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  1. Thx, I made it cause the real one is too expensive for me, otherwise it never be realized... :-) Thanks really! The machine has still many things to be tuned, also some logic (like Mindstorm) would be nice to add... For me the big fun to realize at least some mechanics. So many cars and trucks I have made, but the pinball first time I have tried...
  2. Thanks really! :-) The counting system is not so precise, as should be... I hope, I will build some more tables and still better...
  3. :-D It's OK for me, I made here yesterday such rubbish, that this is totally OK... :-D
  4. Thanks! Yes, I will try to manage the video this weekend...
  5. Yes, thanks, Yesterday I was too hurry for everything and was quite crazy for to write something nice... I don't understand, whats happened me, but Yes of coarse I'd like to make always some nice introducing of any of models a me too... What about me?... I have more hobbies then only Lego. Maybe therefore it's not possible to do all the things on some hi and proper level, but I'm interested in synthesizers a composing music with them too, next passion is/was the RC off road cars (I have developed and let make a small serie of about 10 pieces of RC truck trial Prototype from steel in measure 1:10 for sell) and have had many different RC cars too, even raced E-Buggy 1:10 on Czech national races. But now I have only one RC monster truck, it was my dream from childhood - The Clod Buster, so it is more for nostalgie, then for serious racing... And In this days I love also my Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 (15 years old real car) which is also kind of hobby, cause I love the off road rides, and it needs a lot of time and passion too... So, that about my "hobby" activities... And except Lego I got the MERKUR construction set - like Meccano, I got it now from my colleagues from work for my 40ies... So, I had this set in childhood too and I like this for building also... Too much things a man can like and share and maybe that's makes me so crazy sometimes... I also love the Yoga, it's most calming activity in my life and maybe also thanks to Yoga I can do all the things together...
  6. Thank You all for any advice, I'm too nervous sometimes and too hurry for everything and yesterday was something really bad at me, I can't understand I made such terrible drama here. I will try to manage to move the pictures to some places You recommended. Or at least with next project... Thanks again for everything...
  7. Thanks really! I think it's hard to say what can beat something. Isn't it most important if You are lucky from Your work? At least for me it is so. I have seen so many perfect and big and fabulous model, but none can beat my own happiness in that moment, when I just finish the work and keep it in hands and see it from many angles... Very important moment for every builder, no matter how complicated or big or how many parts the thing has... Sometimes I'm so happy from so simple thing, when it has nice idea, thats more than thousands parts... And every Your idea is Your idea and Your creation, and thats fantastic. Many too big, monstrous and complicated models seems to be nice, but when you are their builder, you have so many unfinished details there. It's simply too big for to be perfectly done... Do You know, how many things was on my Snowcat done in non perfect way? And how easier is to get this perfect being in simplicity? ...So, I just want to note, that I think Your creations are same for You as my MOCs for me... We create them... And that's the all about... No matter how complicated they are... ;-) Thank You! Yes, it has IR, the receivers were hidden in the cab beside the doors, therefore sometimes it had lost signal... It was because when I started this model I still didn't have any IR, so the model was not clearly done with this aim from the start. Their receivers were installed there afterwards.
  8. :-) (I will rather to speak English - the official language here) No, I made this truck just for fun, I made there such special suspension system, which needed to test... It works, but who knows, how it would work somewhere in natural terrain. Btw. For many years I had made many own full RC truck trial prototypes, and raced them in Czech rep... But it's not Lego thema...
  9. Filip1

    Hello Lego fans, My name is Filip...

    Thank You Graham, You know, I made a big mistake today, I was so complaining on this forum, but only because I didn't know how to use it... I nearly don't know, if I can continue with any sharing of my MOCs after such bad start... :-/ I think I have now a quite bad reputation here... It's a shame...
  10. Yes, I will do as soon as I will manage all about todays misunderstanding, and make all I can do with the apologizing... thx...
  11. Thanks really! Yes, the 8275 was nice inspiration as to make "dozer idea from Lego", but I made it completely new and by quite another way. Even the onboard system of stick control with unique gearboxes is quite different. So, the similarity to 8275 is just that's the dozer... ;-) I hope some day I'll make such dozer again, cause I was very happy with this kind of model... Thanks again.
  12. Thanks, yes, could be also in another color. Yellow is quite common in Lego... But in those days I didn't have other then yellow necessary parts, and the yellow rims inspired me also for yellow colour will be good... All this model was developed more for testing that unique suspension system than for real look... The cab is just idea and improvisation as whole truck, not any in reality, I think...
  13. Thanks very much braker23, was quite strong, but on some more adhesive surface it needed to move for to get steer. I think as real machine they also can't steer on place in deep snow. Unfortunately I have no pictures of disassembly at this model. But something could be seen from version 1 at least the chassis and drive units...