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  1. DD840

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was seriously considering getting Hogwarts Castle but I also want the clock tower...so now I'm torn between getting the whole castle or getting the various parts and configuring the larger scale together. Do we know how many other sections there might be? It might end up costing more in the end. I wish Lego would show how they all join together.
  2. DD840

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I still want more mini modulars.
  3. Maybe a possessed Melissa? Chris Helmsworth? I'm intrigued but will keep my expectations low.
  4. DD840

    Canadian Eh?

    Just got back from comicon in Seattle on Monday and guess I left thinking about BrickCan too late - the tickets are sold out
  5. DD840

    Canadian Eh?

    Looking to see if there are any sales at London Drugs and they have CMF series 15 listed at $4.29 on the website
  6. DD840

    Canadian Eh?

    Spotted on the TRU flyer: Be an "EGG"splorer! On Saturday, March 19th be an "EGG"splorer! Look for clues around your Toys"R"Us store and solve the "EGG"citing puzzle to receive an exclusive LEGO minifigure. Available in-store only. Event runs from 11am - 1pm or while quantities last. Min. 120 per store.
  7. DD840

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    There are some bunny suit minifig LED lite key lights on ebay - does anyone know if these are new or old or other information?
  8. DD840

    Canadian Eh?

    Was it online only or also in store? I was going to go to the store and do my double points shopping but didn't make it.
  9. DD840

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Canada, limit of one per household with any purchase online.
  10. DD840

    Canadian Eh?

    After emailing Lego a week or so ago and also not finding the chicken suit minifig at TRU down near Seattle on a roadtrip, I bit the bullet and bought one off ebay yesterday. Of course today I woke up and found the promo in my email - 2 days only with any purchase, get chicken suit guy.
  11. 11) farmer entry by OrcSan - 1 point 48) ballerina entry by Pakita - 1 point 60) frightening knight entry by Graham Gidman - 1 point
  12. 22) series 13 - alien trooper entry - 1 point 41) series 12 - fairytale princess entry - 1 point 54) series 14 - plant monster entry - 1 point
  13. DD840

    Architecture 2016

    There's a Statue of Liberty on TRU, set 40026 for $4.99 but it doesn't look quite right to me. I just did a google search and it looks like an old set from 2012 or 2013?
  14. For whatever reason, you can't search bricktober but if you do lego store right now it shows ship to home and store pickup, as does the hotel. The train station says store pickup only and I can't find the bakery online. You can also try searching by set number.
  15. TRU has remaining bricktober mini modulars for $10.