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    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    It would be interesting to know the production process for the movie, and more specifically what they spent this extra year doing (as the movie was supposed to come out last fall, but was set back a year hence Day of the Departed). Even with the extra time, it's clear there were a lot of rough edges to be smoothed out.
  2. Which country are you talking about? HoT doesn't start in the U.S. for another month...
  3. The Hageman's didn't write any of Hands of Time. Instead, it was written by David Shayne (who also did DoD and that had major pacing issues as well) and three or four other writers. The Hagemans are returning for season 8 though.
  4. There are some minor differences, but the story plays out pretty much the same. The ones I noticed were: The scene where Wu explains the Day of the Departed is outside the museum instead of inside. The Yin Blade glows when Cole sees it. Yang's picture doesn't come to life Zane creates a minifigure sized statue of Julien instead of a larger one. Cole uses the flyer on the back of the Rock Roader to get to the temple instead of using Airjitzu. Chen doesn't have his chair during the villain meet.
  5. Alternate Day of the Departed is finally out. It's basically the same (apart from the alternate opening), although the camera angles are different and the character models are incredibly plain. If anything, it seems like a fan recreation of the special, so I'm glad WilFilm is still producing future episodes.
  6. Vector Prime

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Huh. Maybe it's just me, but when I saw it, I assumed it was the early construction of the clock on Iron Doom (since things are much larger in the show than sets). At least that was the impression I got with it being an episode cliffhanger "grand reveal" of sorts.
  7. Day of the Departed sneak peak.
  8. Vector Prime

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    So the latest concept art reward packet from WuCru missions had these Ninja in them. Guess they were a prototype of the Skybound suits?
  9. Well that statue is holding one of the green crystal weapons so it seems more likely that they're going the "bring the statues back to life" route, which is probably for the best (after all, Samukai poofed, Pythor is allied with the Ninja, Cryptor exploded, Chen drowned with the Cursed Realm, and Morro disolved into the ocean.)
  10. And now Bucko and Squiffy have a Tall Tale which goes completely against the tv series canon by having them be pirates prior to Nadakhan's banishment rather than them being businessmen wanting to become pirates during the events of Skybound.
  11. It's been pretty much confirmed that we'll get a Return of the Villains season as the Hageman brothers have mentioned a season 7 in several of their tweets and Ian James Corlett, one of the voice actors, posted a video a while back of him recording more Chen dialogue.
  12. It's true that a lot of promotional material for Rise of the Serpentine labeled it as season 2. However in the intervening time, everyone on the production side has made it quite clear which season is which. Jay Vincent has labeled all of his music cues on YouTube with Rise of the Serpentine being season 1, Final Battle season 2 etc, while Wil Film also lists the seasons in that order on their website, and the Hageman Brothers constantly refer to Skybound as Season 6 in their tweets.
  13. So Dogshank's tall tale is now out and it is beyond a doubt a tall tale as there are some clear discrepancies between it and the series. Clancee said in one of the episodes that Dogshank wished to stand out since she was the second prettiest woman, yet here it is so she can win the Ninjago Olympics. Also in the series she is concerned with honor, yet here she tries to cheat.
  14. I don't suppose he explained why the all the music in season 6 except the Sky Pirates theme was from the previous seasons? (i.e. were they too busy with other projects or was it a studio decision to save money?)