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    [MOC] Robot Butler

    Do ya like robots? I love em, from violent robot cops to stomping retro tin cans. I wanted to try and build a humanoid robot that was doing something that looked simple but is actually quite difficult for a machine to do. So I thought about walking, balancing objects and picking up items all at the same time. Which is when the image of a butler came to mind. This model is made from CCBS, technic and system. His name is Hobson and he is designed to serve the aristocracy. I Hope ya like it
  2. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Robot Butler

    Thank you. I’ve been working on getting better poses into my models
  3. PaddyBricksplitter

    NCS MOCs

    That last big ship is awesome. Well done.
  4. PaddyBricksplitter

    Classic Space SHIP - real life (finished) MOC - Project Upsilon

    Cool design, those large ships are difficult to build.
  5. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Robot Butler

    Why thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the moc.
  6. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Robot Butler

    Thanks guys. Glad you liked the build. I think getting good articulation really helps with selling sense of who a character is. I'll try to keep that in mind for future builds.
  7. PaddyBricksplitter

    Clean-up on level 19...

    Awesome use of colour.
  8. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Artemis

    Sweet angles and lots of interesting forms.
  9. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Clockwork Golem

    Thank you. Clockwork City, yes it is a similar idea Glad you like it
  10. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Clockwork Golem

    Hi all. I have been getting into more constraction building lately. Hitting up ebay and getting the Star Wars buildable figures to increase my parts collection. This build started off by experimenting with methods for making eyes, here achieved by placing Friends lipsticks into the studs with hole pieces. After that I went with the gold Bionicle piece for the head and it reminded me of those clockwork soldiers from Dishonored 2, Return to Oz and D&D. So I built a figure with those influences in mind. It's called "Clockwork Golem". Hope ya like it ;)
  11. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] the open backed dress

    That was a clever idea to use that piece as a dress. The moc looks great. I have been looking at those Ninjago parts and trying to think of something to do with them. If I ever need a dress for an moc I must give this a try.
  12. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Clockwork Golem

    Thanks, I am glad you like it. It has taken me a few months to get to grips with constraction. I am still learning and experimenting. Learning the methods for making connections between system, technic and CCBS. I have not considered Galidor, I will check that out today. Thanks
  13. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Zubo-Q

    Definitely looks like a Japanese monster. Great build. Love that bloodshot eye
  14. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    Beautiful lines.
  15. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    Awesome. Expertly built and an original idea. Great stuff.
  16. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Persephone

    I love how solid this looks, it has interesting angles too. Love the plasma cannon
  17. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Walking tank

    Glad you like it
  18. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Walking tank

    Hi all. I thought I'd post my new moc. It's a sc-fi world war 2 tank. It does have some unofficial minifigures in it which I hope does not upset the purists too much. Hope you like it :)
  19. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Walking tank

    Thanks Glad you like it. I think the troops are Brickmania, I got the from Amazon. I do like a good diesel punk moc too. Yes the big arch brick is a great piece for rounding out forms. Tyler seems to have build something from every genre in sci fi and pop culture and done it brilliantly too.
  20. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Walking tank

    Awesome! I think that people that build WW2 inspired stuff are a little more forgiving regarding non official mini figs for soldiers. Lets hope that extends to sci-fi flavoured WW2 builds too. Hey thanks. I just checked out the 2012 War of the Worlds and I can totally see what you mean.
  21. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] M:Tron goes castle and Blacktrons are undeads!

    Cool design. I love a mash up
  22. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Orc Character Build

    Thanks, I thought spiky was the way to go to make him look dangerous. I’m trying to use pieces from outside system these days too try and improve my MOCs. Why thank you I’m glad you liked it.
  23. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Orc Character Build

    Hi all, After playing lots of Middle Earth Shadow of war I decided to have a go at building my own Lego Orc character. I used a combo of system, CCBS and that old favourite theme Knights Kingdom parts during the construction. I call him Morglesh the Man Slayer!
  24. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Orc Character Build

    Thanks. I really tried to give him some character by trying to build him a good expressive face Or rather a really evil one
  25. PaddyBricksplitter

    Why is Constraction So Disrespected?

    I did'nt care for constraction because I didn't grow up with it. Even thinking "Well come on, that's not really Lego." Then I began looking at MOC's, characters mainly, built using it. I recognised it was another powerful part of the Lego tool set I was not using. Therefore my MOCs were not as good as they could be. Combining it with system and of course technic (from whence it originated) can produce MOCs that are not limited by sticking to one sub genre.