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  1. Hello This will be my first post to showing one of my moc: Mercedes Actros 3248 Hooklift. I know a lot of people know this model, from my pictures on Brickshelf. I finished building this moc in early 2010, so it is 6 years old. Yes its very late to post here, but i think better late then never. The truck ist pf-remote controlled with 4 functions: - Drive by one PF-XL Motor to the rear wheels (2-Axle) - Steering by one old-style 9V-Motor (2838c01), second axle with transmission 16:20 - Hooklift powered by one PF-XL Motor - Boom look for tipping - loading / unloading controlled by one micro-motor (the eletric-cable can be changed for electric trailers or additional equipment There are also some manually fuctiones / features: - Two-speed transmission with gear ratio 1 : 1 or 1 : 3 - PF-lights in front and 9V-flashing lights on the roof working when the battery-box "on" - Openable doors by the drivers-cabine - Openable doors in backside by all three containers Scale from this model is 1 : 17. There are some more pictures in my brickshelf-gallery here: http://www.brickshel...?m=swissbagger1 And also one video on my youtube-channel: Feel free for your comments Kind regards Beat Schuler (Swissbagger)
  2. Sorry for my mistake without pictures
  3. Also more pictures from my Technic-Mocs with Technic-Figures as "Drivers"
  4. Its printed on the figures. Yes this figures are very rare, i have luck i had them in a bulk brick. I think Lego make them only, for a gift for the visitor an this special open day from the lego factory in Switzerland, mabey they never sell this technic-figure. So maybe best possible to found, would this figure in swiss-auction platform. But i never see them somewhere seling. I am interested, if somewhere else own this special figure, and from where he/she has it?
  5. Hello I have now i picture from the special technic-figure "Tag der offenen Tür, 21. Juni 1997, Baar" (It means in english translatet "Day open doors, 21. June 1997, Baar). It stand in front of my latest moc, a whell-loader "Kramer Allrad". I own two of this rare technic-figure, they was in "kilo"-buy from internet-portal.
  6. Something wrong with my post before @homa: i got my rails last week, weedensday. Swiss-Duty was very quickly, but also very correct, i have paid about 30 dollars for it!! Until now i have no time to test it, but looks great. Thanks Eric & Mike Beat (Swissbagger)
  7. Hallo Eric Can you say, when will be the plastic rails ready to ship? Kind regards Beat (Swissbagger)
  8. Beautiful work! I like to see it in real! Of course also with the Liebherr L580 on it. Has the lowlader some functions? Are the ramps manual? I like the idea with the lights / flags, they can be adjust. Yes often there are 3-axle-trucks (in switzerland also 2-axle) as tractor for lowlader. I know it, about so many ideas, and no time to build. I have the same "problem", i want rebuild my MAN-Truck but i dont find the time
  9. M-Longer Wait for pictures from your lowlader. Would be impressive, MAN 4-axle tipper truck, lowlader and on it your new volvo frontloader. Interesting of the power from the truck with all. Is the lowloader build now, and no pictures yet?
  10. Hallo M-Longer Nice work! Love it , because it has not only good look (with special color scheme for technic), it has also a lot of functionality. Like the model-team style with technic internal. Great work! Swissbagger
  11. Hallo M-longer Nice Truck! Awesome build! I would be interesting i you have some more pictures from internal or / and bottom side. Is the chassis build studless? I like the combination from technic - functions with model-team style. And there is another reason: the same scale to my mocs. I would be great if one day your mocs meet with my ones..... Kind regards: swissbagger http://www.brickshel...?m=swissbagger1
  12. Hallo I like also the technic - figures, because this fits very good to my technic - mocs. The figures are a little bit to small in scale, but anyway better then no figures. I own some technic - figures, and two very rare one. This one who posted "parda" before, the blue - white ones written on the body "Tag der offenen Tür, 21. Juni 1997, Baar". It means in english translatet "Day open doors, 21. June 1997, Baar". Baar is a little city in Switzerland near Zug, where some years before was a Lego factory. After Lego change the factory in city Willisau, and also later Lego stop production in Switzerland (very bad). I dont was in the open day this time, i dont know why, mabey i was in my dark ages (City Baar was only 30 minutes drive by car from my home). I become this two figures in a kg - buy from an online-auction-house. In this picture from Steinchenwelt 2011, you see this two rare figures seat in the two trucks MAN + Mercedes. I hope also Lego bring back this nice figures. Beat (Swissbagger)
  13. More pictures can be found on my brickshelf-gallery: If i found the time, i will later open an separate topic
  14. Hello My first post, i want show you my collection / building table. After my dark ages, i build some technic mocs, where you can see here: Missing on this foto is my 4-axle MB-Actros Hooklift. In the 4 blue boxes are some of my spare parts. My collection of Lego technic encloses 34 modelles, of lot of them the studded ones. The newer studless are 8455, 8275, 8293 (2 Stk), these ones are in parts not build. In boxes i have 8110 (with additional orange panels), and (beginniging build but not finished) the 41999. My building table and shelve with spare parts also: If you want see more pictuere of my mocs and my hobbyroom, please visit my brickshelf-gallery: Beat (Swissbagger)
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    Hello All

    Hello My Name is Beat, i am 41 years old, and live in the middle of switzerland. When i was i child, Lego was my favorite toy. After my dark ages, maybe 2006 i began again to build. My favorites theme is Technic, where i like trucks, construction machinery and anything else. With my nickname (swissbagger1), you will find my brickshelf-gallery, where you can see my mocs and another pictures. 2010 was born my son, so in last time i spent more time with my family than my hobby . Of cours i wait i can enjoy Lego with my son. Kind regards Beat