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  1. Thank you for the great review and the very high quality photo's! (the videos are still private! and the motor was sealed, not the batterybox!)
  2. It really is enormous. Not sure where I am going to leave it! Probably won't keep it on my desk for too long, the Claas seems like a better size as a display model..
  3. Pictures of all 3 pages of the inventory can be found in the photobucket album linked in the 'inner flap of the box' image.
  4. A Sunday afternoon + evening and two evenings after work... Finished at last! I knew it was going to be big, but I had no clue the Porsche would be this large! Here is a photo (smartphone + evening + subpar lightning) of the finished car, next to Nathanaƫl Kuiper's Predator. With both of these models next to each other it really makes the Predator, which I thought was huge before I got this Porsche, look small! Only 'mod' I ended up doing was switching the gears for the proper shifting sequence. Not sure if this was mentioned before. I am no car expert but I did notice that the center sticker on the dashboard lists the modes going from P to R to N to D, from top to bottom, which is just like the real GT3 RS. So they did do that correctly, but still managed to switch around the sequence (D N R, instead of R N D) on the actual lever between the seats! Just thought this was interesting.
  5. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    So it seems they reorganized the inside a bit. Mine came in two boxes with some extra cardboard added. Good condition though, which is what this was all about! Most important of all, the cat approves the new packaging (although I'm sure she would have liked the regular packaging too ).
  6. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Orders I've placed in the past mostly arrived the day after receiving the tracking code, I am guessing this will be no different. And they usually send me the tracking code the first business day after placing the order. Either way it is going to be a busy weekend as there is also a VW T1 waiting to be built .
  7. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Yeah mine shipped today as well . I'm guessing the website says the 7th because that's when they expect Porsche's bought today to ship? I can imagine they had a lot of back-ordered sets to ship before they can send it to those buying the set just now. Going to be a busy weekend, time to charge the camera batteries !
  8. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    My status has changed from 'Backordered' to 'In Warehouse' Three days ago: 'shipping on the 6th' Two days ago: 'shipping on the 18th' Right now: 'available now' I have a feeling it will change a few more times and then it will actually ship in a week or two, I guess we will find out soon
  9. M4X1994

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    It might be interesting to include some kind of comparison between this new pump and the older pumps from the older pneumatic system. I am curious to see what improvements they made to this 'Pneumatic System V2' pump. Looking forward to your review!
  10. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    I contacted the customer service earlier this week to ask the same thing. Placed the order on the 1st of June and the status has been "backordered" for a while now. I was told the order is still in their system and that one will be shipped to me as soon as their first batch arrives. They expected this first batch to arrive on the 7th of July. This was told to me when the Dutch store still mentioned the 8th of July as the shipping date, but since then the date has been changed to the 6th of July, so it might be shipping even sooner. By the looks of it, no matter when you ordered the set and how much time has passed since, as long as its status is "backordered", they will ship it as soon as the sets arrive in their warehouses. So just over a week to go before Dutch people can expect their orders to ship! As there are no official Lego stores in the Netherlands the long wait for many Lego Technic fans in this country will soon be over at last ! (Unless these people have already crossed the border by now to buy their sets in Belgium or Germany )
  11. M4X1994

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Edit: Just realised you meant the Porsche shop , not the Lego Online Shop.. Content of the original post:
  12. M4X1994

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Took me 3 days of building and photographing to get the set done! But I'm very pleased with the results, all functions seem to work pretty well. It was quite tricky to get all the pneumatic tubes to fit in the base of the arm, without bending or squeezing any. The bucket leans a bit to one side, because of the length of the grey tube used to connect the small cylinder, might shorten this one a bit more.. I thought I was missing an axle 4 with stop, but it turned out I used a 4L with stop somewhere instead of the 5L version. So in the end no missing parts, luckily. Ended up with these spares: Could only discover one mistake in the building instructions, two blue 3L pins appeared out of nowhere (Page 255 step 2 jumped to Page 256 step 4, seems they accidentally left out step 3): Uploaded a video to YouTube of the building process, in case anyone is interested!
  13. My 9398 (and 9396) arrived this morning and while i was unboxing the crawler, i noticed it had 2 sticker sheets in it and an extra booklet regarding 4 steps (Book 1 page 59,64,83 and Book 2 page 15). Did anybody else receive two sticket sheets too or is it a boxing error? And this extra 'book', did anybody else on here get it too? Is this 9398 already a revised version after being in production for barely any time? Uploading a video as we speak, will be added once its done uploading
  14. Update, I got a reply back and they will pick up the wrong package and swap it for the right one tonight :) So I should be building the Unimog tomorrow :)
  15. http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=7052-1, Its this UFO. and indeed its a huge disappointment, my school starts again on monday and its unlikely it will arrive before monday now... I hope they do something about it (they should), this 25 euro ufo is nowhere near what i spent on the unimog