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  1. in my experience the old foam tyres often have a pretty funky smell to them. I've got nearly a hundred now and they're all in various states of smell, going hard and/or going greasy and many are warped and don't fit the wheels as nicely as they used to. My collection is second hand from all over the world, so I doubt it's anything one owner did if all of them display the same properties.That said, they are porous and will absorb stuff over time.
  2. he states on his page that he is using a bench supply without the AA battery box (so he's not limited to the ~1 Amp cutout on the battery box). I run my stuff using 9V, but from a bench supply as well. I like to see my crane work, but don't actually want to drive it further than the end of the bench ;)
  3. if you want to pick it up, it's about the best price you'll get. Given you were looking at ebay for delivery though, bricks to the world have it for $304.95 delivered. I bought one from them not so long ago.
  4. Perhaps I should point out that if you are using the TLG AA battery box, it's current limited to about a single amp anyway, so any capacity for a cell to deliver more than that is irrelevant; the battery box will cut out if you try to draw more than that.
  5. bonox

    LEGO Burn Out

    I must be in the wrong place. I opened the thread expecting cars and sliding tyres If you find you have trouble getting your ideas down, perhaps try drawings, cad tools or quick prototypes to give you something to come back to later when you have more enthusiasm.
  6. looks good. I have very nostalgic feelings about rainbow warriors from my childhood - very much the same building conditions of "make use of what you have". Especially in the 70's, when you just couldn't dial up bricklink and get a truckload of stuff delivered for comparatively nix.
  7. High Discharge rate?Not sure what this means as stamped on the battery with no other info, however batteries have a property related to how much current they can deliver (or how much power they can deliver). Since electric supplies will only deliver as much current as is being asked for, a higher capacity to deliver isn't an issue. This is why you can run a 1amp device using a (regulated) 10amp supply.As a general rule, you can get high energy capacity cells that can give that energy back to you at some particular low to moderate rate. You can get lower capacity cells that can give their energy back to you at a high rate, but they don't have the same total to give. Older style Nickel Cadmium batteries used to be great at high current discharge (which is why the lunatic fringe high power remote control car/aircraft crowd liked them), but they wouldn't run as long as a NiMH cell of the same size. You can see this in practice as AA NiCd batteries really only being available in less than 1000mAh capacity, but lithium cells of same size being of 2000mAh or more. The flip side is that the NiCd might be able to deliver 5 amps for a short while, which the lithium one couldn't do more than 2 amps (made up examples only). Think about it like trying to stuff a sleeping bag into sack. A bigger sleeping bag takes more time to get into and out of the sack than a smaller sleeping bag. THe bigger sleeping bag is more energy (longer run time) but less power (energy per unit time). If you want high current (power) you have a smaller sleeping bag so it's easier to get it out of the sack fast. Summary - don't worry about it :)
  8. That's up to you. The PF and older 9V gear is specified for 9V only. Having said that, some people (http://www.philohome...s/motorcomp.htm) have run them happily at 12V, however all long term motor survival bets are off if you do this. You'll also have to accept significantly higher speeds as well with some motors. You can use resistors as voltage droppers, however you need to be aware that they really only work well for constant current draw. As a general rule, DC motors will draw different current depending on how heavily they are loaded. Different current means different voltage drop following the DC Voltage=CurrentxResistance rule. You could happily find a midpoint if you wish as long as the motor is running under a constant load. Also keep in mind that a 2V drop at the peak current of an M motor for example (800mA) will require about a 2watt resistor, which are harder to find than typical electronic 1/4W units. Otherwise, you'd be better off looking for a cheap voltage regulator that will accept 10V+ input and output 9V. Here's a simple example of a Do-it-yourself http://www.learninga...or-in-a-circuit or you could use an off the shelf example like http://www.aliexpres.../509138006.html with suitable voltages for what you want. Pragmatically though, I would suggest trying it hooked up directly and seeing if you're happy with it before spending time and money to get it back to 9V.
  9. The PF gear runs very happily on 7V (as attested to by the factory rechargable battery box). You could cut up an extension cable to plug into the pack you've already got, or wire it into the standard AA battery box if you wish. There are plenty of guides on this site + google if you need help with it.
  10. bonox

    Lego Boxes - Worth Keeping?

    Only two reasons to keep them in my opinion - either you want them, or the next person wants them. If you're not going to sell the set and you don't want the box - get rid of them. If either of the former (and no constraints like you don't have the space for example) then you keep them. If my dad's experience of matchbox toys is anything to go by, then over a long enough time period, the boxes will become far more valuable than what they contained!
  11. bonox

    Expression of interest Ford GTHO

    Hi Doc - probably a bit much for me. Thankyou for the consideration though. I could probably only go to $370. I hope you get a better offer mate. Good luck with it - it's a lovely model! Tim
  12. bonox

    Expression of interest Ford GTHO

    I'm normally a lurker here, but signed up just to give you an offer ;) $350 posted to Syd, as long as it comes with a doc brown signature! let me know if you'd like my ebay username if you'd like an idea of my transaction trustworthyness.