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  1. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Vespa - Ideas project

    Real pretty. Good luck!
  2. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Paul Hendricks' Firebird

    I love it Bob. You clearly put a lot of thought into how the shapes of the bike compliment each other. Liking the colour scheme too. Def one of my favs in the contest.
  3. PaddyBricksplitter

    All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher

    That looks great. Really well developed with nice shaping. How about getting a Flickr account so you can post some hi-res pics?
  4. PaddyBricksplitter

    The Atomic Arrow

    Cool MOC very neon. Finally a use for all those trans pieces.
  5. PaddyBricksplitter

    Tachi Hoverbike

    Very nice as usual. Man I hope the Ghost in the Shell movie is good. I'm sure there will be plenty of mocs when it drops.
  6. PaddyBricksplitter

    Desert Rat Racer [MOC]

    A big mess o' Lego :D I'll take swoosh as a compliment ;)
  7. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] ARES-3

    This has just the most incredible curves and angles. Always amazing to see some build and have no idea how it was made. Brilliant Bob.
  8. PaddyBricksplitter

    Desert Rat Racer [MOC]

    Most kind of you. I certainly tried to pack as much detail as I could. I actually took some items off as it was getting out of control.
  9. PaddyBricksplitter

    Desert Rat Racer [MOC]

    Thank you very much. This is the first time I tried this type of technique for the terrain and the little dust cloud is my favourite part.
  10. PaddyBricksplitter

    Desert Rat Racer [MOC]

    Thanks very much :)
  11. PaddyBricksplitter

    Duel in the desert

    Hey all, Here's a little moc I did recently after getting some new western themed mini fig parts. Hope you like it.
  12. PaddyBricksplitter

    Duel in the desert

    Thanks all, most kind :) Yes Mace, they are ordinary 2x2 rounds with a tube running through them so they can bend.
  13. Hey guys I was trying to think of something to build from the original trilogy. Something that has not be done yet. I could not think of a single ship or scene that has not been built before and done really well already. Is there anything that we have not seen in Lego form from the OT yet? Maybe that imperial shuttle that was briefly in Empire?
  14. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Link display figure - Legend of Zelda

    Great character build. I love those feet :) I think I saw something about Lego not doing any Nintendo stuff for Lego ideas a while back. Probably should check that out.
  15. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC]Black Jade Pavilion

    Very nice, looks like you got the architecture style just right.
  16. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Star Trek phaser from the Original Series

    lovely job
  17. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Groucho Marx

    Hi all, A little creation in the style of Chris Mc Veigh. One of my all time favourite comedians Groucho Marx. Hope ya like it :)
  18. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Groucho Marx

    Hey thanks for the kind words guys
  19. Lovely shaping and details. Win.
  20. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Hh'alamand'ia - Space Squids Hive MotherSHIP

    Very cool Bob. I like how alien it looks.
  21. PaddyBricksplitter

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    Outstanding in every way.
  22. PaddyBricksplitter

    MOC: Privateer Oliver Cromwell

    Wow, amazing. Some really great ships appearing recently.
  23. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Macaw

    Very interesting. That makes sense. Thanks for the details
  24. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Macaw

    Brilliant as usual. One question I have is, you don't seem to go in for smoothing the edges of shapes with parts like cheese slopes or curves. Is this a style choice? Does it not work visually to do that with a build of this scale? I have never attempted something so large so I am curious about the building techniques involved.