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  1. Sanoj

    WIP MOC A6 Juggernaut

    This is amazing and is the best clone turbo tank I have ever seen. I'm building my own clone turbo tank and I'm trying to add power functions but only have the frame done, do you have any tips?? Sanoj
  2. Sanoj

    [MOC] Sewage Pumping Station

    I have never seen one nor want to ,but this is awesome.
  3. Sanoj

    [MOC] UTV/Side by Side Buggies

    I want one. There small, there cute, there Awesome.
  4. Sanoj

    MOD: Blue Grocer

    Love the name.
  5. Sanoj

    City Square

    The best city Square I have seen, the colours work great.
  6. Sanoj

    Indiana Jones 5 - complete story

    I am stunned by its pure awesome.
  7. Sanoj

    My attempt at a 1966 Batmobile

    I love the. Good work
  8. Sanoj

    New Layout in a new country

    I wish I had the space to build one. That's a great idea with the broken tracks. Love the layout.
  9. Sanoj

    MOC: Rescue Train Car

    Does it have PF. Also great work.