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  1. legofett990

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I like the set - a lot. I won't end up getting it due to budget limitations, and other sets more desirable but I think this set is great. It's a location based set as we've all been pining after for some time now, has an excellent selection of figs, nice design, has a small ship and depicts an action-packed scene. What more do people want from the set? I'd be intrigued to see those who have criticised the set come up with a better solution within a similar piece range and of TLG's quality
  2. legofett990

    Regulators: Always two more there are

    Congratulations guys! Echoing what others have said, I think Brickdoctor's promotion has been coming a while now, and I look forward to both of your continuing efforts to keep this forum the excellent place it is
  3. legofett990

    Back to collect...what am I missing?

    I really wouldn't like to say - I think I picked it up figure-less but in excellent condition with the instructions for around £75-80 (if my memory serves me correctly ) I don't think it will drop in price all that much since it isn't a new version of the Sail Barge which is coming out, and it is an excellent set in it's own right without the figures, rather than say 10123 which IMO isn't such a great set but the figs make it highly desirable.
  4. legofett990

    Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

    You've definitely improved the model a lot with that new cockpit, looks a lot more to scale now I also really like your backdrop, it's a fitting environment being similar to where we mostly saw the ship in the movies, and is subtle enough not to detract from the model without being too plain
  5. legofett990

    Jabba the Hutt's audience room from Return of the Jedi

    Love this latest license-free vig Legostein! They just keep getting better and better, Jabba is great and I really love your hairpiece solution for Bib I can remember having a brickbuilt version of Jabba when I was younger and there was no official figure out, and your rendition seems eerily reminiscent of it
  6. legofett990

    Back to collect...what am I missing?

    Totally agree here - the Sail Barge makes for an awesome stand alone display and is a really nice model. If you grab one without the figs it's gonna save you money, and with the new Jabba's Palace and skiff being released in the summer they'll give you updated all the rare figures released in the original and more.
  7. legofett990

    All hogwarts castles together

    As awesome as that castle and MOC's in general can be/are, I think there has to be something said for official sets too - they can often make a fantastic display IMO. Great work The Joker1 on your combination of official sets and MOC part too, think they look great together and fit quite naturally whilst combining a variety of scenes
  8. legofett990

    Flying Dutchman

    Wow. Absolutely stunning. Not only is it huge but it also totally captures the identity of the Flying Dutchman. You've really managed to infuse it with that sense of decay and stagnation which made the film version so unique and iconic. Fantastic job I shall now pick my jaw up from the floor
  9. legofett990

    Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

    Personally, I think in a battle between the 2, SES would come out on top. However, any other ship would stay away from SES due to the massive skull and crossbones adorning it's sails, where as BSB appears to be a merchant ship ship and so would attract attention from the 'good guys' who's ship they would plunder when it was too late And that's why I voted BSB
  10. legofett990

    What DC/Marvel Hero/Villain Do You Most Want To See Made In LEGO?

    All of the Watchmen V (V for Vendetta) Venom & Carnage Can't really think of any more I'd love to see, although others like Daredevil and Kingpin would be cool. I doubt that we'll ever see Watchmen or V for Vendetta official Lego though due to the adult and political themes contained within the comics and films
  11. legofett990

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Yeah, that was what I meant. I'd obviously have to see different variations to make a definitive judgement on what I preferred, but for me chrome R2 (as in 'proper' TC-14 chrome) just doesn't sound appealing as it isn't what I see R2 as. But then again I am an X-Wings-are-grey kinda guy
  12. legofett990

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Wouldn't be quite sure - and wouldn't want to judge til I've seen one. My concern is that he looks 'worn' and TLG's shiny chrome finish wouldn't look quite realistic. Maybe the pearl silver colour they currently use on lightsaber hilts could be a better choice of dome?
  13. legofett990

    The Batmobile, the Batwing and more!

    Wow these are awesome Metallo's my favourite too, love how poseable he looks - great build!
  14. legofett990

    TC-14 Lego Promo

    @Fuppy, I typed a big reply out but I thought we might be getting a bit off topic since I know how good an arguer you are so I PM'd you my response instead
  15. legofett990

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thanks for the info! I'll probably just pick one up from BL then, assuming they're around the same price. Yeah I thought I'd picked that up in a thread somewhere around here, I wouldn't be able to justify a £50 order either though