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  1. Yoda's star-fighter isn't a surprise at all, they've been doing it for over a decade, constant re-releases of jedi star-fighters with minimal boring figures. They must make money on it cuz they keep doing it.
  2. both are meh for me, this one is obviously worse, but I didn't expect much from a yavin 4 set. it's got that issue I have with most star wars location sets, it's a nice facade at best, but you're just never gonna see something on the level of rivendell or ninjago city for star wars. EDIT: oh i forgot about jabbas palace, that might be one of the few star wars location sets I kinda liked EDIT EDIT: oh and mos-eisley is really good, I should be fair to that set, when it comes to tatooine, lego does a good job at location stuff.
  3. Yavin 4 looks like "good-guy" vader's castle
  4. I only care about the ahsoka sets, and seeing the new gunship for nostalgia sake, I do wish we would get a whole line of midi starfighters though, that Y-wing looks great.
  5. Skipped out on all the mando stuff this year, I think it's clear that the focus is moving towards Ahsoka for the time being, those are the sets I am most excited for. I also am gonna hold out hope for some sort of Tie fighter bundle down the road, there's less than zero precedent for one, but I can dream. I really wish they would do fast turnaround on a new N-1 for mando, I own the damn thing and I both love and hate it, the scale still baffles me. It should have been 35-40$ and in the same scale as that pirate ship they did this spring. does anyone know the fastest turnaround time lego has had on retiring and then releasing a new version of a set? Emperor palpatines throne seems like a good example, or maybe slave 1.
  6. I still can't believe it is going to be in the 70-80 dollar range, I really hope the build and minifigures are solid. I wonder if they will give Huyang his backpack, and if they will do a molded head or something else.
  7. I am so excited for Ahsoka's T-6 shuttle, the one from 2011 looked like a solid build for the time and the new one appears to have over double the piece count (My pieces have doubled since the last time we met, count). Based on the model they developed for season 2 of mando (it showed up at celebration last year), it appears they have yt-ified the T-6 quite a bit, falcon cone cockpit and the classic OT angled hull to greebled pastrami sandwich look. I hope the lego set reflects that redesign. I am curious if all three minifigs will be able to fit in the ship. This feels like it could be my favorite set, great price, all great minifigs and no unnecessary speeder bikes to spike the price. I love the color scheme of the model, we will see. The ghost is too expensive for me up front but I really hope it turns out great. I wonder what the other ahsoka set will be, I was hoping for a villain ship, kinda confused at the idea of another hero ship.
  8. Words cannot express how badly I want a Kenobi with Eopi set, kitted out with all the saddlebags, if they can do avatar ponies they can do Eopi.
  9. I love the AT-TE, I think the beetle tank has a really beefy stance and it might also look really good next to one of the ATATs, I told myself I wouldn't go down the dark path of troop building, but the AT-TE is one of those sets I never got as a kid and I want it real bad. I have to resist, but if they drop a LAAT with P2 Rex next summer I will be in trouble. The Justifier is a tough one, sort of a wait and see set for me. On one hand I think the set is a decent balance between features, transforming flight mode, landing gear inclusion, cargo and interior space, but we've hardly seen it on screen and I don't see Cad bane popping up again in Live action, maybe in bad batch Season 2 but I doubt it. I am wondering if Lego is playing a long game on this one, tin-foil hat theory but I bet Cobb Vanth gets this ship (lol Could the name be any more fitting?), the ship must be on Tatooine somewhere after BOBF. If Cobb Vanth inherits this ship and goes on a few off-world adventures to help Mando or something you can bet my interest in this ship will jump 200% as Cobb is currently my favorite post ROTJ character: a man with no armor, no force powers just a really fast draw and a red scarf. I hope they don't crud him up with too many Mod parts lol.
  10. As exciting as a surprise set would be, it does seem hard to believe that some mention of it wouldn't have leaked by now. I was also wondering if any of those blurry panels could be either the Republic Fighter Tank or the N-1, or maybe those are on the other page with January and march stuff.
  11. The new Cad Bane figure is way better than the previous one and I do think they did a great job capturing his Bad Batch look, Omega is also great, but my personal opinion is that I wish this was a Book of Boba version of cad bane, that's my favorite look he's ever had and I think the minifig print would have been a bit cleaner and simpler, the current print is kind of noisy (it's accurate), I just like his appearance in BOB more. I also desperately wanted a mos pelgo shootout with red scarf Cob Vanth or a Cad vs Boba/Rancor streets of tatooine set lol. I'm probably the only guy that wants more tatooine lego scenery. Also I am baffled at the size and price of the justifier considering this is supposed to be a Bad Batch companion set to the tiniest shuttle we have ever seen lol.
  12. That makes sense, and while it's not what I want I do think it will make a great display piece especially if they properly use the pearl greys and some drum lacquered stuff. If it isn't designed for minifigs I will go for the playset model. The RC is one of my favorite ships but I have been holding off to see what they do with a UCS mando set before getting anything mando related. It's been a long couple of years lol. I expect we will see a mythosaur set at some point. That's my theory for next year (sorry, off topic)
  13. I know it's probably an irrational hope but if we do get a razocrest D2C set this fall I kinda hope it has side builds like the Cantina. I feel like the design of the existing RC only needs a 4-8 stud increase in regards to L x W. Not sure what metallic grey means but I hope that means the drum lacquered stuff. I would love to get some scenery/set piece builds to go with it. Either some Navaro stuff, or maybe Kuiil's homestead or something. I will be kinda bummed if it's just a giant display RC with an exclusive mando+grogu on the plaque, I'm hoping it's more master builder series than UCS.
  14. I think this is the best move, I am waiting until we get solid set rumors on january before I decide what I will pick up. I have to be choosy because I have limited space to display and I don't like things cluttered with too many ships. I hate the look of crowded collections, I would rather see a cohesive and creative scene display than a catalogue of starships. I think this is a valid opinion and to each their own, but I remember back in the day when clone wars "sucked" and the rollercoaster every season of the fanbase crying for the first half of the season and screaming about how the show sucked and then 180-ing in the back half with the climactic arcs, it got predictable and stale. Same thing happened with rebels, "it wasn't as good as clone wars", then folks start to rewatch it and realize it's probably the most developed star wars crew ever, and just wait until filoni brings some of the characters back in live action, the cultural "rediscovery" of Rebels is going to be huge. It's already spiking through Ahsoka's introduction. I don't think it's fair to judge a show until it's been allowed to play its full hand, the experience watching week to week doesn't compare to rewatch binges IMO, sure there are surprises and new things week to week but everything is so staggered, these days I can rip through a meh arc of clone wars in an evening and it seems so much more cohesive than back when it took a month to watch and everyone was drooling over maul in the trailer and nothing else seemed interesting. I think bad batch will reach heights beyond the clone wars, building on the success of that show. These are just the first steps and when major stuff game changing stuff happens down the road folks will go back to these early episodes to relive moments with characters who are no longer around. I am rewatching rebels and I was meh on it back in the day but now I savor the quiet "filler" moments with the crew, it kinda reminds me of cowbow bebop, because in the end they all go their separate ways, and not all of them make it out alive.
  15. I think you're right, even though things are getting scaled down it seems like lego is learning to make the most of the room they have. The BB shuttle proves that point. I bet there will be some good interior. I'm also convinced that the new slave 1 will fit a second minifigure.