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  1. Hi, I've built a stupid simple truck. As you might have guessed already, it is largely inspired by iconic Soviet-Russian truck Ural. Driven by two L-motors and steered by a servo, it doesn't have any other motorized functions. The fifth wheel rotates in 2 dimensions and has a simple locking mechanism as seen in a recent 42078 set. However, I doubt it will function properly due to natural tendency to lean backwards under the towing force. Overall, this project is a failure. The initial goal was to built a 6x6 truck with differentials and none-ball-joints suspension. Although the goal was achieved, the front axle turned out to be a complete disaster. First, I had to swap a 6-link for a rather awkward system in order to make the front wheels steer for at least a bit . Second, this truck can't overcome even a tiny obstacle, cause the driving gear in the front begins crackle hysterically. This happens because I don't have the new 6145859 wheel bearing parts, so in order to fit the steering bar with the old ones I had to elevate the axle center 1 stud above the 5x7 frame. And the result simply do not sturdy enough to hold the affecting forces. However, I'm going to figure out a better design later in LDCad. Hopefully this MOC will mark my return to regular building, so I'm looking forward for your comments.
  2. I wish I could speak English so fluently as you... As for the model you've done a great job again - the combination of technical ingenuity with prominent look. Well done!
  3. I saw that when preliminary images appeared. But it has nothing to do with the problem I mentioned - ordinary gears don't prevent from backward movement. It was possible that a worm gear was hidden somewhere down the powertrain, but now our only hope to solve this mystery is yours or Jim's WIP pictures.
  4. Not a single worm gear? And how does the boom stay in place when extended? Also, RIP my intention to build a forklift as a C-Model.
  5. Likewise, this page states that the B-model for 42081 will be a dump truck called PEGAX. Oops, this has already been mentioned in the dedicated topic.
  6. This is a decent model, you did right having decided to post it. It seems to work quite well, but the rear would benefit from more subtle finishing, like fenders, for example. As the next step in improving your building skill I suggest adding a suspension to it or your next MOC.
  7. The idea isn't new, but the implementation is impressive.
  8. Plausible, but one has to be very bad at visual perception to benefit from this.
  9. This discussion about shocks malfunction reminds me that the last time we saw 9.5L extra hard shock absorbers was 5 (!) years ago. Something tells me that replacing a pair of common 6.5L ones with one 9.5L wouldn't result in any significant rise of production costs, but alas, not this time (again).
  10. Exactly - it's either horizontal or vertical. Why would I need to rotate, for example, 30 degrees clockwise?
  11. Can somebody give an example of a scenario when you might rotate buttons at other angle than strictly horizontal or vertical?
  12. It is very unlikely. As we can see from pictures all switches are of traditional type. Plus, like it was the case with Porsche, I bet we won't see any new parts until the next year from Chiron release.
  13. Ask them for a test-drive.
  14. For front hubs try narrowing (limiting) steering angle; an excessively low gear ratio can be another cause. Until you provide us with some photos it's hard to say exactly where is the problem.
  15. Not stackable connectors issue is what worries me the most. I guess we have to wait for the Technic line to see how it will turn out. BTW, @Sarielcongrats with your marriage!
  16. TLG has reinvented the wheel. Instead of taking the time-proven design of either RC controller or even gamepad, they decide to avoid royalty payments by making a dubious solution of their own. Exactly my thought.
  17. Not bad, but the rear rudder wing ruins the whole picture for me. I'd prefer if you built it the same way you did the side wings, either with axles/connectors or with a cut panel.
  18. Fantastic! Its performance is almost like of a real RC. How long does the battery last at full speed?
  19. Very accurate rendition of the real dumpster. Nothing to add or subtract. Nicely done!
  20. You should be proud of yourself. This one looks like a real rally car and literally packed with features. And, imho, it should look even better with a bit of color variety.
  21. UPDATE: Instructions & parts list are available at Rebrickable. Three years ago I made this forklift as a an alternative of the 42009 set. Ever since then I wanted to make a proper RC version of it. So here it is. Overall it is a better rendition of a generic heavy forklift. It is narrower, shorter and better scaled than its predecessor. You may criticize me for the lack of slopes and curves, but that's my building style - I always prefer sturdiness over beauty. There are 4 motorized classic functions: Movement (L-motor) Steering (servo) Mast extension (L-motor) Mast tilting (S-motor) Manual functions include sliding blades and openable doors. Here is an extremely short video demonstrating the model at work. Sadly, lack of gradual control over the motor's power makes it hard to move smoothly. So, what is your verdict?
  22. Impressive model overall, but the cabin is what instantly caught my eye - surely one of the best KAMAZ implementations in LEGO technic. Well done!
  23. Nice tractor. You managed to squeeze many functions in small space.
  24. Excellent! The color scheme, bodywork and overall aesthetics are of top quality. This is a tank MOC to be taken as an example for all builders.