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  1. I recieved Huge Manatee A on Saturday too... I was very surprised to get an letter from Sweden :) I love those figures! Tack så mycket, CopMike Best wishes, Nadine
  2. Hi everyone, I`ve build a small moc for a challenge for the RPG 9 Kingdoms on the German LUG It shows the christmas preparing of our kingdom Kurvenheim. I hope you like it. I wish you and your families merry christmas and a happy new year Best wishes, Nadine In Kurvenheim it has always been a tradition that all the dwarfs meet their friends at christmas and organize a feudal feast. Every year the most crooked fir of the country has been erected and hoisted upwards by combined forces. While on the old market square the banquet is prepared for the guests from near and far, and old and wise man brings the children closer to the old legends and myths of Kurvenheim. The brave men, who had been sent out by the war, were glad to return home to their families. The more excited guests are already looking forward to the upcoming celebration and bring many gifts to the kingdom.
  3. Wow, I would never have expected to be part of it and now I am very happy to see my moc today. Thanks CopMike for the Xmas Raffle... every day is like christmas - get up early to spot what`s next in the calender I wish all quiet holidays as well as a happy new year, Nadine / noggy
  4. This is my entry, a small cottage in the winter wonder land. It was a lot of fun Here you can see the whole Moc: Flickr
  5. Hi everybody, my brother gave me the old lego from our childhood and I loved the pirates. I made an litte update It is my first kitbash and i find them great, so that I decided to make a little story for the figures. This is my first vignette und more will coming soon. What do you think about my creation? Sorry for my english, I hope you know what I will say Best wishes, Nadine Queen Catherine I. sent out Sir David (from the Royal Dragon Guild) in search for hidden treasures and explore distant islands. The monarch would build up a flourishing trade with distant colonies. Sir David thought for which brave men he shall take with him on his adventures and presented an interesting team together, for example the armorer John and the wise and faithful companion Paul. He knew from the beginning that this would be no easy task, but that he would meet on the first day pirates, even surprised him. Suddenly Paul said what everyone was thinking: I have a bad feeling about this ...
  6. Hey there, I want to show you my last MOC and I hope you like it My son chose the Black Knight from the Collectable Minifigures Series 7 and I had the idea to build a microscale with the Black Knight as colossal statue for a battle against the boar-clan If you have improvements, criticism or anything else to say, you`re welcome. Best wishes and happy holidays, nadine Denkmal an eine epische Schlacht by noggy85, auf Flickr Nahansicht by noggy85, auf Flickr
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    Hello from Germany

    Hi :) I'm Nadine / noggy from Germany and 29 years old. Since September 2013 I`m back to building Lego. My brother and I have spent our whole childhood surrounded by Lego Pirates, Trains and Spaceships. My first set after 17 years Dark Ages was The Tower Bridge and I loved and enjoyed it, so my collection grows and grows and grows I want to learn more about creating Mocs and I think this forum ist a good place to start. Best wishes, noggy