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  1. I think this is the best move, I am waiting until we get solid set rumors on january before I decide what I will pick up. I have to be choosy because I have limited space to display and I don't like things cluttered with too many ships. I hate the look of crowded collections, I would rather see a cohesive and creative scene display than a catalogue of starships. I think this is a valid opinion and to each their own, but I remember back in the day when clone wars "sucked" and the rollercoaster every season of the fanbase crying for the first half of the season and screaming about how the show sucked and then 180-ing in the back half with the climactic arcs, it got predictable and stale. Same thing happened with rebels, "it wasn't as good as clone wars", then folks start to rewatch it and realize it's probably the most developed star wars crew ever, and just wait until filoni brings some of the characters back in live action, the cultural "rediscovery" of Rebels is going to be huge. It's already spiking through Ahsoka's introduction. I don't think it's fair to judge a show until it's been allowed to play its full hand, the experience watching week to week doesn't compare to rewatch binges IMO, sure there are surprises and new things week to week but everything is so staggered, these days I can rip through a meh arc of clone wars in an evening and it seems so much more cohesive than back when it took a month to watch and everyone was drooling over maul in the trailer and nothing else seemed interesting. I think bad batch will reach heights beyond the clone wars, building on the success of that show. These are just the first steps and when major stuff game changing stuff happens down the road folks will go back to these early episodes to relive moments with characters who are no longer around. I am rewatching rebels and I was meh on it back in the day but now I savor the quiet "filler" moments with the crew, it kinda reminds me of cowbow bebop, because in the end they all go their separate ways, and not all of them make it out alive.
  2. I think you're right, even though things are getting scaled down it seems like lego is learning to make the most of the room they have. The BB shuttle proves that point. I bet there will be some good interior. I'm also convinced that the new slave 1 will fit a second minifigure.
  3. Sorry if my speculations are getting annoying but I wanted to bring up the possibility that this slave 1 has more interior space than the previous slave 1 which would be hilarious considering it's been notoriously the most expensive single person starfighter to date lol. If you look at this still from Mandalorian season 2 gallery you can see how the ship's rotation works as well as where the ship docks to other ships with an airlock at the back, we saw this airlock used in the boba episodes in season 2 of clone wars. I also went back and looked at the way they stored the carbon-han in the bespin version of the Slave 1 and they used the lower hollow area of the baseplate. This build looks similar but a little larger to the bespin one and I am speculating that it may have a hatch in the center of the back of the ship with access for seating another figure ala this season 2 layout. If you want to see the full gif of the slave 1's rotation mechanism here it is.
  4. Hey somebody correct me if eyeballs malfunction, but the Slave 1 looks to be 6 studs deep behind Boba before it reaches the baseplate, is there any chance this ship will house a second minifigure somewhere? EDIT: Stupid question. There is no way it fits a second figure, maybe it fits a carbonite brick under the ramp but that's about it.
  5. haha don't scare me like that, BB shuttle is a day 1 buy for me, I was going to wait til july to preorder.
  6. It would be nice after seeing the beautiful slave 1 interior in the show if we got a set with space for more than just a pilot. This being a downsize I highly doubt it but I can dream.
  7. Same, and I love the idea of combo-ing this with the recent tie fighter set to get another trooper.
  8. I'm a sucker for transports and interior space so 40$ to transport a bunch of Imperials is a win in my book. AAT has always been a tank to me with no interior or transport capabilities.
  9. I'm with you, I think the ITT is going to be a sleeper hit. The build looks bomber, and looks like it's going to have a decent interior that can actually transport troops. I am excited for it more than the cruiser if I am being honest.
  10. One this is for sure, if you get the cruiser the ITT and the recent tie fighter you can have a pretty sweet Imperial Remnant Collection, my issues with scale aside.
  11. I do love mando's speeder but what makes it iconic was his teamup with Vanth. The tusken stuff is useless otherwise and I am not going to pay 30 dollars for half a set. If they made a companion set with more tuskens vanth and a Krayt build I would get in on it, but the whole thing feels imcomplete to me.
  12. Good idea. I know people rag on speeder sets but I wish so badly that ToT was a dual speeder set with Cobb Vanth's speeder instead of the tusken hut and ballista build.
  13. Yeah I don't want to jump the gun too much and assume it's all bad and I do hope it gets a bit more interesting once we see the inside but I don't think this one is for me. I will probably build a display around the RC. Also would this magazine include the store exclusive Forge set, I am wondering if that's coming in a day or so or if that wouldn't be in a promo magazine such as this.
  14. I don't think it will be big enough to fit them all inside or even recreate any of the scenes. I was hoping they would let the main center hanger be the launch hanger and charge station for the darktroopers with one side as a hallway to a decent bridge in the back half and the other side as a hallway to the prison for Grogu to recreate the fight between mando and Gideon. I suppose the most ideal situation would have been a main catwalk to the bridge down the center with tiny halls on either side one side with the prison the other side with the charge station, and then a larger bridge room at the back, the catwalk down the middle instead of a hanger would serve multiple scenes. I'm curious what the interior will be.
  15. Looks like all interior space will be in the front half of the ship, and a decent center portion of that might be taken up by the micro hanger build, the bridge looks like it might seat 1 if it lifts up. Edit: Others may love capital ship sets, but this one may not be for me, I was hoping they would prioritize the build around 2 darktroopers with more interior devoted to their charge station and launch bay instead of doing a whole micro fighter launch bay, I really hope this isn't the only way to get Fennec.