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  1. Wonderful. I can imagine the horror of patrolling through the almost impenetrable jungle.
  2. Beautiful room, love the floor.
  3. Asgon

    Freemarket, Nova Terelli

    Nice build. I guess the shadow from the tree is a nice place to cool down in the midday sun.
  4. Asgon

    Market Day

    Nive crowded scenery, with a great mix of people. And nice floor. Maybe a picture from one far end to the other could have shown the crowed area even better?
  5. Asgon

    [OL-FB2] Great Prospects

    Damn a wonderful little cutter, it looks just perfect. I can really imagine seeing this approaching in the horizon. And the shadow... I never thought about that, but your pictures gives hints of quite a beautiful shadow. I'll remember that :)
  6. Asgon

    [OL-FB1] A visit to the Harbour Master

    Nice build. I like the junk, it works surprisingly well. And it warms my heart seeing old worn bricks used :)
  7. Asgon

    [COR-FB2] HMHV Athena

    Beautiful ship! I especially love the rigging. The string you used somehow looks perfect, and the shape of the sails are brilliant, it gives the impression of being stretched by the wind. And the markings on the sails somehow helps with the illusion of it being cloth. And the details like the chain holding down the... eh... bowsprit? A tiny thing, with such a beautiful rigging, I would love to see it used more actively. Perhaps, the yards filled with people, as all sails are set? Or with your obvious knowledge about sails, perhaps examples of different sailplanes(Is it a real word, or did I just make it up?) on different angles of wind? Hope you get my point, Shippish isn't my first language, and English Shippish certainly isn't.
  8. Asgon

    [SR-FB1] Whale Oil Factory

    Nice build! I love how it consists of 50 % barrels, but still looks just right :)
  9. Nice boarding scene! The grappling hooks work very well. Perhaps a bit more crowded/chaotic deck would have improved it slightly.