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    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    supplied by who? Not only are knockoffs contrary to the rules of this forum, but you can't expect to complain about performance of non OEM parts in any setting!
  2. bonox

    Beginner's tips for Bricklinking?

    OMG this is a tricky minefield. I started locally not knowing any better, but boy the floodgates opened when I found I could get 10 kilogrammes delivered from Germany for less than the cost of 1kg from the house next door.
  3. bonox

    Technic Pub

    maybe, maybe not. GNU has a surprisingly honest appraisal of "encouragement to sell free software for as much as possible", but that's an element of the distribution mechanism and based on supply (or at least availability) of the original source and 'free' means freedom of use, not zero monetary exchange for it. Also, just because a document is released publicly doesn't mean that copywrite and ownership doesn't apply, which is why stating name and copywrite or distribution ("Not to be resold" for example) on the document can be a great asset as an author. Ultimately, if the document has a largely untracable authorship and no other restrictions, chasing this stuff down is often more trouble that it's worth.
  4. there is very tightly defined mathematical sets for describing packing volumes of certain entities - balls in a cube for example. The problem with lego is that sometimes parts fit inside one another, or snap together, sometimes they don't. Have a look at the PAB Cup packing threads for ideas on how to minimise volume of a collection of similar parts. Your issue is far more complex so at some level you'll need to understand that there is no definable "storage that is the right size". Another issue is that as soon as you start building and displaying at least some items, your required storage volume drops. Perhaps start with the available stud volumes corrected into real units, apply a fudge factor for packing (might not even need one initially), and estimate by building some different containers, folding some up out of old cardboard etc
  5. for what it's worth, the same thing happened up until they ran into deep financial trouble as well....
  6. it was still a look-alike mercedes truck. The pinacle is still the 8480 imo - spare shuttle to submarine
  7. none of the UCS type sets have B models do they? None of the racers sets ever did and they only licensed techic set I can think of with a proper B model is the volvo loader. The rest like both mercedes trucks were brief mods of essentially the same thing.
  8. bonox

    General Part Discussion

    Nope. I build many MOCs, none of which would be covered by this and regearding the bag number - interesting thought experiment, but you have to sort all the parts to do it. You might as well just sort everything into part groups and then head off with the build - less overall work and probably a better result.
  9. bonox

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    nice background too :)
  10. thanks. I guess i'm drawing links with the description in the trains section that says "drive with the 10 channel bluetooth remote or control them with the free app". Reading too much into it again.
  11. bonox

    General Part Discussion

    I just slice the pin end off a black pin 3L with bush for a full size one. Cheap and cheerful - works a treat. Quick work with a sharp knife. dye obviously works better for half bushes which have no equivalent to manufacture
  12. Noting that the video doesn't work on my device, the current catalog shows the trains as having PoweredUp with App and bluetooth connectivity, but the technic units show Power Function, also with "Download the App". Does this mean technic uses this WeDo 2.0 thing? Are they still calling it power functions or not? Given that they've also swapped descriptions on the pump and valve on page 88 i'm not sure i can trust what they've put on the site. Crikey, "Articulated Stering"! Who on earth spell checks and proof reads their advertising?
  13. also many of these things are used in areas where the road gets washed away every year in the wet season. For the mass of cargo carried, plus the distances involved, rebuilding a one or two lane dirt road is a lot cheaper than rebuilding a railway. Keep in mind that this country is the size of western europe or north america, but has a tiny portion of the population of either of those and in the time it takes me to get between major cities I can cross multiple countries in Europe. We do have rail for major transport tasks - but really only between major population centres and between major mining/farming entities and ports. That probably covers less than 1% of the major transport routes. oh, and the only real reason to use a road train is to reduce payroll costs. Everywhere else in the world would just run three trucks instead and put up with paying three drivers. There is a small maintenance and fuel advantage but mostly it's about the pilot.
  14. Trailers are of two basic types under Australian (and international) regulation. These are type A and B. The difference is that a B type trailer is coupled to a rigid turntable on the leading unit (be it a prime mover or another trailer) and an A type trailer is coupled to the leading unit by a drawbar. Often for road trains, this means A trailers are constructed out of a classic 40 or 50 foot semi B trailer connected to a 2 or 3 axle converter dolly and the dolly has the drawbar connected to a pintle on the leading unit. ie like this: Now a road train is typically made up of at least one A trailer and a total length under 53.5metres. The ones that track perfectly are the B doubles/triples. That is, trailers conneted with only turntables - no drawbars, as below: There are limitations here on where you are allowed to run road trains and B doubles/triples, and there is a wide arc around every major city where you are NOT permitted to bring a road train. This means that you have not seen a road train in a city. You've probably seen a multiple B type setup in cities, and generally only two trailers (a B double), but there is opening for B triples in some places. As a rule, because of the rigid forward attachment of a B trailer, they track much more accurately than a standard A trailer, but B only configurations are not generally regarded as road trains. Suggest you find some background reading here. - description of truck configuration September 2016.pdf Some update info: The north americans refer to the trailers similarly, but the lingo is a bit different - they have terms like Super B. And I said as a rule, "A" trailers don't track as well as B trailers, however there are in development "smart" trackaxle converter dollys to improve tracking of multiple A trailers like an A Double setup (a classic road train). Refer to the pdf above for a bunch of lovely pictures describing the different trailer and primemover configurations.
  15. full marks for ambition. Be a heck of a vehicle in real life :D
  16. bonox

    Lego Technic 8479

    read forward in the instructions first so you know if there's room to put the middle 2x2x1.3 'brick' in the middle of the first case, or the lump of wire in the second. This model is probably fairly forgiving in that regard - the 8480 wasn't.
  17. bonox

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    if you go back over what I wrote, a plowed field doesn't constitute rough terrain - it's merely soft, and again, it's the tyre pressures (matched hopefully obviously) to the pressure that the ground can support, that gives you a the difference between a truck based crane on high pressures and a rough terrain crane on lower pressures. You still won't be climbing hills that would cause the crane boom to crash into the hill before the front axle started to climb it, which is fundamentally the point i was trying to get across to gvo25 about the boom being too long on the model. Loads on ground are all about pressures - the total weight doesn't matter. And if you don't believe me on that, think about what skyscrapers are built on and what the function of foundations is. The difference between a crane on 50psi and your pickup on 50psi is pretty much nil in terms of sinking into the ground - it's the higher mass of the crane that results in much larger tyres than your truck. The only other bit in play is tractive effort, which you noted in the difference between your 2wd pickup vs the awd crane.
  18. bonox

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    and check out the retracted boom length on this kobelco rough terrain unit
  19. bonox

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Really? What's too long? rough terrain is a bit of a misnomer. No crane is made for crazy terrain - that's why they build roads to get them in if required. You need a fundamentally flat(ish) and firm surface to put them on. You can use the crane to modify the surface somewhat by outrigger jacking to level a surface, but you still need to key the mats to the surface, otherwise they or the strut sitting on them will slide down the hill. Rough terrain, in crane terms, really only means a dirt surface, which in turn means nothing more than low pressure tyres. 40/50PSI tyres are the only thing separating a 'rough' terrain crane from a city crane with 120psi road truck tyres. You won't be off-roading any of these things in the sense of a four wheel drivers version of rough terrain - their centre of mass is far to high for reliable safety. You might find this interesting reading
  20. bonox

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    it's coming along epic-ally. Really looking forward to seeing all the major components come together.
  21. bonox


    oh generous TLG overlords. Please send us proper involute gear profiles and roller bearings such that we may appease the evils of those who oppose the practical implementation of the edict "as it is in reality"
  22. i wonder how big the market for these things really is. Surely the market is becoming saturated.
  23. bonox

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Wow - very impressive carrier so far. You certainly have my interest - they other models i've bought from you have been very impressive - this is shaping up to be equally amazing. Please stick with it in amongst your other works. I've no doubt it will be as exciting as your other works.
  24. bonox

    Lego Technic 8479

    Both motors function the same - the newer one was just an internal production modification. Pick the one you can find or is cheaper. You can glue the cable into the end fittings - any ABS plastic cement or superglue will work. I was under the impression you were trying to glue the little broken end onto the inner flex cable (the milky coloured bit). If you are happy to glue, you can use the old one and just glue it into the end fitting if it's only the end that has come off the flex cable. Obviously if the flex cable is broken in the middle somewhere you'll need to replace it.
  25. Very nice design - but i really love its use as a bike carrier - it works really well i'm not sure you'd want to be using the handbrake with that load on board though :) Love your leaf spring analogue too