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  1. bitbang

    Glass collection

    So I just realized that I have a glass fetish today. I have a ton of colored bottles all over my apartment. A friend pointed it out. Anyways, does anyone else collect glass bottles? Things like this :
  2. bitbang

    Ever miss a piece?

    So I have bought quite a few sets over the last few years and I have never gotten a set that had a missing piece, or several for that matter. A buddy of mine got a set for his son the other day and was complaining that 5 pieces were missing, I happened to have them so I gave them to him to finish his set but it had me thinking... Have any of you ever had sets that were new, sealed/brand new and they were missing pieces? I think his son may have accidentally lost them or the cat got a hold of them. I have never gotten a brand new set with anything missing.
  3. bitbang

    Lego Memes

    ^ Yea it can be moved but it is general lego discussion so it goes either way. Those are cute. Reminds me of these lego posters I saw at Toys R Us last year.
  4. bitbang

    Nail polish?

    Thanks I will give this a shot. Do you know if they make acrylic paint pens? I was messing around with my girlfriend's nail polish pens (they are used for nail art I guess) and it was amazingly easy to detail small pieces. I used some old bricks I no longer needed and they came out quite well. Gave them a real brick look.
  5. bitbang

    Sale prices on sold out sets

    I have seen this happen in the past and I too believe it has to do with the return policies and such. Also, when prices drop, they either made too many or they weren't selling as good as originally intended.
  6. bitbang

    Testing electric parts

    I have not dabbled in the whole electric lego thing myself... I would like to though. The most I have used are those miniature batteries operated Christmas lights haha I agree about using a battery with wire. You can also use the salt water method though I am not sure how effective that would be.
  7. bitbang

    Any new years plans?

    That sounds great! I didn't think I would ever get into forums myself but I began posting on more and more, then eventually having my own. They are a great way to connect with people who dig the same things you do and a great way to meet new people.
  8. bitbang

    Thread kill count

    I am not sure on here but on other forums I would say I average about 10 per forum. haha I don't do it on purpose but I think I leave either bland replies, or too long of replies that no one knows what to say after haha
  9. I like it. It reminds me of the small neighborhood baseball stadiums for high school games. I think you did a great job and the only thing I would change is making the out field a bit larger.
  10. bitbang

    Nail polish?

    Thanks for going through this. My girlfriend uses nail polish on her art work (mostly paper) but I never seen her use it on plastic. I guess the cheapy brands are more likely to chip. She uses the $4+ bottles though... I may have to snag some... haha Awesome! It blended so well too Yeah that makes sense. I know my buddy used nail polish on his car as a temp fix where paint was chipping and it seemed to hold well. That is metal though, not plastic. I have used acrylic paint myself and I find it too thick to work with for small detailing. Yes, some nail polish is super shiny but I don't think they all are like that.
  11. bitbang

    Lego Memes

    I have a friend in the UK and you know, he has said the same thing! I have stepped on a plug before but in the US they bend easily so it doesn't hurt nearly as bad.
  12. bitbang

    Any new years plans?

    I am the same way. I don't claim a resolution, I just consider them plans. haha And I have to cut back on lego spending as well. That is great! I will check back on this every so often. I couldn't commit to something like that. I do want to take a picture a day of my next set of kittens. I did pla on doing this last time... and failed. haha
  13. bitbang

    Best way to do a kitchen?

    I love that design. Reminds me of my condo (real life) kitchen. Oh no-no that is not mine! Just an idea I pulled off looking through pictures. I am so anal about pieces it would have taken me a long time to get that done haha
  14. bitbang

    MOD Modular Winter City

    That is awesome! I remember playing with legos with my younger cousins when they were kids (they are teens no so could care a less lol) and the things they came up with were so good and funny. I love seeing the creativity come out in a child on a building mission. I look forward to having my own kids one day just to share that with them. Considering the detail, the timing is quite good. Something like that would have taken me a good 2 weeks of 3 hours a day haha I would have changed the same thing 100+ times. This is why it takes me 4 hours to clean the house when it is just basic cleaning. haha
  15. bitbang

    Any new years plans?

    I am looking forward to getting my lego pieces organized once and for all. I will also be meeting a friend I have had for two years for the first time in person this year. Also, just basic things.. Eat better, get a raise at work... yadda yadda. How about you?