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  1. SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    What trans-red pieces are used for the cockpit windows? The top piece comes from the official set, but what about the others? Thanks!
  2. SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Looked at the pictures on your website. Looks fantastic! I'm in when the instructions are available.
  3. [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    I've built the wings and am about half-way through the fuselage. Very enjoyable build so far! Terrific design as well.
  4. [MOC] X-Wing Fighter Midi-scale

    Thank you for providing the instructions! Really great model of the x-wing.
  5. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    For the old version of the UCS Falcon, I used Lifelites. They are very small with a variety of ways of wiring them together. Lifelites There are some thumb sized pictures to show what is possible. For the cockpit there is an overhead light and two on the control console. For the new model it might be more difficult to run the wire because of the interior. I don't have it, so can't comment on it.
  6. [MOC] Imperial Light Cruiser

    InsideLego, would you check on the .LXF file links for your ships? I'd like to download the files but am getting errors on file not found. Thank you for sharing the files!
  7. Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    I went through the instructions and determined what could only be seen from the outside of the ship. Magnet Holder Substitutes If you go to the middle of the page from the link above, you will see what the magnet holder substitutes look like.
  8. Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    When I built mine most of the technic bricks that form the keel were several different colors since I bought the cheapest I could find and didn't worry about the color of the bricks. Are the magnet holders still on your list? They are very expensive. Your best bet will be to use some of the alternatives to the magnet holders elsewhere in this thread. This picture shows some of the brick substitutes as well as the magnet holder replacements in my build.
  9. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Looking forward to seeing the finished model.
  10. This is a long term project for me, so getting the parts for one book at a time with some overlap. Almost have all the pieces for book 1 and have started on 2. I can't imagine having all the pieces at one time laid out.
  11. To you that have the all of the pieces for the build, where are you getting the stickers for the interior? I'm thinking about not doing the finished interior because I don't think it will ever be displayed.
  12. 10143 UCS Death Star II

    A few years ago, I bricklinked this too. Somewhere I made a mistake when building one of the unfinished hemispheres and had to start it over again. I like the model but it was somewhat tedious to build. I also agree that Lego should increase the resolution of the online instructions.
  13. [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    The link below has information on how to get the instruction manual: Zeta Shuttle
  14. I browsed through the instructions. All of the trans-clear are for the stands.
  15. I have the parts for EKae's version and just started building it last weekend when the instructions came out. I have the 85941 pieces. Do you think they will look too out of place?