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  1. I'm looking forward to this christmas present :) Great work fellas!
  2. bonox

    Technic history and gears

    I'd suggest you find some posts by a user here called @LEGO Historian Perhaps start here:
  3. I would postulate that the mathematics behind it was to align gear teeth which always do not align two orthogonal holes - otherwise you'd need a small gear of pitch circle diameter identical to the axle on which it rides and that's not in system.
  4. bonox

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    This model truely is a mechanical marvel on a large scale. Conceptually simple, but the devil is the structural detail of holding it all together and getting it to work. This model truely is a mechanical marvel on a large scale. Conceptually simple, but the devil is the structural detail of holding it all together and getting it to work. Equally as good as Dawid_Szmandra's crane in my opinion.
  5. they do both actually, but the tech in the chinese ones isn't the same. A legacy of conditions of sale of the original company where the tech and manufacturing were to remain in japan i think.
  6. The chinese have become known for cheap poor quality crap because that's mostly what the rest of the world asks them to produce by being customers for it. It doesn't mean that they can't produce good quality gear when required. Where do Panasonic have their eneloops made? okay, maybe a bad example... ;) Personally i'd just try to pack a pair of 18650 cells into it but 18500's is probably a better fit if you don't want to machine the box.
  7. substitute for light green instead. It's not like exhausts don't have different colours in general. Or buy one of the extreme buggies 8465. It's not a unique rare piece. It's a rare colour only.
  8. Yes - buy internationally. There 21 sellers as of today - the part is relatively cheap and the Germans in particular tend to have pretty low post rates. There is also one usa seller who must be pretty easy for a canadian. In light of the up coming plagiarism and commercial exploitation, I feel I should help you out bruno - I just made a purchase of this model to help support the publication of great MOCs. Thanks.
  9. bonox

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    you're making great progress!
  10. wow, it's beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Dennis Bosman's work but at Ingmar's scale.
  11. And if you look at those relationships, while there is an unfathomable (at least to me) bigatude to the number of relationships between lego parts, looking around at people's MOCs, there seems to be a lot of similarity going on. The same collection of parts and relationships bas resulted in 20,000 cars, 200 cranes, two birds and one ship in a bottle
  12. I think context can help or hinder a lot here. The concept of a hundred billion for example. I've shovelled a lot of sand in my life, by hand and with machinery. I also live near a beach and enjoy walking up and down the beach a lot. A back of the envelope calculation suggests a number of grains of sand of that rough order of magnitude on the kilometer or so long beach that I frequent. A feel for how much volume is involved and the size of the component parts means I can comprehend a number of that size, at least in terms of a visible collection of items. If you turn around though and say that the same number of molecules exist in just a tiny drop of water lapping at the edge of that same beach, then i've completely lost any meaning of the size of that number. I can get the same kind of thing with lego relationships: I've got a feel, having built a thousand different technic contructions, of the number of possible pinned connections between liftarms and assorted connectors. At the same time though, i've got no idea of the concept of how many ways you could assemble an assorted pile of liftarms and pins in exactly the same way that I can't wrap my head around the mathematical analyses that determine the number of ways you can put six 2x4 bricks together. I know what the number means - I don't know what the range of constructions would look like. In a similar fashion i'm fascinated by the idea of a simple computer screen. Rewinding a few years ago and 320x200 monochrome pixel screens were common and you can print all sorts of readable stuff on it. In theory, you could use those 64,000 dots to manufacture any book, music script etc that ever has been written or ever will be written. The number of relationships isn't all that many, since the usable results will probably have similar kinds of relationships (ie you won't have many pieces of text where pixels are unconnected to a least a few other pixels of the same colour), but the scope of what you can potentially generate just makes my mind explode. You could write a simple piece of code to build all the possible combinations of dots, but if you didn't throw any away by focussing on meaningful relationships between adjacent pixels (a bit like the relationship between liftarms), you've got a 64000 factorial problem which makes the total number of possibilities greater than a number with approximately 280,000 digits!!! Expand the same pixels to 256 colours, and the scope has broadened by many orders of magnitude, but the principle is still the same - and if I can't deal with the scope of every book that will ever be written, I really can't cope with the scope of every photo that will ever be taken or every image that will ever be painted by somebody and if you stack multiple images together, every piece of news video that people will ever experience too! edit: thread necromancer not withstanding of course....
  13. bonox

    Technic legacy/oop parts

    How many are you after? There are many available on bricklink for a price quite a bit less than the equivalent current part. Certainly less than the current hub plus pin which is a few euro for the pair, compared to <1EUR for the old part plus an axle. Undoubtedly if TLG brought this back, the opening price would probably be in line with the other very short production run parts like the new Chiron technic gearbox bits and the brake rotors which are selling for 5EUR each.;idColor=3#T=S&amp;C=3&amp;O={"color":3,"iconly":0}
  14. bonox

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    wow - this will be exciting; even the BOM will be epic
  15. bonox

    Technic legacy/oop parts

    If you're going for old parts, you may as well campaign for old colours at the same time! Bring back classic space I say!
  16. bonox

    Honda Africa Twin

    very nice. Might you consider the front wheel of the 8420 as being closer to the 21/18" set?
  17. bonox

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    there are some examples of MOCs following that idea on rebrickable, but yes - things like that I believe would be a great asset to selling the capability of the Technic theme that haven't been seen for many many years. Now i'm thinking of a working windmill with archimedes screw that could be used to 'lift' 1x1 round plates or even balls as a GBC.
  18. bonox

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    What's the likelyhood of releasing a new shuttle, let alone a crawler to go with it now that both are redundant and only found in museums. Mmodelling a dead product doesn't seem to fit with the future ideas theme they've picked up on with the volvo and everything else they make has a basis in current equipment. They'd be much better off imo revisitng the idea of the old universal sets and showing that you can create something with technic that is not a vehicle. The old plotter, the dinosaur, Danger Will Robinson robots etc
  19. bonox

    Quick question on battery boxes

    I noted it in my post that you didn't quote, but the chemistry isn't the same as far as molecular level, however electrically, the chemistry is pretty much identical. - both rechargable battery types produce 7.2-7.4 volts (even though one uses six cells and the other two). Significantly below the 9.0+volts you get from a non rechargable set. The integral under the discharge curve is an energy summation, not a power output, which is not what was asked in the question I responded to. In these simple DV motors, power output is just voltage times current. From the 250mA and 750mA discharge curves, the Lego rechargable pack is a long way behind the multiple AA NiMH batteries he samples so my first word is quite simply the answer to the question. "No", the lego LiPo pack does not "make up for the difference", which it could potentially do with a buck converter or similar to keep the output at 9.0 volts regardless of the battery voltage. The longer question you've alluded to is the power advantage of the non rechargable cell type Philo tested doesn't last for very long; once you get over the initial load time and the alkaline voltage sags (the first 250mAh energy drop) the effective power output of the rechargables is higher than the non rechargables assuming both can maintain the same current output.
  20. bonox

    Quick question on battery boxes

    @johnny1360 no - the chemistry of the batteries is pretty much the same. They're approximately 7.4 volts and not 9v nominal. It comes from 6 times 1.2volts for NiMH chemistry (most rechargables) and two times 3.7volts for the lego 84599 lithium pack. The current limit is the same because it's limited by the battery box and lower than the theoretical output of the cells, and power is the product of voltage and current. Brushed DC motors output power is based proportionally on input voltage, so a 9V non rechargable set of batteries will have a higher 'power' potential than rechargables. Keep in mind that power is quite different from energy and it's energy that leads to running time.
  21. bonox

    Quandry developing instructions.

    If you want to do it, make sure you note at the stage involved that you'll be bending/stressing the part to get it installed. If you don't, people will think the instructions are wrong and you'll get poor feedback. If you publish and get some people building, hopefully you'll get some response from them about how it could be done better, than you might then update into your BI. It might just need another pair of eyes. Often when you're the designer you get so heavily focussed or invested in how you did it that it can be hard to see another way.
  22. bonox

    General Part Discussion

    I buy half meter lengths from the local hardware supply place. Pretty generic stuff - take an existing one to reference and hand feel the stiffness for what you're comfortable with. You then need to cut to length and if you're doing a good job, flatten the outer coil at each end to provide a square end for the plastic to bear on. Needle nose pliers work for me.
  23. bonox

    General Part Discussion

    Indeed. Since the crawler and the mog, there have been many MOC's that use the same springs (Lucio, i'm looking at you ) and i've resorted to aftermarket re-springing the older version (the 2909c0n)
  24. bonox

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Wow - stunning update and it's really wonderful to see it coming together and the changes along the way to improve it. I'm getting really excited about seeing a copy of this one next to Gerger's 6400.
  25. bonox

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    This is a fabulous and complex model and really needs good quality original parts for the gearbox to work. You've just found one (more) reason EB hates knockoffs.