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  1. 10181 - Eiffel Tower, error?

    Can anyone with the big Eiffel tower model shed some light on this?
  2. LEGO as a therapeutic hobby?

    Great topic. I think it's a great hobby and relaxing for me (31 year old AFOL)
  3. REVIEW: 40194-40196 Shell Ferrari Sets

    Looks like nice little models, specially the truck.
  4. McLaren MP4-12C + instructions

    Great model, awesome.
  5. 10181 - Eiffel Tower, error?

    AndyC: The issue is that they are at the same height. I've rebuilt it 3 times already but still doesn't seem right.
  6. 10181 - Eiffel Tower, error?

    Please checkout this word document I put together:
  7. 10181 - Eiffel Tower, error?

    Hello markh: I'm having the exact same issue. Ever found what was wrong?