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  1. SamuelHKHon

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    Wow, is that true? Because Creator is probably my favourite theme. I feel it really captures the essence of what LEGO is all about.
  2. SamuelHKHon

    [MOC] Prater Ferris Wheel

    I love this, looks absolutely amazing! I have the official Creator version, but if this had been an official set instead I would have bought it. :D
  3. SamuelHKHon

    LEGO eBooks on sale

    Not having come here often, I don't know where this should be posted. To me this seemed like the most logical place. Moderators - please move to another section if this one is not appropriate, thanks. I saw that HumbleBundle is having a sale on LEGO eBooks. I don't have any of those books, so to me this is a good deal. I thought to share this in case some of you would be interested - here is the link: Thanks.
  4. SamuelHKHon

    MOC: Beloved Belle (Modular Building)

    Thanks for sharing this! There are lots of nice details and the whole building looks so wonderful. :)
  5. Hi .... I think this is the right section to post this as there is a pinned threat about official Chima sets. Anyway, Mods please feel free to move if it should go elsewhere (e.g. Sci-Fi). I wanted to try and build a bipedal mech using pieces from the 70123 Chima Lion Beast set. But turned out rather uninspired ... and the arms look weak. If anyone has tried to do something similar, please let me know? I would love to know how you used the set's pieces. Thanks. Here is my attempt:
  6. SamuelHKHon

    What's your opinions on "Lego clones"?

    I generally don't buy other construction toy brands, mainly due to limited space at home. Megabloks' quality have improved a lot in recent years. I have their stuff from the Alien Agency and Dragons days, they were not bad but some of the earlier Alien Agency sets had bad quality. I think their HALO and COD stuff is a lot better now. I think Megabloks sometimes has more interesting ideas than LEGO, I found their Alien Agency concept quite fun. But their quality was not good. Haven't tried other brands. I second Tyberious Funk's comments. We get ripped off for almost every product, including LEGO. The only places that I know of where LEGO costs more are New Zealand and New Caledonia. I have written to LEGO about the price discrepancy, they tell me it's due to stuff like VAT taxes (which we don't need to pay for) and the economic situation (I received this "reason" even back when the AUD was stronger than the USD). Hence I think most Aussies only buy LEGO when they are on sale at 20% or similar, to make the prices more reasonable...
  7. SamuelHKHon

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    I haven't really been watching any cartoons or anime recently, except some of Makoto Shinkai's stuff or Studio Ghibli animated features. For cartoons, I enjoyed watching He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers (US cartoon), G.I.Joe, M.A.S.K, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Galaxy Rangers, BraveStarr, Gobots, Defenders of the Earth. For anime, I loved watching Golden Lightan, God Mars (Rokkushin Gattai), Sanshiro, Urashiman, Dragon Ball Z, Ranma 1/2, Planetes, Laputa: Castle in the Sky (amongst other Studio Ghibli stuff), Macross (but can't remember what it was like ... saw it many, many years ago). If I find the time I will probably watch my Gundam or Last Exile stuff. I am also fond of the recent DC animated features.
  8. SamuelHKHon

    Hello there!

    Thanks for the welcome folks. :)
  9. SamuelHKHon

    MOCs: Small spaceship and rovers

    Hi everyone, haven't had a chance to do any new MOCs, thought I would post some I did quite a while back. These all use very basic techniques, as I am still learning. Would love to know how you would do things differently (e.g. I feel the MR-401 vehicles should have been wider with a lower centre of gravity). Thanks. :) LL-459 Stellar Observation Craft (SOC): Equipped with Doppler Shift detection gear, cargo pod, and StarShield Technology (Mk I). StarShield protects pilot by blocking up to 75% of unexpected outbursts of stellar energy and radiation. More photos: MR-301 Soil Analyzer: Used for scientific analysis of a planet's topsoil. Equipped with soil scooper, camera, and a mid-range data transceiver. More photos: MR-401a Supply Transport: A short haul vehicle used to transport supplies between outposts. The supply container typically holds commonly used tools and equipment. More photos: MR-401b Outpost Patrol Vehicle (OPV): A military variant of the MR-401a Supply Transport, the MR-401b OPV features thicker rear wheel guards and a reinforced driver's cage. Armaments consist of a roof-mounted auto-track missile launcher and a rear-mounted dual laser cannon platform. Not suited for intensive combat, OPVs were generally used to provide security for small outposts during the Pre-Blacktron days. More photos:
  10. SamuelHKHon

    Hello there!

    Hi everyone, I've been visiting this forum fairly often and finally decided to join! How I got into LEGO, lost interest, and started collecting again..... - Born in Hong Kong, LEGO was a bit of an expensive toy. - But my parents would buy me some every now and then because they considered it to be a 'good toy' (I think they saw the educational value in it). - Got my first LEGO set when I was four, 6647 Highway Repair (cf. http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=6647-1). Have since lost the instructions and box. :( - My neighbour had nearly all the Classic Space sets. I secretly liked those sets more than Classic Town, but somehow never summoned the courage to ask for them.... High school = start of toy Dark Ages, gave away nearly all of my toys (Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Transformers - something I've been regretting ever since). But LEGO had a special place in my heart. Not as much as a single 1x1 plate was thrown or given away to anybody. When I started working many years later, the Target store near where I worked had a half price sale on all LEGO castle sets. I bought out the whole shelf. (HK doesn't have Target as far as I know, my family had moved to Australia in the '80s) Then I re-discovered my LEGO catalogues. I looked through them and saw ... Classic Space!!! Then I discovered a site called BrickLink. I was happy. Then I found out about Modular Buildings! I am a real latecomer to collecting them (only have Cinema Palace and Parisian Restaurant). Much of the available space in our home is taken up by my stuff, so I can't justify collecting more LEGO without selling some older sets. Hence I try to be very selective in what I buy (but I HAD to get the Exo-Suit and Benny's Spaceship). Have been lazy and haven't had time to build any MOCs in ages. Most of my waking hours are spent between work, housework, and looking after my own family. My other interests are drawing and epistemology. Thanks and I look forward to seeing all of your MOCs. :)