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    Is 70404 Castle worth?

    Woahhh!! This set makes me ... I hate it, it looks like Duplo. If you have been away for some time from Lego, I recommend you go to Bricklink and try to get this castle: 7946 (price for this one up to EUR 100,- is a good price) and maybe you get yourself 10223 (price for this set up to EUR 120, is a good price, according to me) Both have been discontinued recently so that the price is still ok. You will not find it in stores. Surf in Bricklink and you will see nice stuff. Here is the link These two sets are gorgeous and have interesting bricks. Good luck
  2. I came across this cute Lego project I wanted to share with you. I have the impression western themes in general are not so popular? This project is a bit more than just another western topic. What do you think of western themes? Are they in or out? As to my last thread concerning Goblin Fortress in Lego Ideas I agree with Kodan Black, Lord Dan and the_Cook. What are your comments on Lego Pueblo? I tried to make a screenshot of one of the pics for you. Hope the quality is good enough, if not, well you got the link: Cheers P.S. I found another interesting project in Lego Ideas which I would like to share with you. I am curious what you will say to that one. In time I will post.
  3. just saw this moc on Lego Ideas. You might know it from Moc Pages, where I got the pic from. I still have to vote for it but I got to go. I just wanted to ask you a question. How many bricks do you think this moc might have. Does it stand a chance in the review, or would it be too expensive to be produced? On the other side, the moc as such looks great. Here is the link: Just curious
  4. colibri

    CCCXII – Black Hollow Village

    Definitely a very nice moc. Would love to have it in my vitrine, if I had the space. I hope it is stable enough to play with, I cannot tell. But it looks like an "oh my God, what a moc, I want it" kind of a moc.
  5. colibri

    MEC Category A: Durin's Bane

    Well, if you like to see this as a set, put it in Lego Ideas. Good luck with the contest, looks great.
  6. colibri

    CCCXII - Far away and far above

    Really great looks. You have good chances to win the category. Just between us, I hope you have stabilized the tower in the interior, cause if not I'll blow and I'll blow and I'll blow... But this is not required in Colossal Castles Contest....
  7. colibri

    CCCXII - Dilemma in the Desert

    Very good moc. I wish the third pic would show the prisoners face (is behind a bar), cause I am sure he is soon to be a snack!
  8. colibri

    CCCXII - The Necromancer's Bad Day

    The crack is one of the things that inspires me when looking at other peoples mocs. It makes you remember to be even more open minded when building a moc and think of more and more alternative ways of building. Great job!
  9. colibri

    Thieves Guild from Riddle of Regicide

    Nice moc, the jester is outstanding. I do not own a kindle but the link Brickwarior, the custom accessories for minifig, is to be bookmarked. There I loved the grapes.... Good luck with the book!
  10. colibri

    [MOC] Off Road Pickup

    Wow, although I opted for a Tacoma, this Tundra moc is great. Now go on building an A-Bat
  11. colibri

    Coming Soon....Base C-8 (M-tron Crew)

    Funny. I doubt that M-Tron dude with the pink hair would ever put a helmet on.
  12. colibri

    MEC Category B: Gandalf’s Retreat

    This is the kind of moc I would like to see in Legoland. Have you ever been to Legoland? Not that the mocs in Legoland are bad, but I would really like to see great detailed mocs in minifig scale on display like this one. Maybe Lego could add a big room and put on display mocs from Afols all over the world. This would inspire Afols to make instructions for Lego and have their names as builders displayed. I would certainly like to see such a Lego museum. Well I will keep dreaming...
  13. colibri

    Wild West Saloon

    Great moc. If this is the small one, wow, would like to see the bigger ones. In general I would like to see more of Western. Have the impression there is not much of it.
  14. colibri

    (MOC) Modular Amsterdam Canal House Art Gallery

    Really cute. I like the interesting way you used those minifig feet. It reminds me quite a lot of the buildings I saw when I was visiting the city.
  15. colibri

    Book II Challenge III Dwarven Affairs

    Wow. Great scenery, great moc and you have lots of space. I wouldn't find a place to put a Moc half this size. By the way, when looking at this Moc it somehow reminded me of the film Kingdom of Heavens. There the part were the crusaders arrive at Messina to get on a ship...