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  1. That is correct, I ordered a few of those helmets (on PaB) as soon as I saw that Ninjago set. That still leaves the hunt for a blue torso with pristine classic space logo though :) Ah well, maybe Lego will release a GWP or other small set with a blue and/or black classic space minifig someday .
  2. My apologies if I missed this, is there a way to get a (relative) new blue classic space minifig? I'm talking about a 'mint condition' fig rather than comically damaged Benny. From the top of my head, the classic space minifigs/parts I collected since I came out of my dark ages (2013/2014): - Ideas Exo Suit : Green - CMF series 17 : Gray torso - Benny's Space Squad : Pink, White, Yellow, 'Benny Blue' - Lego Minfigures - A visual history : Orange - CMF series 22 : Purple torso I know about the Toys 'r Us classic/vintage minifig packs, but those are rather old and pricey. If the rumour about the upcomming classic space set is correct we can add red to that list, so if I'm not mistaken we still 'need' a black and blue minifig to complete the '70s/'80s line-up?
  3. Humdrum

    [MOC] Micro city

    I’m getting a SimCity (2000) vibe from these mocs, well done!
  4. Humdrum

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    There’s a few of those available right now: - 10764 City Central Airport - 10758 T. Rex Breakout Both at €54,99 (price on Dutch/Belgian S@H).
  5. Humdrum

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd love to see a 'cool yellow' modular, like your beautiful record store moc. But I do wonder if Lego would need to make more elements in this colour first. According to this list on brickset the 'longest' element available is a 1x4 brick. You obviously made a great moc out of the existing pieces, but would it be feasible for Lego to do the same?
  6. Humdrum

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Good idea, and they should start with the corners >:-)
  7. 40262 is a vignette set from 2017, Lego is simply selling old stock. In 2016 we had 40206 Lego Santa and 40205 Little Helpers, and 2015 gave us 40125 Santa’s visit plus 40124 Winter Fun. If Lego sticks to the same pattern we might get some new vignettes in 2019, for Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas of course.
  8. Humdrum

    Ballabreek 2018

    I could be mistaken, but I believe these dishes served as a crude/early radar system. Their purpose was to amplify the engine sound made by the zeppelin bombers flying over the Channel during the first world war. Wikipedia has an article on these:
  9. Humdrum

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think timemail was asking about the GWP Christmas sets. We don’t know anything yet about the GWP that’s the equivalent of last years’ creator-esque advent calendar. I kind of liked the advent calendar(s), as partspacks. I wouldn’t mind getting a nice vignette this time around though.
  10. I don't know if Lego has some kind of rule for or against allowing multiple sets from the same author. The pop-up book is from the same author as the Maze set, so I hope it's not a criteria against this set since I'd like to see it go into production. If Lego does refuse new ideas from the same authors then it's going to be slim pickings in the third review, because four sets belong to authors which allready have (had) a set in production.
  11. Humdrum

    What was your favourite LEGO set released in 2017

    For me 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer takes the cake. There’s just something about this set that makes me smile. I also like the Pizza Van and the seasonal vignettes. Eventhough 2017 was a good year for very large sets, I found most pleasure/value in the smaller offerings.
  12. Humdrum

    Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    What if Lego would release building instructions which require parts of these sets for a large 'anniversary build'? Like they did with the 40th anniversary of the Technic line? Would that make these sets more interesting? I'll probably buy one of each anyway, especially if there are nice discounts.
  13. Humdrum

    10259 Winter Village Station

    I didn't know that website, thank you for the tip!
  14. Humdrum

    10259 Winter Village Station

    I might check out that store in Köln, thanks for the tip! :) At times like these I'd like to see Lego provide an online PaB inventory per store, so you could at least check in advance if there's anything worthwhile in those bins.
  15. Humdrum

    Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    I wonder how Lego is going to make an anniversary edition out of a standard bucket of bricks?