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  1. no7erics

    [moc] Ferrari - Micro scale + 360° clip

    this thing looks excellent and VERY clean considering the 1/42 scale you've built it in! i think with a bit of tuning you can easily pull off a sweet F355 as well. hands down, that 360° spin is the stand-out feature for me! way too cool!
  2. no7erics

    [MOC] City-scale GT3 Racers

    I must have those wings!!!
  3. what up, bruh!

    1. Ron Dayes

      Ron Dayes

      haha, eurobricks has really improved - its like a facebook now^^

      um, not much... check my flickr ;)

  4. no7erics

    [MOC] City-scale GT3 Racers

    That Huracan is sharp! Your technique for making the upper (and lower for that matter) side intakes is very inventive. also the side-skirts! but the link to the real Huracan GT3 machine... that thing is down-right insane-looking... Would you happened to have built this with Ldraw? if so, I'd love to see how you've got so many of the new pieces to use! (hubcaps, 1x1 plate w/handle, etc) :D
  5. Do you know if that old tire can be stretched to snug onto this wheel hub? I'm hoping the tire will fit into the deep groove in the hub... Much appreciated!
  6. no7erics

    Hail our new overlords!

    What? It's over. April Fools Day is just a single day. I mean should we drag the whole thing on till May? It's supposed to be fun!
  7. no7erics

    2015 Trend LEGO Clutch

    I thought this had to do with a Technic car :x
  8. no7erics

    Show off your LEGO collection!

    LOL! The only issue with building in large scale, let alone Technic! Maybe I'll stick to 6wide after all xD Then again, I'm the sentimental type... (oh crap, I don't have any pics of my collection... will a bricklink haul count? Okay fine I'll take a pic tomorrow :P)
  9. no7erics

    LEGO frustrations

    I just drown my frustrations with a huge bottle of alcohol. For me at the moment, I'm in the process (of what I consider to be) "building a collection". I'm in a kinda post-dark ages phase in my life.. hopefully. And since I'm not hung up on too many sets (luckily, since there's tons of sweet ones [I mean seriously LEGO, can you slow the f- down a little on the new releases? Jeez...]), I tend to focus on buying sets in colors that interest me more-so. Or utilizing craigslist, as a sort of poor-mans bricklink -_- ..though results may vary. Plus I might be lucky enough to be able to distract myself with other things outside of LEGO. I also think it can be pretty tough to compete with everything you see online! Sometimes I wonder peoples' secrets, like: "where did they get all those pieces o_O", or, "I wish I had the time to do that!!" *sighhh*
  10. no7erics

    Need help with a dentist office moc

    Here's a tray idea I had... I guess I got a little caught up building it.. Hope it helps. I've got a sorta "initial ideas" save as well where I have all kinds of parts lined up to help give me ideas (ie: various parts that have open stud-holes, a few SNOT parts and some clips, hinges, etc.) from before I got this idea. ^ example pic ^ collapsed ^ exploded Sorry if the pics are gigantic -_- Also, it's not super compact... Maybe with a little fiddling it could be shrunk a little bit. There's a few pieces that could make for a decent sorta "tray", and actually quite a few other pieces for achieving that "telescoping" or whatever you'd call it technique (like this old timey clip piece). I hope this helps! I meant to put a Minifig screwdriver on the tray, but maybe that would've been a little grotesque :x
  11. no7erics

    Need help with a dentist office moc

    Are you looking for a chair or a tray? Like a tray for holding the various utensils the dentist will use during that visit? I tried making one but it might be a little chunky... I'll put up a couple pics in a minute.
  12. no7erics

    Lego Jurassic World

    Has there ever been a remotely decent Jurassic Park video game? LEGO could be the one to do it...
  13. no7erics

    Hail our new overlords!

    OH NO YOU DON'T!!! *smack*
  14. no7erics

    Hail our new overlords!

    Ok! It's over! It's over. Even in Europe. Those dang mice are really starting to freak me out... They.. they just stare.. and stare. Into my... wait, is Mickey quite in and out of ph-ase/f-ocus.. or is it just me It's bad enough there's multiple websites claiming a DisneyTM-buys-Star Trek-TV-rights/DisneyTM to make some kind of Star Trek/STAR WARS crossover whatever... I mean that's just weak. PS: I did not add trademark tags to my isney-Day words -_-
  15. no7erics

    McLaren F1 GTR

    Maybe I'm just passing along what I've heard -- using the various clips to hold a tile/plate has got to be one of the least stressing so-called illegal connections. I think there's "right and wrong" ways of using the technique, at least. LEGO pieces seem to have gotten VASTLY more fragile since the 90's too... I've also heard how using Minifigs in cars without the legs/torso/etc is "blasphemous" or whatever, but I don't mind xD I did it all the time! Easier to play with cars and the Minifigs who drive them haha. Sometimes, the requirement of fitting a Fig inside can be a hindrance. That's cool about the stickers too -- you're very good at using them so they really set off each MOC!!! LEGO however... The F1 is just such an incredible machine in every way! I wish it was still produced! Turbo's are for the lazy -- nothing beats mechanical tuning!~