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    On board U.S.S Sulaco orbiting LV-426 in my BoS Power Armor


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  1. Paladin Hicks

    TLG survey - input please!

    I appreciate how TLG likes to receive input from the AFOL community. Gives the impression they care about us a lot. Survey done. Stay Frosty
  2. Paladin Hicks

    It's opening...

    Wow! Amazing Fallout Moc, and great detail. I have never seen a vault interior done with Legos yet. And yours looks great! I see a post apocalyptic city in these pictures is that correct? I love the ghoul and your use of a PPSH for what appers to be a combat shotgun. And are those tan beret sporting figures supposed to be New California Republic troopers? A+ work Skinny Boy. Keep it up as I always enjoy Fallout Mocs! Stay Frosty (P.S Im a Paladin in the Brotherhood Of Steel, so if you ever need some power armor or laser weapons I can hook you up )
  3. Paladin Hicks

    Project: Aliens - Colonial Marines

    Well the situation with the pulse rifles is quite unfortunate. I'm sorrry that happened. For all my self beleif in being a colonial marines expert,I didn't even notice the incorrect ammo counter. I was probably too amazed with the other great details to even notice. And yes the various details of all the marines would be ,indeed, hard to recreate. It would look good if done correctly, but also perhaps bad if not. Its really up to you the ammount of detail you wish to incorporate. Regardless, they would still be great looking figures with or without.
  4. Paladin Hicks

    Project: Aliens - Colonial Marines

    These are beautiful Blacktron! I just noticed how you detailed the pulse rifles too. Great detail, just great detail! Stunning job! And these will be amazing once finished. I cannot wait! Stay Frosty!
  5. Paladin Hicks

    Alien Queen from Aliens

    Wonderful job! You have encompased the Queen's apperance excellently! Keep up the well done "Aliens" MOCs! Stay Frosty
  6. Paladin Hicks

    Project: Aliens - Colonial Marines

    Blacktron... you are my hero! The armor and helment are excellent and spot on with the ones displayed in the movie! I personally have spent much time trying to create a perfect marine and found it very difficult. Sure Brickarms carries the pulse rifle, but the armor and and helments of the marines are very important as well and hard to reproduce unless you actually make them yourself, like you. As a huge "Aliens" fan myself these pictures of the figures decked out U.S.C.M style made my day! Keep up the great craftsmanship and work and I'm eagerly anticipating your final completed marines! Stay Frosty
  7. Paladin Hicks

    MOC: VL-321 Trovão

    Quite impressive! This fighter looks like it can take over the skies! Are you going to add more weapons to her? Because(maybe its just me)I dont really see any. Anywho, terrific job on this one and you have inspired me to build a fighter of my own! "Stay Frosty"
  8. Paladin Hicks

    The D-Day Project

    Howdy? General Armendariz this is going to be epicly wonderful once finished. So, just curious, whats your lateist progress? Good luck with this masterpeice. "Stay Frosty"
  9. Paladin Hicks

    MOC: Modular Police Station

    Teddy this is wonderful!!! Amazing details, uncramped building interior, and... that car. I have been searching for a good four door design to incorporate into a moc I'm working on, for a while now. Thank you for this inspiration!!! Bravo! "Stay Frosty"
  10. Paladin Hicks

    fantasy style moc (my first )

    This Castle is massively awesome! Nice Build! Your son must like it a lot! Well done! "Stay Frosty"
  11. Paladin Hicks

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    As much as it seems like a lost cause to me with POTC coming out and all, I would love to see this theme live on again. "Stay Frosty" Signed
  12. Paladin Hicks

    6244 Armada Sentry Review

    I almost bought this set off Ebay not that long ago. But I decided against it. I should have bought it. It may be small but if you had a few you could amass a small Spanish army and then Moc a small fortress from the peices. And if I'm not mistaken doesnt have Lego instructions? "Stay Frosty"
  13. Paladin Hicks

    MOC: F6F Wildcat

    Glad to help! And that Wildcat is magnificent! Its almost identical to the real thing! Well besides being made out of Legos. I also looked at some of your other Mocs and I'm quite impressed. Nice job! "Stay Frosty"
  14. Paladin Hicks


    A fellow Brother! And thank you for the friendly welcomes! Makes being a new member easier. And I did watch out for those fire ants...I watched em' die under the barrell of my Pulse Rifle. "Stay Frosty"
  15. Paladin Hicks

    MOC: F6F Wildcat

    WOW!!! This is extremely well done! You are a very very talented builder! Top notch! And I am looking forward to seeing these beautiful aircraft on that carrier once it is finished! And you are displaying a F6F Hellcat right? Because the title says Wildcat and it sort of confused me. I would love to see a F4F Wildcat from you though! That and the P40 Warhawk are my favorite Second World War fighter planes. Anywho nice job again and thanks for the instructions! "Stay Frosty"