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  1. About 2 hours later I tried again and everything went smoothly. I thought this glitch was fixed long ago. 1x2 rounded plates in lbg were available for me, and finally those evasive white wands, black dish/plates/minnie's ears and 4x4 curved tiles in black.
  2. I have the same problem. Cleared cookies, tried a different computer in another place, tried about 5 times, first it says an unexpected error has occurred and my cart is empty and I'm back in the US region. Lovely way to spend 2 hours
  3. Sven F

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I think a sort of "fan favorite" selection is already being tested. But this is limited to a tub or two. The primary demographic are still smaller children. Kids always want wheels, windshields, bright colored bricks, doors and windows. I've been to the Italian Bergamo certified store recently, and the selection must be the worst i have ever seen. Almost exclusively large bricks on the wall. I think since it is a certified store, they are trying to maximize their profits with larger elements that fill the cup with fewer pieces. The afol fanbase is quite big in Italy, I would expect them to be more inclined towards advanced builders.
  4. Sven F


    I love these. If it weren't for political correctness issues, I think there would be potential for a whole Gypsy theme, maybe in the style of the discontinued Carnivàle series, mixed with a bit of supernatural.
  5. Sven F

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I prefer this type of video over the previous ones, not that anything was wrong with them, but I am more interested in the design process and the designer than the set. There are plenty of reviewers out there who will dissect the set for you anyway.
  6. I don't care about misb sets or investing, but Taj Mahal is made of all pieces which are currently produced anyway. It was a minimal logistical investment. The same can't be said about older modular buildings which are not only packed with out of production pieces, but also obsolete elements.
  7. Sven F

    Discussion: Now what?...Is Kragl the answer?

    This is a funny story, worthy of a film sketch. When is the other girl's birthday? Maybe you should get her a puppy. I don't know if you can do anything. I was brought up to think that every non-lego toy was junk so I dismissed things like that myself but that was a time when clone brands were really ghastly looking things, except Playmobil which was then regarded as the evil sub-par competitor. I would leave it be, but subtly comment how the bricks are bad quality, children usually pick up opinions from parents, if not instantly. It shouldn't be a complete disaster having to separate bricks from one set even if it does get mixed in.
  8. Sven F

    Which AFOL Builders do you Admire or Aspire After?

    From the top of my head, I think Paul Hetherington aka Brickbaron is definitely inspiring, and just about hits the nerve with his style, colors, ideas and originality I like builders who are all over the place, who get out of their comfort zones and do something new every time instead of sticking to one thing over and over.
  9. Sven F

    HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    That is some inspiring work. I am interested in the logistics of such a collaboration. Is one person designated with the overall concept design who then divides it into sections and authors or do you all throw in your own ideas and decide individually who is going to do which part? It seems like a difficult task to pull off without a chef architect to guide the process and ensure everything follows the theme standards and keeps it from going off track.
  10. I think the part selection improved with the models, but I wouldn't defend it as a good business choice. I hope they think of a new way to get more diversity onto the wall.
  11. Sven F

    CMF Parts in "Make your minfiigure"

    Yep, this started about 2 or 3 years ago and the parts are getting more and more recent. I have also seen parts from Agents and castle minifigures. This must all be some kind of surplus. I found both the grey and dark orange cats, seagulls, spiders, scorpions, chihuahuas, snakes. No pigs or other dogs yet though. I noticed this hairpiece was available without the reddish brown ear print, which basically makes it an exclusive part. Accessories which consist of more than one element are never available, i suppose this would be difficult to control, so unfortunately no lbg bucket handles.
  12. The way bl prices are formed can be annoying. For example, a part introduced in a new colour for the first time will often not reach the same high prices as if the same part was previously retired. Parts which reach high prices due to rarity, tend to stay up even after the part is reintroduced. (example: brick hinge bases 3937 in tan) Avg. price $ 3.9, just because it used to be rare at some point. B&P doesn't base prices on supply & demand, so isn't affected by price adaptation lag.
  13. Sven F

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    Thanks again. @Laka; if all goes to plan, you should be able to see it in Skærbæk this year, that can't be too far from you.
  14. Sven F

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.
  15. Sven F

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    Hi. Here's a funicular I built for an exhibition hosted by our LUG Kockice. It is based on a real life model called "uspinjaca" from my hometown Zagreb, Croatia (south-eastern Europe). It's apparently one of the shortest and steepest lines in the world (although the Los Angeles funicular sometimes takes that title). It doesn't really matter. It is still in operation today, mostly used by tourists to get a good view of downtown Zagreb. (more on Wikipedia) The incline angle had to match any one of the existing LEGO slope pieces so I could adapt the cars and surroundings more easily, this makes the whole build hard to match real proportions, but that is always the case with LEGO. The cars are counter-weighed by boat weights and pulled by LEGO Technic spools. Only one M motor runs them through a worm gear. The switch is hidden beneath the track in the top station so the car that reaches the top can change the direction of the spools. The switch knobs can also be easily removed if you want to manually control the cars using a train speed regulator. Uspinjaca Funicular by Sven Franic, on Flickr Uspinjaca Funicular by Sven Franic, on Flickr If you are wondering why that guy is trying to burn the street lamp, we still have people who go around the old part of town every night with a special stick, manually lighting all the gas lamps. (nazigac on google). Uspinjaca Funicular by Sven Franic, on Flickr There is also a low quality video of it running on my flickr page.