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  1. Gigi

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    Masterpiece is an understatement, i have no words! Grandissimo Giacinto!
  2. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Thank you @zephyr1934 Have you any preference between the two versions of the BSK?
  3. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Thank you Phil! I've noticed that i never specified the project boundaries: 6 wide to integrate with my other sets. This unfortunately limits the exterior curve of the coach. max length 36 studs to navigate R40 switches full interior with minifigure placement maximum accessibility (detachable roof and sides) for playability As promised, here the design for BSK coach: HE BR mark1 BSK Brake Second Corridor by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr HE BR mark1 BSK Brake Second Corridor_2 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr HE BR mark1 BSK Brake Second Corridor_3 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr The owl cage is a tribute to @Phil B: it's a very nice and clever design, kudos! This one is a rejected (at the moment) alternative design: HE BR mark1 BSK Brake Second Corridor_doppie porte by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr What do you think? which design do you prefer? Any feedback/suggestions?
  4. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Hi Guys! It's been a while since i started this topic! Last year, between work and a new child incoming, i've been really busy: i've managed to tinker a little with the rendition of HE locomotive and tender (with some improvement, i think), but was completely stuck with the carriages. My wife has renamed this project "Fabbrica del Duomo" (of Milan)! I wanted them to look more like the real version, that is somewhat iconic, but i was blocked. Until...this topic appeared: I want to thank Phil B and ColletArrow in particular (i didn't find a way to tag them here, any help?) for motivating and inspiring me. Anyway, here's the progress so far, i've designed and brick built a Mark1 CK Composite corridor and only designed a BSK Brake standard corridor: Locomotive and tender: P2160846 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr BR Mark1 CK Composite corridor brick built: P2160844 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P2160833 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P2160836 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P2160837 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P2160841 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Tonight i'll upload the BSK rendering with one alternative that i discarded (so far) What do you think of the CK in the meantime? I'm curious for yor feedback, criticism and tips (especially before building the BSK!) . Also, what carriage will you suggest designing next?
  5. Gigi

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    W-O-W! I'm amazed, you truly made a masterpiece! I you ever decide to sell or share the instruction, i'm interested. Besides doors, jacob bogies, raising pantographs i especially like your solution for interior access Teach me master :)
  6. @damangosYou're the man! The build is awesome and the instructions are very well made. You're very generous to share with us, thanks!
  7. Gigi

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Excuse me, i can't find the knight bus images anywhere, can someone help me, please?
  8. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Aaaaanddd....We did it! I wanted to share with you my creation in real bricks! Sorry for the crappy photos ;) There we are, with some substantial deviations from the original: P9220546 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr The loco is aesthetically the same of the original ldd project, with a lot of work put on the front carriage: much more flat and shorter, to accommodate curves without blocking the pistons. P9220547 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr The missing train engineer bugged me, so i purchased the one from winter holiday train (maybe i will change the trousers in red/dark red to match the real livery) P9220551 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr I have to give a BIG thank you to @zephyr1934, who pointed out the rods connecting the pistons to the main rods were too short: i have replaced them with a 7 long half beam and not only the train looks more realistic, but it doesn't stutter or block anymore!! P9220548 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr The tender is motorized with pf train motor, and contains battery box (it's weight is very important for traction) and ir receiver. I has got an hatch to easy access to the on/off button: P9220550 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P9220552 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr And finally, the carriage: i made quite some tinkering with this one and, by trial and error i've come up with the final model: P9220544 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr I managed to build three compartments, complete with fixed glass doors (damn, those transparent tiles were expensive!) in which two minifigure with standard legs can sit in front of each other. Cramped space, but effective! Doors are emerald night inspired, of course. P9220540 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P9220539 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr This is the kid-oriented feature: in order to give full access to my little daughter (5 yo) to the train interior, i maintained and "boosted" the wall removal feature: i'm quite satisfied with the result. P9220537 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr The walls are held in place sturdily by two easily removable roof pieces P9220534 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr P9220533 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Ad that is a video of the whole train running on a basic oval track IMG_0061[1] by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr I hope you like it, as usual suggestions and/or criticism are much appreciated! Bye bye!
  9. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Thanks Zephyr for your feedback and suggestions! For the first observation: the studs on top of the boiler don't bother me too much, and i was thinking to leave them as they are. Furthermore, the 1x8 and 1x2 plates with rail are the right width to give a sense of continuity with the curved sides of the boiler. Replacing them with tiles requires a width of 3 studs circa and i have no idea how to do it without raising the boiler by one plate to insert jumpers...any suggestion? Driving rods: i paid no attention to where the connecting rods would attach to the main rods (i'm no expert of steam trains) and i had no idea of what you were referring to, then i saw your signature: you are absolutely right and i will replace the 1x5 thin beam with a 1x7 thin beam (too short?), to start the rod near the blind driver. @netlife Thank you very much! I don't mind at all, but I have to update the lxf file as i made some important changes on the fly to the original project
  10. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Edited first post after reading the flickr tutorial posted by @deraven. Thank you again! @Roadmonkeytj eill update as soon as the last pieces arrive to me
  11. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Thank you very much @deraven! Yes, @Goldenmasamune, it is motorized with PF. All the compoents are in the tender, motor is the front bogie, receiver and battery are hidden in the tender.
  12. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Thanks @M_slug357, i've also tried to upload the pictures in the post, but i have very limited amount of kb... The link is working for me...
  13. Gigi

    Hogwarts Express MOC

    Hi, y'all, long time lurker here and train/harry potter enthusiast! With the release of the entire wizarding word line i got super excited and most of all i was begging we would get another, more realistic Hogwarts express. When it came out, however, i was: "cute, it has even pistons, but it feels so small": i immediately started thinking how to modify it. It is the first real project i complete in LDD and manage to transpose in real bricks and i wanted to share with you. Comments/criticism/suggestions are welcome! Note: for the engine i tried to keep the overall aesthetic and the gimmick that permits to block the front wheels. Sorry for the long post, here are the pictures: Hogwarts express modified by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Hogwarts express modified engine by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Hogwarts express modified engine and tender by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Hogwarts express modified carriage by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr Hogwarts express modified carriage 2 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr IMG-0017 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr IMG-0020 by luigi.ferrara84, su Flickr
  14. Gigi

    10233 Horizon Express

    Hi! No, i mean the gap that is visible from top view between the black roof and the pantograph section. It is a problem that also emerged in the review on this site. I will post pictures as soon i finish the building. I didn't remember page 4 of this topic, thank you! After a few consideration i decided to leave the nose "as it is": in my opinion it's satisfactory!
  15. Gigi

    10233 Horizon Express

    I've just received the second one, while the first is already built. I'm waiting for extra pieces i've bought from bricklink to asseble the jacob bogie that connects the two sets and to fix the "locomotive roof flaw". I will post pictures of the result the next week