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    Solid Hull that floats?

    I would like to see that imperial flagship floating that you mention. I have one Playmobil ship that does REALLY well in the water and stay upright even in rough water. The key is to make the hull just wide enough with a low but centered ballast. I'd imagine the LEGO version would be similar in design.
  2. cannedgravy

    Solid Hull that floats?

    Hi everyone, I don't post much on here but I wanted to get some feedback on something that has been 'floating' in the back of my mind since I was a child. I'm a huge fan of the Lego pirate ships and all lego boats for that matter. Particularly the series of boats that float with the use of one solid plastic hull piece. In the beginning these hulls were rather small and have grown larger over the year; the "City Lines" cargo ship being the largest solid plastic hull piece made by Lego. Now I've been a long time fan of the grand lego ships since the Black Seas Barracuda and as a child I always wanted to be able to have the grand ship float along side me while swimming in our family pool. I know many lego builders would shun at having their lego get wet but Lego is a near indestructible toy and it would be fun I think! kids would get a kick out of it. So I was thinking of something similar to this: As you can see the hull would be a rather large solid plastic brown piece but compatible with Lego bricks. I have never seen anything accomplished with this and I may have to make a prototype myself. What does everyone think of this idea? Would you be interested in a solid lego galleon hull? Perhaps the float-able hulls could be sectioned into pieces thus allowing the creator to make the hull shorter or longer depending? I just think there could be a lot of fun with this if only it existed.
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