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  1. BluePulse

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I am in love with that new joker car and figures for that set !! But 50 dollars!? and that's in the US making it about 60 here in Canada! That's outrageous! Plus that article says its got a piece count of 433, which i have a hard time believing just looking at the car. maybe I'm wrong but it sure doesn't look like there's 433 pieces crammed into that car, just from quickly looking on sets like the haunted lighthouse and big bang theory have the same approximate price range (BigBang being 484 and HauntedLightHouse being 437) and they are on a way bigger scale build wise. the lighthouse has 5 figures, an island build, a lighthouse, and a boat! there's no way that is the equivalent of this car . I just hope there's at least another build in the set if that's the price point because I don't know if I have the physical capacity to pay 60 dollars for it . I hope I don't sound unreasonable it just really doesn't look like a 60 dollar set to me . Meanwhile I'm not really worried about the batmobile as that Price at least kind of makes sense. plus I just got Jokerland am not really in the market for another batmobile, or manbat for that matter.
  2. BluePulse

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I'm surprised no one seems to have mentioned this yet but i am so happy that there's a four player function now!!! I am soo tired of only being able to play with two people so its great that its finally changing I really hope its not just the battle arenas and that the open worlds also get the four player treatment. Also does anyone know if all the figures that have been revealed so far are for the first wave? I can't remember how they revealed them last year but I hope tey are all wave one because I neeedd that Baracus and Sonic. maybe the Finn and Ethan Hunt level packs but they're not my main concern
  3. BluePulse

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    She definitely deserves them. I'd hope that if she got normal legs then she'd have them dual molded. with a black waistband of course. if not then I'll just use some flesh legs and a black waistband to go with that catwoman face. apart from the torso and hood it'll nearly be just a purist but I think she'll look good anyways.
  4. BluePulse

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Thats true so fingures crossed. i did actually just remember that i do have a purple cape but its got that silver star/moon design on it so it may look a little strange on her
  5. BluePulse

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Another problem is that she has short legs so that means her purple cape will be small too . i used to have a purple cape to replace it with but its in terrible condition nowadays. and i dont think they've made any capes in purple of recent, though i could be wrong as i dont always pay a lot of attention to minifigures line and they get unique pieces and colour variants all the time. but shes gonna look pretty horrible with short legs beside everyone else but maybe even worse with normal legs and a small cape since her cloak has always been known to be able to surround her completely (I'm pretty sure we barely even saw her costume in the first few episodes of TTG with the cloak always wrapped around her). So thats the worst unless anyone knows of a way to get the normal sized cape in purple?
  6. BluePulse

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Hey that's actually a terrific idea! I do really like that face print. Will definitely do this when I get raven. Thanks for the idea!
  7. BluePulse

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Giantman's design is 90% Civil war, I've heard that the belt design is from the Antman movie but the rest of the figure is civil war. But i am also hoping for a polybag minifig. until then i guess i'll just have hawkeye hold micro antman when on display . Happy that Vision is getting at least some design updates, very bummed out that he seems to still have the same inaccurate torso . All they gotta do is change the yellow bit on his chest to a diamond! it might seem like a dumb request to just change that but without his diamond he just doesn't feel like the vision. maybe some disagree but hey, thats just how i feel. plus with the pictures being blurry you never know. just gonna keep my fingers crossed . Other than that Spidey is perfect :thumbup: Hawkeye's great Cap is, well, Cap
  8. BluePulse

    Accuracy of Civil War sets?

    Agent 13's hair in the set matches black widows almost exactly in the movie. If it was in the right colour of course.
  9. is it possible that each connectables set is a facade from different themes that can be "connected" together like the worlds have been mashed up. that would be awesome! because we'd finally get sets that tie in with the game. and perhaps each facade has space to display the figures from that universe
  10. BluePulse

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    yea warning us of spoilers then outlining those said spoilers defeats the purpose of the warning, time to dip outta this forum for a couple weeks
  11. BluePulse

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I mentioned this all a couple pages back, a level pack with the flash mobile, cosmic treadmill, and all. if it does happen im calling credit! . I dont really think theyll do it, though as it seems like teen titans will be the focus rather than heroes, but maybe with this strange appearance of green arrow and super girl i can hold out a little hope , would really make my day if they do this
  12. BluePulse

    The LEGO Batman Movie

    I hope that all the returning characters (ie superman, green lantern, and wonderwoman) use the same voice actors. loved channing tatum and jonah hill :thumbup: . anyways Im kind of hoping that this movie strays away from references to the Lego movie, i get that its in the same universe but i feel it deserves to be its own story. like a story that pre dates president buisness, man upstairs, emmett and wildstyle, maybe im alone but i dont need to hear about masterbuilders and a bigger lego universe. i just want to see a story in the confines of DC. though i would accept a little easter egg or something at the end. maybe him breaking through a wall to another realm (is that what their called?) and meeting wildstyle. id be ok with something like that. but for the most part i think the lego batman movie should be a lego batman movie. though itd be hard to see them not throwing in little nods or quips here and there about the larger universe, since they already kinda did in the opening sequences of the trailers. just nothing to enormous. keep it subtly lego. keep it subtle. But on the whole im enormously excited to see the world of batman in lego brought to life since the 2006 sets were what mostly brought me into lego, having grown up on the old batman shows and movies. the sets were able to mimic that dark kind of gothic feel the tim burton movies and animated series had so i hope this movie can pull that off too
  13. BluePulse

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    In the trailer Bman's cowl changes a couple times to express himself. With raised eyebrows and such. I wonder if they'd give us different versions in the set. It would add appeal so we don't just get the same batman over and over again in the sets. I also hope they do what they did in the one Lego movie set giving batman different types of expressive eyes. That would be a nice trend to keep. Rogue gallery looks amazing!!! Loving clay face but I'm worried he might be too complicated to be in a set. If he is he's big enough to be the whole set. Like metal beard. With a small side build for batman or robin or someone.
  14. BluePulse

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Has anyone considered the fourth mini figure to be Jason Todd robin? Being that red hood comes out this year too and his famous interaction with the Lazarus pit. Just thought since Lego always needs a robin to save. It makes sense that this one be Jason. Maybe with a ripped up suit. Seems logical imo