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  1. I never thought that the supplied bricks are enough to play with this. I think if I ever get this set, I will get some cheap clean and light material which I can pile up in a huge hill, and use the BWE as a real one. I think that the reason why the superstructure is turning so slow is that it supposed to pick up stuff meanwhile. So I think the way it should be played is that turn superstructure rotation on, let it turn like 90 degrees, set main arm lower a little bit, turn on superstructure rotation to the other direction, after 90 degrees make it lower a bit again, and so on and so on. The exit conveyor belt supposed to be at the same position during this.
  2. Everyone who reads this forum except you. But I'm not sure about the latter.
  3. 7. lever between seats for forward/reverse 8. maybe some kind of clutch? (I briefly remember someone mentioned it)
  4. I think that latency comes from the servo motor itself. Even if you use a lego IR remote, there is some lag.
  5. Not sure what do you call "smart". If you call only tablets/phones/laptops smart, then you are wrong. Sbrick could easily connect to a bt game controller, if it had support for that (I think the sbrick team originally planned doing that)
  6. That is clear. But how is that related to bt? smart phones are by far not the only one device you can control using bt.
  7. You guys probably know much more than me about radio control, but how does bt related to the latency and the lack of feedback? Are you saying that anything which is bt is laggy? AFAIK some pretty good game console controllers also use bt, and has like zero latency, and obviously you got great feedback with those (and you can use them with sbrick, see So if there is (is there?) any lag of the sbrick over the IR, then that must be an sbrick implementation problem, and not a general lag from bt. Why could not TLG could use bt, with their own controller, similar to the IR controllers, while offering people the possibility to replace that with their smart phones?
  8. Because you lock it to the low segment with the tracks. So when the turret turns, the lower conveyor belt throws material at the same location (so the dumper can just stand still) No proof, this is just speculation.
  9. Seems like they spent quite a lot of time with those stickers. I'm not sure they would have done that just for this exhibition.
  10. I can easily answer that without any doubt, it is the BWE. Wait, the claas seems to be better. Yes it is definitely the claas. But the volvo is also pretty cool with the pneumatics. So I would vote for the volvo, it is clear that it is the best 2H set. Oh I forgot about the Porsche. No question, the Porsche is the best.
  11. I think that is the way how you supposed to play with it. Bucket wheel is spinning, and slowly the structure rotates, always digging at different locations. I think that the lever on the lower area which locks the conveyor belt locks it to the tracks, and not the upper tower. So if there is a truck waiting for the material, it can just stay stationary, while the turret slowly rotates and digs. Or at least that is how it would be logical. If no, that will be a good modding possibility.
  12. Am I the only one who like the crane? It is ugly indeed, but it is interesting mechanically. It is not simply rotating around a pivot point, but also extending. I prefer the mechanics over the look, so I like it. Also notice the two studs at the driving seat, is it for minifigs? Seems like.
  13. I think the playability will be great, assuming that you can create a big pile of small somethings (I have a box with about 20k small lego parts in the kids room, so that won't be a problem). I'm sure that the kids will really enjoy how the machine picks up the stuff and delivers it to the truck.
  14. This is incredible, grats. Any plan for sharing building instructions?
  15. Does that mean that its power consumption is more than SBrick when idle?
  16. I don't understand when people are complaining about the B model instructions are not printed. I would complain if they was, since I think a lot of customers (not me) are only building the main model, I would consider a printed B model instruction a waste of resources. On the other hand if it was printed and included in the box, probably a lot more customers would build them. One of my favourite B model is the 9396 helicopters twin rotor alternative.
  17. There are two types of gear in technic, bevel and flat. Flat gears have an integral diameter (1,2,3,5,7 for the big turntable), bevel gears have a fractional diameter (3/2, 5/2, 7/2 for the small turnable, 9/2). The number of teeth is always the diameter multiplied by 8. The new turntable diameter will probably be 15/2, thus the number of teeth is 60.
  18. Depends on the type of the gear. If it is bevel (and the images strongly suggest it is bevel) then it must be 60. Think of the regular 24t gear, the small turntable is basically the bevelled version of that (increasing diameter by 1/2), which means it has +4 teeth. In case of the new turntable that is 56+4=60,
  19. Does anyone see how the steering is controlled for the arocs? HOG is definitely not on the top of the cab, and when the guy is demonstrating the steering, it feels like he is directly rotating a tire on the left side.
  20. You can see that the front axle is driven, but the two sides are linked. So it cannot steer, just go forward and backward. Other function will I guess be to lift the hook. I wonder if there will be other functions, maybe only this two.