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  1. ChrisPhilpot

    MOC: Uk Gritter

    CamelBoy68, that is absolutely brilliant. A flawless representation of an iconic vehicle on these shores. I love your Land Rover as well. Have you made any other MOCs that would set British hearts (like mine!) aflutter?
  2. ChrisPhilpot

    Request for help with Ford KA MOC

    Hello again! Six weeks or so after I started this thread, I have finally built what I think is a fairly good replica of the Ford KA (a.k.a., my car). What do you reckon? I am very open to constructive and critical feedback. I'd prefer you to rip it to shreds before I spend a lot of money on loads of blue tiles from Bricklink!
  3. ChrisPhilpot

    LDD MOC - Apartment building

    I'm pretty new around here but I'd be willing to guess this is one of the greatest MOCs in the history of this site. Serious kudos!
  4. ChrisPhilpot

    [MOC] McDonalds

    That is absolutely tremendous! Your friend has perfectly captured both the interior and exterior of a thriving restaurant, and those decals are adorable and to die for.
  5. ChrisPhilpot

    MOC: Back to the Future Libyan Terrorists

    Thanks so much! Better a little late than never: BTTF DeLorean and VW Camper.lxf – you'll have to substitute a few pieces which weren't available in LDD. But I've added a couple of bonus items not visible in the photos above!
  6. ChrisPhilpot

    Request for help with Ford KA MOC

    The main reason I joined this forum was to ask for some advice with a MOC I have struggled with for months, on and off. Earlier this year, I picked up my first ever car: a blue Ford KA. I would like (well, love!) to build a minifig-scale version of my car, but my limited experience with MOCs means I don't know where to begin. I have tried many different approaches in LDD, from laying out the basic chassis and trying to build it up from there, to trying to get the look of a particular area of the car right, and then build around it. But it's been a no-go. Can you help? Ideally, I would love to have an LDD file of something similar in scale to this model; that's how I put together the modified VW camper I posted earlier today. Something like this would be an ideal starting point: Any useful files, or just tips and advice? I hope you can help this relative newbie!
  7. ChrisPhilpot

    MOC: Back to the Future Libyan Terrorists

    Thanks! I was actually challenged to make it. I posted a photo of my DeLorean (a Christmas present) on Facebook, and someone joked I ought to have Libyans in a VW to chase it. And I delivered!
  8. ChrisPhilpot

    Hello from Germany!

    haha! Lego dating brings a new meaning to “making a connection”.
  9. ChrisPhilpot

    Tiny Fire Engine

    That is just brilliant! So utterly dinky and sweet. Well done!
  10. ChrisPhilpot

    MOC: Back to the Future Libyan Terrorists

    Thank you! I was chuffed with how well it turned out. A couple of extra photos are now in my signature.
  11. ChrisPhilpot

    What was your first LEGO set?

    I'm not sure what the first Lego set I would have been bought was, but the first which I remember buying with my own (pocket!) money was set 5918: Scorpion Tracker.
  12. ChrisPhilpot

    Custom Simpsons minifigs

    As a big fan of the Simpsons, I have to say that they are brilliant! I love the sweater on the Smithers minifig. Is that an official piece, or something you made specially?
  13. “Run for it, Marty!” I hope you like this MOC of the VW camper driven by the Libyan terrorists in the opening movie of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. It was based around a similar camper in yellow which I found on Reddit, made by legopirate85 (on imgur). An LDD file is available upon request!
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Chris, and I am a lifelong Lego fan from West Sussex in the UK. On the desk in front of me, I have a Volkswagen T1 Camper, modified Cuusoo DeLorean (with a number of MOC props from the Back to the Future films, of which I am a big fan), and a minifig-scale MOC VW camper with two BTTF Libyan terrorists! I look forward to sharing my photos of those MOCs with you, and asking for a little advice with a pet project I have been struggling with for a few months. I'm an occasional user of a few other Lego sites, online communities and tools. I subscribe to /r/Lego on Reddit for inspiration, use LDD to build my models, and head over to BrickLink and Brick Owl to buy the pieces I need to assemble them from bricks, not bits! I look forward to being a part of this community too.