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    Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1

    wow! The whole thing is a masterpiece, but even the boom on its own deserves a bunch of recognition!
  2. these 'toys' are not very rigid and will move over time (creep) as well as at different temperatures, but mostly changes in alignment of all the holes happens when you pick them up or play with them. It's just part of what happens when you have an item designed to press fit together and fall apart easily. The solution is per what Isak said - pull enough apart (or just make sure all the bits are still fully seated) or even just try twisting the frame a little to see if you can line everything up enough to run smoothly. If not, rebuild it.
  3. step 3 from the child's guide to coping with a chronic need for instant feedback. Step four is "provide no supporting information"
  4. Could be because of all sorts of tricky things like the parts count doesn't tell you anything about the type of part, how much material is involved, how much of the production machinery does that part tie up versus how many sets require that part, how many additional handling or processes steps are required or even how much design cost was involved or it could be because of marketing and perception of relative value/size/interest.
  5. you can't sum everything upward. The system is still based on the inputs - you've got 16W going in - you can't manufacture more. You are losing torque in the gearbox, but in a calculation sense, you're missing the drop in reacted torque through the gearbox. The supplied torque of a motor is dependent on its speed, which will not stay constant at 2 or 4Hz for the same power output.
  6. bonox

    [MOC] Toyota Land Cruiser 80

    wow - lovely model Madoca. I love the presentation idea of the yellow ramp to show axle articulation. Much more elegant than sticking a wheel on the ground for it to sit on :)
  7. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    I bet it did!
  8. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    The prime mover would look great at the same scale. I think Igor is correct with an assessment of the total parts count with the trailer being huge. As the scale modelling forum has shown though, you can achieve some amazing results at smaller scale and i'm personally happy to see a range of different scales at more or less the same level of detail. It gives a sense of flexibility of the system for the target audience.
  9. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Nice to know i'm not the only one driving the things, however you've missed the point of my comments, particularly in regard to the US class 8 design rules - the point of a cab over IS to change the axle spacing, not to keep it the same. This is mostly due to design rules about overall length and length of cab/length of load bed ratio. Yes, you can manipulate loading in a minor sense by moving the kingpin, however this doesn't alter the design length rules. The reason the long noses cam back in the US was because the design rules changed in '76? to allow an extra 9' total length, which made the cab over length compression unnecessary. It's still a factor in europe though, where the max length regulation of 16.5metres, improved turning circle (plus a regulation) and visibility of the cab over-rule the long bed US truck philosophy. You'll also mis-note that I was referring to the axle-fwd and axle back configurations raised by cumulo and saber. Your comment about the load difference (presumably on the front axle) between a cab over and a long nose being bull!@#$ isvery funny to me. They should be identical if i'm doing my job correctly as a designer, because that's how I get maximum performance from it. What you need to consider though is the change in tare weight and dimension as a result of the difference in choice between the two designs. And as previously noted, the yanks don't have an real restraints on total length anymore - the trailers are pretty much fixed and they've got enough total length to build the prime movers however they choose - the long noses make more sense for them for a multitude of reasons, one of which is huge inter axle spacing design load bonus if you use a road with a bridge in it somewhere.
  10. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Nope - i'm definately metric. There are many that carry 2600 litres on the prime mover over 4 square or 6 round tanks, but 2600L is still "upwards of 1500litres". 1500gallons is 5700L or 6750L, depending on US or imperial and the only way you'd get that capacity is if you're hauling the stuff as a tanker. The kind of single axle prime movers you guys use don't have the physical space for that kind of volume without stretching the chassis which defeats the purpose. Especially when you also stuff adblue and exhaust silencers in around the same spaces and have fuel stations every hundred meters or so ;)
  11. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    I forgot to add a complicating point as well - the long haulers will often want a long wheelbase prime mover for comfort as well as needing chassis rail space for 4 or more fuel tanks. Many of these guys carry upwards of 1500litres. This can be important if you are not carrying your own trailers. For the more defined cargo routes, this isn't as critical for a cab over truck with shorter wheel base since they can put belly fuel tanks of a tonne or two into the lead trailer.
  12. bonox

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    somewhat counterintuitively it seems, you get maximum axle weights when the weight is over the axle. What the yanks are trying to do is chase their tail a little. If you want more load over the steer axle, you can move the load over it (like a cab over instead of a bonnet) or you can leave the construction the same, but lengthen the bed so the rear axles touch the ground further back. The latter works ok in a country with huge turning spaces and no overall length limits , or where you get rewarded for long distances between axles (the bridge formula). In other countries, total lengths are also limited, so short nose and cab over trucks get the forward axle load high (and therefore can have a higher proportion of the gross load limit set aside for freight rather than truck weight) without having to extend the length of the prime mover chassis. I get the impression that the yanks (and probably almost all of the europeans) are limited to towing just one trailer. In my part of the world, we don't give a crap about number of trailer, but there are total length limits. This gives rise to 3 and four trailer combinations that top out at 53.5metres in total length, which means that the shorter the truck, the more trailer length you can tow. This can lead to some funny combinations like 2AB Quads and ABB Quads if you want to google them. The real answer to the question "what type of trailer what be typical for a Mack Anthem to haul in real life" would be anything that pays. Within that, the long chassis Anthem picture provided witha large sleeper is obviously intended for longer distance (or what the yanks would call interstate) work rather than being used for short haul day work.
  13. bonox

    Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Congratulations. Nothing quite like the backing of the manufacturer/designer to let you know you've done a great job!
  14. bonox

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    See the site guideliness Bootlegs, Rip-Offs and Fakes: These manufacturers copy designs and minifigures from LEGO, other companies and even fans, to produce their own infringing products which they then sell, often at knock down prices. There are hundreds of names attached to these products and varied quality between them. We will no longer accept discussion and sharing of these products on Eurobricks. Most of these "brands" are facing legal cases and we have no interest in supporting them by providing a place for their criminal products to be seen.
  15. truly outstanding work; the detail is extraordinary. Surely it's a shoe-in for the scale model sub-forum? It's in need of more locomotives!
  16. bonox

    Enlighten has good quality?

    this'll be fun while we wait for the ban-hammer to fall
  17. This is a very interesting observation. One might well postulate that there is nothing in the world that has the purpose of an investment - that's a decision people make based on many factors. Simple example - what's the purpose of Gold? It has far more benefit to society as a conducting (electrical and thermal) or chemically inert metal than anything else, however most of it gets caught up in bling and state level bank reserves. Even money doesn't satisfy that criteria - it's made to facilitate the exchange of things and services between people. It's not made to stuff in your matress and horde. Yet somehow LEGO is fundamentally different? LEGO is an item with no intrinsic value. What value you assign to it as fun is surely no better or worse that the value some else assigns to it by storing it as an investment. And extending that a little, storing one on the shelf to sell and storing one for your children in 10 years time have quite different outcomes for the person storing it, but the effect on others (reduced supply) is still the same.
  18. I wonder if it's the chinese knockoff angle that prompted him. Or perhaps he's just had enough. Still, i loved that gimbal a he put together and the RH400 comes out for shows fairly regularly. His name shall live on :D
  19. bonox

    8157 Formula One: Revisited

    if you're going down that route, the wheels are the wrong way around to support the brake assemblies. A deep dish wheel is fine, but the dish is supposed to cover the hub/brake assembly - I don't think that model ever came with rear inboard mounted brakes either. It looks interesting in an art sense, but as a scale model, the wheels don't work in that configuration.
  20. any axle requiring 12 springs is certainly overkill impressive. :)
  21. bonox

    MOC Silo Truck

    wow - he's back! What a fabulous idea for an attachment. I look forward to adding this model to the others of yours on my shelf.
  22. bonox

    Lego Set Market Trend Analysis

    brickpicker is based on published ebay sales is it not? It can be tricky when people don't put set numbers in titles, because then the stats get swayed. it has some value, but no more or less than BL I would think.
  23. Google "product photography". You may also get some value from "high key lighting" The general idea is to either put the article in a background that makes sense, or get rid of the background completely to make it stand out. Often product photos use both techniques by photoshopping a high key stand alone product onto a muted background. If none of that appeals and is too much like hard work, then at least try making a curved plain colour backdrop to reduce sharp background shadows and use lots of natural light to reduce harsh shadows from a built in flash.
  24. the last of the V8 interceptors :)
  25. bonox

    Depreciation of Technic sets?

    The point I was making, just like the original economics paper, is that as a buyer you often don't know what you're getting. This isn't flawed logic. Even if you have a desire to buy the real stuff, how many times have you bought used collections of what was advertised as "lego" only to find quantities of knockoff stuff in the contents. If you're talking about depreciation, as soon as you get a market loaded with sellers pushing stuff as "lego" regardless of what it actually is, then the value of everything (even the real stuff) goes down when buyers can't really be sure of what they're getting, or don't even care what they're getting and buy on price alone. After a while, people can't move their genuine stuff for realistic money, so they give up and stop trying to sell it. That's the theory anyway. In practice, some buyers and sellers are not completely ignorant so you maintain some market for genuine stuff, but ultimately the value of the good stuff as a whole drops as a result of the crap being sold. If you're only buying for pieces, you have to be concerned you're only getting genuine (otherwise you're paying premium money for junk). As a seller of genuine stuff, you've now got to be concerned about potential buyers who would not have had a choice in the past, looking at knockoff stuff at a third of the price of what you want for the genuine, not knowing or caring about the difference and buying the cheaper one. as an example: An original used 5571. now 21 years old and hard to find even as used. And that's if you'r comfortable buying from ebay in Germany. Hundreds of euro plus shipping, and that's for one without instructions!. 'new' knockoff from china? Delivered for USD80. or an 8258 - current price on bricklink new 500+ USD and second hand 250+ USD. And you'll need to add post, insurance and possible payment and import fees to that as well. You can have a 'new' one delivered from china for two digit dollars. (I found one for USD85 delivered at first search). And in the technic world we're sad because you can't even tell if many of the parts are genuine because even the originals don't have details cast into the parts. Given the advertising even includes the phrase Lego 8258, what do you think the second hand market is going to look like in a few years when the buyers of those knockoff sets start selling them even in competition to the chinese who will probably still be selling the same thing even then! There will be a hundred people like me with a genuine 8258 to sell, 50 buyers, only 2 of whom care about getting a 'real' one. Suddenly, 100 genuine sellers are not competing for 50 buyers. They're competing for 2 buyers because the other 48 all went the knockoff route.