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  1. Yes, that's correct as quoted by this moderator below, and that include links.
  2. Hello winners, Just wish to update that your prizes with the exception of one winner (I have dropped you a PM separately) is now on its way! I have also dropped the winners a separate PM to inform you of the shipping. Hope you will receive them soon. for WhiteFang aka DarkFang
  3. Congratulations to all of the winners and the participants for taking part this contest! In case anyone wondering who I am, I am indeed a real person.
  4. It should be in a padded envelope which I believe should fit in nicely, like the rest of the other packages that I have sent as well. I need to locate my receipt, because I can't recall where I have placed them at this moment.
  5. Just saw this and noted of the interesting new images too! I am sure even though there are some re-hash of some designs but those re-hash designs are meant to integrate and complement with the existing ones and not replacing it. I always tend to think there ought to be a new design like a partner in crime. The staffers here, are helpful and friendly and if there is any need for staff intervention, a friendly 'report' button is located at the bottom right of each individual post. Discuss along and play well!
  6. Once again, I will like to congratulate to all of the finest and deserving winners of this challenging contest! There are many new faces in this contest that unleash their building creativitiy to fuel this contest and I am very proud for your achievements! WhiteFang and I have sorted out your winnings and you ought to be receiving them in a matter of weeks, which should be relatively soon. Exceptional scenarios have been taken care of and I wish the packages will be reaching to you safe and sound. Thank you for your kind patience!
  7. Not too sure, maybe somewhere in the near future, I supposed! Sorry that you have missed it. It has always been a tradition that the deadline finished at 1200hrs at Singapore time and WhiteFang has also kindly extended the deadline for another week as well.
  8. Could the raffle winners get in touch with me via PM?
  9. DarkFang

    Category A and Category B winners

    Congratulations to all of the well-deserved winners! Well done! It's time for me to wake up from my slumber! Winners, start sending your PMs over to my account otherwise WhiteFang will be pretty unhappy if he knew I had slacked.
  10. Fangy, you do realize that having multiple accounts is against the rules? You are running the risk of being Banned.

    :-P :-D

  11. This will be my very first mafia game sign-up! (even though the probability of getting selected is zero to none) Because I enjoyed seeing others guessing in the day and killing one another in the night. Best of all, it is all in fairy tales! My favourite fairy tales is the Little Red Riding Hood! Used to read it when I was a child before I go to bed. Can you even see my cute little teddy bear at the side??
  12. DarkFang

    Happy Birthday Athos and Holodoc!

    Of course! That was just my part-time appointment in EB.
  13. DarkFang

    Happy Birthday Athos and Holodoc!

    To my green buddies of the Eurobricks Fellowship, May I represent the EB Fellowship, to wish Athos and Holodoc, a Happy Enjoyable Fun Great Birthday!!! Here is a gianatic birthday cake for you guys! :wub:
  14. DarkFang

    Category A and Category B winners

    That stupid WhiteFang... made me woke up from my hibernation. I will deal with him later. Congrats to all of the winners! You guys surely deserved it! In case, others wondering if I truly exists? YES, I DO EXIST!
  15. DarkFang

    Category A and Category B winners

    All winners are to drop me a PM on their preference as I could not process them without everyone's response. Thank you.