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    Good Value Used Sets

    oopse i meant the 8386! awesome set and i have no idea why it is selling used for so cheap! Are there any other value priced used sets to look out for?
  2. Andrew Lowe

    Good Value Used Sets

    I just returned from the dark ages and was looking for some good value sets t add to the collection. I just picked up 8385, from ebay for around 27 pounds in the UK, after building it i though the price for the set was awesome, even on bricklink it goes for around 40 pounds, still good value in my opinion. Are there any other sets that anyone has found tha they think represent good value? Thanks
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  4. Andrew Lowe

    8070 Supercar

    I was a t TRU today in Houston TX, and saw the same spot on the shelf, they are expecting them some time this week. The clerk checked and came back and said that it will mot be part of the buy one get one 50% off sale going on this week. Has anyone heard different?
  5. Andrew Lowe

    8070 Supercar

    Last I heard was March 2011, nothing firm.
  6. Andrew Lowe

    8070 Supercar

    Does anyone knoe the part number for the chrome rims he swapped onto the car? Or where to find a set?
  7. Andrew Lowe

    REVIEW: 8052 Container Truck

    It is a good set, i found it on sale a few weeks ago and picked it up. Not a huge set but fairly good value with the PF.
  8. Andrew Lowe

    8070 Supercar

    HMMMMM, do I buy this set when i am in the UK in a few weeks or wait till it comes out here in the states!
  9. Andrew Lowe

    TECHNIC Lot & Hero Factory Lot

    are any of these stull available?
  10. Andrew Lowe

    8068 Rescue Helicopter discussion

    Walmart in the US has a good price on this set
  11. Andrew Lowe

    8043 Excavator - Lego update

    I saw this set for 99 pounds at Argos in the UK, good value!
  12. Andrew Lowe

    8070 Supercar

    Any idea when it will be released in the US?
  13. Andrew Lowe

    Review: 8065 Technic Mini Container Truck

    I bought this set last night at Toys R Us and built it, cant go wrong for 10 bux, great little set to add to the collection!
  14. Andrew Lowe

    8110 - Unimog U400 General Discussion

    I cant wait to get this set, any ideas on the release date for either the US or UK?
  15. Andrew Lowe

    Large Technic Lot for Sale

    I'd be interested in the following sets: 8295 Telescopioc Handler 8046 Helicopter 8256 Go-Kart