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  1. Janice is one of my favourite characters, so I'm happy to see her. I loved her random 'valley girl' remarks in the old show and movies, and the exaggerated design of her head. She is the Electric Mayhem's guitarist though by the way, Zoot plays the saxophone. Not having Scooter would be disappointing, I'd rather have him than Dr. Bunsen. Nothing against Bunsen, but Scooter seems like such an integral character (even though he's kinda boring to look at). Also really missing are the aforementioned Sam and Rizzo, and Pepe the prawn. If this list is correct, then I'm really hoping to see a second set to round out the band with Zoot, Floyd and Dr. Teeth. You could fill the other spots with the likes of Beauregard, Pops, Hilda, Crazy Harry, or Marvin Suggs to name a few lesser characters. You could even have Kermit in his investigator raincoat, and an alien from the planet Koozebane. :)
  2. Thank you for the quick response, and for setting my mind at ease!
  3. Hi everyone! Recently I've become concerned with the best way to store pieces that get to endure some pressure while connected. Especially parts with clips: should I store them attached to the bar they are supposed to be connected to, or is it better to take them apart? I would hate for the clips to break at some point, but I'm not sure if that's more likely to happen if I leave them attached all the time, or if I take them apart and then later have to connect (put pressure on) them again. The same goes for ball joint / sockets, and any other type of pieces that are connected in such a way. Thanks for any advice!