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  1. You could hide it in the dark in a hermetically sealed box and still have the whites go brown or you could put it on display and enjoy it. Take it off the shelf and play with it once in a while and put it back on the shelf the opposite way round. Bricks will fade or discolour a bit with age, but aside from that you pretty much can't kill them. Only rubber parts will perish and might benefit from some care. Stickers are very hit and miss about lasting well, whether you take care of them or not.
  2. The argument here is about the use of their trademarked name - they can't just wander around and kill other people's IP which reside in a shape/design that isn't theirs.
  3. bonox

    Darth Vader's SelfDriving WheelChair

    very clever - simple implementation with the arms i haven't seen before in a lego wheel chair, and it's a great looking result. Put it on a treadmill and the kids would love it at the LUG shows.
  4. They're all pretty much the same - even the rotator is a small mod to a standard truck. Dennis has a heap of great examples. This one has forks and a straight lift boom (it doesn't rotate). They are common in single, dual or triple rear axle variants. There are even some crazy variants :) or dinky little ones like this
  5. A heavy recovery tow truck is a crane in its own right, often with similar load capacities to a smaller mobile crane, but generally a smaller operating radius. There are also two types - the fixed boom and the rotators like this one. Either way, the general idea for a tow is not to lift the thing off the ground but to either raise the steer tyres off the ground to make manoeuvring the thing easier or merely to add enough weight to the tow vehicle that it can tug the load along without spinning its own tyres.
  6. bonox


    and also great to see the granny coffin addition as well. Great effort on the car and the presentation of it.
  7. Your instructions look great Charbel. Always appreciated when designers make the effort to share their work. Really enjoyed your 919 and this looks just as great to build.
  8. bonox

    Power Functions

    You might want to think about whether you want to buy power functions (which is the old and probably obsolete) set of electrical power components, or start with the new Powered Up, Boost etc set of electrical bits. Newer stuff a bit more expensive but can use your phone to control and has a future. Older stuff - lots around, need dedicated controller or third party parts like sbrick/buwizz for alternatives, but lots of existing models to give you ideas and possibly cheaper for the moment.
  9. bonox

    Pneumatic Hose Labels

    alternatively use colour - blue for feed lines, black for extend and grey for retract for example. I regularly use clear, red, yellow, blue, black and grey hose for this purpose. Aftermarket silicone hose is cheap and comes in a big range of colours. Otherwise you could use numbered tiles to track them and for building, there's always the folded tape with written label on it until you're ready to plug it into the final spigot.
  10. bonox

    Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck

    looks spot on - congratulations ona tidy scale model.
  11. Sorry but quite false. Plenty of tasks around here require these MC operators to reverse into loading ramps or be able to turn around by reversing the set into a perpendicular street. These guys also happily pick up a third trailer by reversing a loose (ie not B-double) trailer pair up to it with the lateral accuracy of 200mm required to pickup to tow pin. So yes, they really do reverse, and there are plenty of examples on youtube (eg "Reversing 3 trailer road train") of Australian drivers doing so, including around corners as well as straight reverses.No one says it's easy, but there's a reason we have graduated licensing schemes and you can't get to an Multi Combination license until you've held a single trailer (Heavy Combination) license for 2 years and a rigid (HR) on top of that for another year. There are some fun videos with drone footage showing guys reversing quads (4 trailers), although these have combinations of rigid trailer connections - ie no dolly. The loose trailers also wander around, especially without active steering dolly's, going forwards and is the reason that none of these trains is allowed into major centres and most have to drop the third and/ fourth trailer before entering regional centres as well, meaning there isn't a great deal of demand for long reversing, except to pick up trailers.
  12. Beginning to look really good. Nothing quite like building your skills at the same time too :)
  13. Put in a splitter as well as a range select and you'll get a 16 speed gearbox just perfect for any large truck like Jaap's or 2legoornot2lego's. Effectively a pair of two speed gearboxes paired with a 4 speed is how a standard (eg 18 speed eaton fuller) is made. Do it with a 3 speed main gearbox and you lead to a 13/15 speed depending on how you arrange a crawler gear. With this compact a size, it should even be implementatable and be a huge step up in realism.
  14. wow - that model will look fabulous with those sweet rims :)
  15. bonox

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    pay kids to do it or offer a portion (10% for example) to anyone willing to sort huge piles. otherwise divide and conquer - bricks, plates, specials, technic etc, then come back to each and bricks, plates into 1x, 2x, 4x etc and so on.
  16. It's a model in plastic - very few of even the lego factory models are capable of lifting the crane. Treat them as a visual aid only - they won't be of significant value in supporting the weight of the vehicle.
  17. bonox

    [TC16] Helix

    why? The cheapest three bricklink sellers as of today have stock of 106, 458 and 653 respectively, and all are less than 34 euro cents. I'll put them next to my huge bag of 4500 of them :)
  18. Fabulous re-creation. I always love your work in progress pictures - makes me feel like i'm not alone in trying lots of different designs before coming to the final one.
  19. it's very impressive, but given the title "Rocket Crawler" I was really hoping to see one of these:
  20. it's more likely a design change to reduce the chance of builders putting it in the wrong way around and ending up with parts that don't fit together
  21. what a stunning presentation - love the 'ramp' it sits on that hides the pump and control gear
  22. that's an impressive rack of new valves! The bonnet on the truck is fabulous and i really like the use of the gear engagement thingies as exhaust silencers as well
  23. bonox

    Tyrrell P34 1:5

    jaw on floor. When i bought your original instructions i was very impressed with the front wheel assembly creativity - this is equally impressive building at such a large scale
  24. bonox

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    An interesting idea, but that's not how forward planning works. Most people also completely forget about tech disruptors. 20 years ago, the bluetooth protocol existed, but it wasn't really until 2004 that Nokia produced the low energy device version of it and put it into a phone and it wasn't really until three years later that someone introduced a phone/device (with the iphone) capable of running the kinds of apps and swipe control mechanism that we use to control the current range of lego devices. On that basis i'd argue that the available hardware for lego focussed apps is only 12 years old so far. While the term 'smartphone' goes back to the early 1990s, those phones were nothing like what is needed for current apps. And how many of you have an original iphone/galaxy/etc lying around that can run todays apps? And the point about tech disruptors was exactly that iphone 12 years ago. Nokia/blackberry etc never saw it coming, weren't prepared for it and went to the wall. All the 'old tech' died in a few years once the new stuff became generally affordable. Are you comfortable saying that there will be no new tech in the next decade that will make all these current devices and software properly obsolete so that you'll have to try and mothball a special one just to control your lego? Hoping in that time that the built in battery doesn't crap itself and corrode the thing from the inside out? Or will even still work 10 years later? I dug out my old nokia 3310 a little while ago and that battery, while carefully looked after during its working life, is now bulging and not something i'd trust not to catch fire or burst in the hands of my children. This is actually the same reason I still really like paper instructions. Sure it's a waste of trees, but it's just wonderful to not have to keep looking at a screen at the end of the day. oh, and final point - bluetooth is old. But the new versions are not backward compatible with the old ones. Same frequency spectrum, different channels, modulation and even frequency hopping for interference avoidance. Quite possible that your 2039 device with bluetooth won't talk to the older BT lego hardware.
  25. bonox

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    The alternative? A device produced by TLG that is capable of driving the receivers in the toy. Look at PoweredUp trains for example. TLG are producing a hardware controller for it instead of forcing you to bring your own device. Now that doesn't mean you have to make the whole lot proprietary. You can still use bluetooth as a open protocol for example, and you could still produce an app for users to be able to control the thing with a tablet/phone, but at a basic level, if you make available a hardware device to control it, then you cater to the market who don't have or want to use a phone, plus it will still work in 20 years time, even when bluetooth no longer exists as a current protocol, the carrier spectrum (wifi/NFC/BT) has changed and no device or operating system exists that will run an app that hasn't been updated in 15 years. I enjoyed playing with Lego as a kid (still do actually which is why i'm discussing this now) and i'm starting to transfer the long term durable toy I had as a child to my own child. Also, my future purchasing decisions are beginning to be influenced by something it never was influenced by before - and that's the short term nature of expecting a long life product being controllable only by short design life software and hardware. I'm beginning to change my buying habits that used to be "i'll get to pass this to my grandchildren to enjoy" to "it looks good now but in a few years time it'll be a 500euro paperweight because it won't work as intended".