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  1. This one looks great! How's the structural integrity, is it swooshable?
  2. The Advent calendar looks quite good actually. I could've done without Omega and since I also have several 212th clones I don't 'need' any more of those, but all in all it's a fun and pretty balanced selection. Also funny to see Palps in Christmas attire The side builds look good too. And I hope that the inclusion of several separatist vehicles and Turbo Tank are good omens of what to expect from the 2024 sets.
  3. No way. It's overpriced, especially since it does not have any redeeming factors, including the minifigs. The characters seem like typical annoying, loud, conceited brats that are so prevalent in modern kids' media. I got better plans for my wallet (and my kids).
  4. Big_Daddy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Two weird battle packs, namely 75198 Tatooine and 75206 Jedi and clone troopers. Also the 9497 republic striker-class starfighter, since got into (KO)TOR again. Pity that I'll probably never get the fury class interceptor, Darth Malgus has simply become too expensive.
  5. Big_Daddy

    [MOC] R-41 Starchaser

    I keep going back to this topic somehow. This ship is giving me an amount of Star Wars vibes that I haven't felt since...
  6. Big_Daddy

    [MOC] R-41 Starchaser

    Nice one, better than that pirate snubfighter thing
  7. That reveal was pretty revealing. My two cents: Yavin IV temple: it already didn't sound like a set for me but now I'm convinced; I appreciate the effort but it doesn't quite capture the building, even considering the limitations. The Y-Wing is cute though. Yoda's starfighter: since I missed out on the 2017 one I'm glad to pick this one up, after a good discount of course. And is it just me or does the cockpit look less bulky? 332nd BP: it looks nice enough for a battle pack, good thing they lowered the price. 27 euros would have been beyond ridiculous, they should have lowered it to 20 euros, max. But yeah, I'll wait for a small discount.
  8. The sets being aimed primarily at kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old isn't as strong an argument as you'd think. There's so much you can do within that price and age range that actually makes sense within the 'universe' of playscale Lego Star Wars. There's @Mandalorianknight's suggestions (which I wholeheartedly agree with), but also small vehicles like speeders, speeder bikes and such. Think of the small sets in the early years of LSW, like the 7110 Landspeeder. There's a ton of such stuff that I could submit in the wishlist thread, and I'm not even that creative. True, but the army builders who are fixated on stormtroopers will simply ignore the mechs in favour of a hypothetical stormie battle pack, thus eating into the sales of the former. As for speculation of what the next mechs would be (I don't expect TLG to give up on the concept so easily), Mando seems like a shoe-in like @Kit Figsto said. Also, it would be really easy for TLG to justify the Mech line by including a shiny phase 2 clone. Like it or not, that would sell like hotcakes.
  9. My guess is that TLG won't release a stormtrooper battle pack anytime soon because it might eat into the sales of this mech. But then again, they also released another small Boba set this very year, even if it's a different version. I'm inclined to agree with you on this. As you said, they made a clever choice with Vader, Boba and a stormtrooper. I'm just curious how long they could maintain such a product line. This could end in a win-win situation you know. Either they will be more or less forced to release more interesting figures (I mean, how many full helmet minifigures that aren't that interesting can you think of?) or they won't, and people won't buy them anymore, thus leading to the end of the product line. But I don't dare to be too optimistic, we might as well brace ourselves for a C-3PO mech in January 2024 the way things are going now. As for the set slots, the last few years saw a decline of battle packs and microfighters already, even though there weren't any mechs released. I'd just like more smaller set slots in general, so that we'd at least have some decent battle packs again.
  10. Heh, those mechs look goofy enough. When it comes to Vader I think I agree with the majority that it is the least interesting one, the Boba mech looks alright (within those parameters of course) but I've never been the biggest Boba Fett fan. Now the stormtrooper is something else; it looks like one of those edits where a stormie is depicted in Warhammer 40k aesthetic, which is pretty fun. But it's quite telling that the stormie is the only one where the helmet doesn't look disproportionally small; that helmet's still too big. And the price doesn't exactly help either. My guess is that this concept is more suitable for characters with full face helmets. But we'll see, actually it could be hilarious to see a mech with a normal Lego head.
  11. Big_Daddy

    Lego Star Wars Sets that scale the best with 75333?

    I'd say most of the system scaled sets (or playscale sets) are roughly the same scale. Especially the starfighters. And welcome to the forum
  12. I really don't care about that. As long as he's recognizable as R2 it's fine by me.
  13. Big_Daddy

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Still keeping it small scaled, this week I got myself several more battle packs: 8015 Assassin droids (luckily these are really cheap) 75034 Death Star troopers (this was actually a pretty neat set) 75035 Kashyyyk troopers (I really wanted this one, probably because of the upcoming swamp speeder) 75036 Utapau troopers (I expect that this one was the most expensive of them all) Only six to go...
  14. That Landspeeder looks great, bonus points for being properly scaled. Apart from 7110 all system scaled landspeeders have been way too big.
  15. Big_Daddy

    [REVIEW] 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter

    I'm kind of coming around to the design of this starfighter in-universe. I like that this Lego version has little storage compartments, they deserve some bonus nostalgia points for that. But the main problem is the cockpit canopy. I think it's too big scale-wise, and for it to have a Star Wars feel I think it would have helped greatly if they printed the canopy along the edges. Now it just looks like a fun random space themed Lego set. The figs are nice though, I don't mind them having the same face print.