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  1. Of those two the Parisian Restaurant is the oldest, so the most likely to be retired first (after Palace Cinema). If you want to avoid crazy aftermarket prices I’d go for Parisian Restaurant first.
  2. 10259 Winter Village Station

    I didn't know that website, thank you for the tip!
  3. 10259 Winter Village Station

    I might check out that store in Köln, thanks for the tip! :) At times like these I'd like to see Lego provide an online PaB inventory per store, so you could at least check in advance if there's anything worthwhile in those bins.
  4. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    I wonder how Lego is going to make an anniversary edition out of a standard bucket of bricks?
  5. 10259 Winter Village Station

    I've been contemplating visiting the Lille store myself, but it's quite a drive from where I live (to the north-east of Brussels roughly). A €5 discount would immediatly be 'burned' on petrol. Do they have a decent PaB wall? The one in Antwerp/Wijnegem is quite small. On other forums I visit people are often organising group purchases for the larger sets in German stores, because the large price difference between DE and BE/NL makes it worthwhile. This is all due to the fact that Lego forces customers to use their local S@H. In contrast a store like Amazon allows you to buy from any of their stores. I do believe there is some regulation coming on European level to 'force' companies like Lego to offer true international sh(i)(o)pping. The cynical part of me assumes Lego will just up their prices on all stores then, so there won't be any price difference anymore.
  6. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Actually, the last three years all Winter Village sets were anounced in August. The winter train August 11th 2016, Toy Shop August 18th 2015, Santa's Workshop August 9th 2014. I didn't bother checking older releases though.
  7. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I ordered mine wednesday afternoon, after receiving a warning on a Dutch forum that the set was allready available at that time. And sure enough, it was available on the Dutch and Belgian (where I ordered mine) webshops until 19:00 CET approx. I received my set today, together with an R3-M2 polybag that came with the Darth Vader transformation set.
  8. Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    For some reason I always have to think about the video game 'Theme Hospital' by Bullfrog with its hilarious diseases when people talk about a Lego hospital theme Minifigs with 'bloated head', '3rd degree sideburns',... yes please!
  9. Assembly Square -- Missing An Entire Bag?

    Actually, some sets are manually packed. I saw this recently in some documentary on NGC (Mega Factories or How it's made, Lego edition). They showed people manually boxing up the previous iteration of the police station, claiming this was necessary for larger sets.
  10. 10255 Assembly Square

    Will the new modular come with a fitting polybag, like the flower/cookie cart? Otherwise I'll hold off buying this set in January. Between the London store opening and all the Christmas goodies my wallet needs some recharging
  11. Ballabreek 2016

    I love how you keep coming up with these stories and events, combined with the nice photography they always make for a good read Again five thumbs up from me!
  12. Best (and worst) of 2016

    I like this kind of threads Best Minifigure: Best small/promo set: 40221 Fountain Best medium set: 60134 Fun in the Park I think that the fountain and fun in the park sets are the best combination purchase I've done this year. Best large set: 10251 Brick Bank It's the only 2016 large set I've purchased according to Brickset. Worst...: there's lots of themes/sets in the Lego catalogue I have no interest in, but then again that's a good thing. I'd be ruined if I liked it all I will say I didn't like the news about the Mixels line being cancelled. I like those quirky builds, and sometimes they contain unexpected/useful parts. Special mention: all the nice (AFOL) people I met while queueing for the London store opening on November 17th, it was a joy to finally being able to chat with fellow nutcases builders. Also, receiving 40139 Gingerbread House unexpectedly that day was a nice treat.
  13. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    My bad, I meant limited by choice of parts. There aren't a whole lot of interesting parts to be found in the PaB Wall at Wijnegem. It's mostly doors, windows, wheels, computer screens (printed 2x2 sloped), orange and purple 1x1's,... and of course the parts for the pick-a-model build.
  14. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I practically live on the ring yes, near the on/off-ramps of the R0/E19 in Machelen. I usually don't bother going to Wijnegem, the PaB wall is limited and I don't like using the ring around Antwerp. It feels like rush hour all day long over there, and it's just a mess to navigate between all the lanes.
  15. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    No I live near Brussels, but traffic permitting it's only a twenty to thirty minute drive to Wijnegem. I don't visit the shop in Wijnegem all that often, only for promotions I really want like the snowglobe.