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  1. We're forgetting that Jay used wind in the Green Ninja episode. EDIT: Didn't he use in the Green Ninja episode?
  2. BringHimSoup

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    I have some news... I think I found pictures of some leaked Ninjago sets! I don't know If I'm the first one to post this...
  3. BringHimSoup

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll try and get them both.
  4. BringHimSoup

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    So I plan on buying another Technic set soon, but I really can't decide. Should I wait for the Mercedes-Benz Arocs to come out, or should I pick up the Mobile Crane Mk.II? What do you recommend?
  5. BringHimSoup

    Ninjago 2015

    What are you talking about? The Destiny's Bounty has flick missiles in the back where you can transform the engines. I don't know about Cole's motorcycle though.
  6. I'm not saying that children are stupid. I'm saying that this show is made for children, not adults. So it's not going to be whatever you want. Lego's main target is children, you can't forget that.
  7. BringHimSoup

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    I can hear my wallet crying already
  8. It's not supposed to have a big complicated storyline. It has a plot where kids can catch on quickly and not have to pay close attention to every little detail. If Ninjago was like that, it would have a much different audience. Don't think too much into it.
  9. You're putting too much thought into the show guys. It's not supposed to be a complicated series. It's a children's show.
  10. BringHimSoup

    UCS Helicarrier

    I'm starting to like this set more and more. Time to start saving And what's that crank on the back?
  11. BringHimSoup

    VIP Early Access Set -17 Feb

    That's going to be the UCS Helicarrier.
  12. BringHimSoup

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I think the Nuremberg Toy Fair Is on the 28th. They allow pictures.
  13. BringHimSoup

    Ninjago 2015

    Jeez, those are just preliminary pictures and everyone is criticizing them already. No wonder TLG doesn't like leaked pictures
  14. BringHimSoup

    Ninjago 2015

    There's still a chance that