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  1. i dunno if this is the model lego will follow... but.....
  2. how are these? found these from a search from robert8
  3. is it for sure a highway-individual? if not how do we know it isnt a historical figure that wore a tricorner hat?
  4. maybe it's the bride of frankenstein that everyone says lego wont make
  5. One thing that I have noticed has been the minifigures that have a companion or an opposite. and most recently with the castle theme. to me it almost looks like a sub theme could be pieces on a chess board. what if one of the minifigures is the Bishop, a minifigure with a pope like hat, a shepards crook and maybe a sheep. its something no one thought lego would do, but it would fit in well with the castle theme, as well as (my presumed) a chess theme.
  6. maybe the limb restriction is the thing, Lego has made diffrent legs, wings and even arms for their minifigurs. perhapts this is a new mold for an upcoming theme? something that might be in ninjago, like a meditating master wu or something
  7. what themes are rumored that lego will never make? the only ones that i know of for sure are religious, social, modern warfare. perhapts it is along one of those lines?
  8. what about an angel or a demon? i heard they would never make either of those, but we did get the devil suit kid so who knows. what about a multi-headed monster?
  9. that is very true, i can imagine that is why they have made either one, though they could do something like a clear headpiece with bandage printing and goggles on one side and a trenchcoat print on the torso, and i guess the closest we will get to the bride is the spider lady from the monsters set