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  1. Corvette3

    Fake Lego Chinese sets....avoid!

    This reminds me of the previous time you talked about fake lego only you were a lot more supportive of it, you live, you learn i suppose. Chinese-produced products are often a gamble, sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you wonder how badly you got ripped off.
  2. Oh well pics of the mod might be cool then, i was surprised as most cars the 380(and other motors) is designed for use high quality bearings to reduce drive train friction(motor killer) and lego does not have any of those
  3. A titan 380? i'm surprised it can handle the weight. Go with the 775 hehe.
  4. I still believe they wanted to make a good set, i wonder if something went wrong somewhere... I wish it was not so bloody expensive here though, i would still get one. Hopefully if this line continues next year we will see improvements
  5. Volvo is a certainty for me, And maybe the Klaas.
  6. I know the pain, but $250 probably wont happen anywhere even used, id settle for $350-400 at best.
  7. Man its $500 here, the Arocs only cost me 300, im not sure if i want it that badly :(
  8. Gears waste energy, less is better unless you need lots of torque. you will need one remote/receiver per 2 functions.
  9. Anyone know the AUD retail price? i'm ready to fall out of my seat.
  10. Oh i don't even want to know what it will cost in Australia...
  11. Heh, Mega-blocks as a swearword replacement...
  12. How about a 13l beam on the lower pins? Oops ninja'd
  13. Man there is nothing i hate more than discrimination, that might explain why most stores i find have very little Technic but loads of everything else.
  14. Not bad, its not quite long enough, but its good start.
  15. I might sound stupid here but, how do things get from the wheel to the conveyor?