payed by a guild bank and is normally payed by other mercenaries or fractions, sometimes it can be from neutral parties, it can be privately done and even annoymas. Payment to assassins is normally 20-50% deposit it just depends on how dangerous the task is and it's duration. To join The Assassin Guild you will need to be recruited as an apprentice by a master assassin or a ranked assassin. You will need to prove yourself worthy in the following weeks as it will be the hardest. You will not be honored or be respected if you are killed as an apprentice. Assassins live dangerous lives, and are more of a neutral fraction than a fraction of its own border. They fight for gold, but don't mistake gold for glory. If they feel your job offers trouble for future income, its common for them to refuse offers, and take others in return. The Red Thracons: Thracons are one of the most feared fraction of the lot. They are conqueors, vikings of their own, they are also looters and thieves. The lowest of the lowest join the Thracons, yet even the mindful and skilled work beside the Thracons. Their Leader Ragoff was a skilled negotiater and master thief. He later masted sailing and merchanting. Now he has ambitions of ruling the kingdom. The Thracons are also religious in their own way, they have their own priest, and even a healer. But they are rarely seen as they are not allowed to leave their place of duty, ever. Lombards: Lombards are a barbarian tribe, but they are not barbaric. They listen to reason, but fight for cause. They have their banners set in the west, but live south west of the border. They live in Lamdens Reach, a place where the source of minerals is high, there is plenty of wheat to harvest, and plenty of ore to mine. They are rich in resources and Landens Reach is were most of the iron weaponry is made. The leader of the Lombards, is Frapgorn the second, he comes from a family tradition of his family leading the Lombards for several centuries. His father died 5 years ago, after one of his horses slid on a rocky mountain and the whole carriage tumbled down, which no one survived. Frapgorn is loyal to his cause, and his cause is to take down the rangers of the south, and to claim the forest of Alvonore, where the source of wood is rich, and the rivers ponder with fish. The Lombards and Thracons have been at war with each other for quite some time. They did make a peace treaty that was meant to stop them from fighting off each other, but borders are always being neglected and it has caused outbreak between them. The Lombards are well trained from their ancestors who were originally vikings themselves, close combat melee is in their blood and they will not surrender for no one. Lombards are all generally very loyal and would never turn on one another, they are all like family to each other, all having a similar history and childhood. Rangers of Avonore: The rangers of the South, or better known as the Rangers of Avonore hold a very strong reputation for their master skill of range attacks. They are well known as the rogues of the forest, and are only seen when they want to be seen. They normally always bundle up in groups and almost never fight alone. They have mastered the skill of range, but will fight in close combat as well. Their precision is deadly, and they hardly miss. They are also merchants by trade and live by selling off items such as bows and arrows, hunted animals, and animal hides. Their leader Halgar is a solid swordsmen, but also a realist. He knows that without the help of another fraction the rangers will soon go into exile, the attacks for resources of the south rise each day, and potential threats are just the beginning. He seeks to form an alliance with another fraction to protect his homeland and his rangers. Thats all the current fractions I have, if you want you can feel free to add your own. There is no limitations or restrictions! NOTE: One important thing I forgot to mention is that please know that if you do be apart of this, your projects/films will and always be your own content. If the film is collaborated together, each persons film will be credited by their rightful creators. This all team effort and together we stay strong :) Also for reference for the northerners and The Masked Bandit see video below: For Thracons and the Lombards see this video below: Sincerely, Divine.
  13. Sorry for my late response Borador, but thought I'd make a response anyhow. I wouldn't plan on using rub on decals because of extra work and practice, although I am a very patient person I just wouldn't have the time to practice and better the skill, I have started using waterslide decals, and they are working in my favor. The main problem I had with it was getting white over clear, but thankfully you guys cleared that up. So it means a lot for all your help and your suggestion so thank you none the less! :) Sincerely, Divine.
  14. Divine

    The Casket (Marvel Brickfilm)

    I enjoyed it! Rather short, but still awesome, you nailed the sound effects and the animation was smooth! Good job man.
  15. This looks awesome, I as a fellow brick filmer would love to be apart of this, my question is do you take on other brick filmers or is this more for the Brick filming Veterans? As if its for different animators besides the best, I'd love to be apart of this!