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  1. rjk1977

    BIG Truck

    as i told before , i have a little problem with the rear diff ( never had that problem before ) the left axle from the diff to the wheel is slipping out of the gear in the diff , it looks like its half a stud to short. I think its becouse there is some great force to the small gears so i made the diff housing stronger by adding some beams but the problem remains. Anyone had the same problem? and how did you solved this problem? PS thanx Tim
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    to be honest
  4. rjk1977

    BIG Truck

    it drives on the floor pretty good , there's one small problem with the rear diff ( the axle to one of the rear wheels keeps slipping out of the gear ) Yes , its a bit longer as i planned , aaah well ,i'll try to make the best of it:hmpf: i would ,but how?? double cab was my first idea , but the 2 Xl motors are in the way , perhaps i leave the interior of the cab and just focus on the exterieur
  5. rjk1977

    BIG Truck

    Hi all, i'm building a Big Truck , i've got some pics on brickshelf and a is on Youtube.The plan was to build a Pick Up Truck , but i'm not sure what to make of it , perhaps a buggie. we'll see it has 2 and 4 wheel drive with difflock Sariel's havyduty 2 speed gearbox right now the rear axle is adjustible in hight , the front axle is in progress it will have some lights ( i have seen some great ideas for it so stay tuned) perhaps i'll add some other functions , i dont know yet and all has to be remote controlled*huh* greetz RJK
  6. rjk1977


    i only had the panels in green. I like the result.
  7. rjk1977


    Very nice bike, i build it ,i'll try to ad a picture as soon as possible. edit: the bike i build
  8. rjk1977

    RCX firmware problem

    Thanks for the reply, Its running in compatible mode and all is working except the firmware., i downloaded some other firmware in it from another piece of software ( bricxcc ) it works but then i cannot download the " tasks" from R I S into the RCX. I think thats normal becouse its a piece of firmware wich talks to a piece of software from another party. I'm going to try the virtual machine , if im finding time today? Perhaps a little soon....... But HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
  9. hii all, i'm having a problem , i've got myself some RCX bricks with software CD. All is "working" on my laptop with Windows Vista( i know this can be trouble with old software) but i can not download the firmware into the RCX brick. Is this solved just to get an old PC or are there other solutions?? hope to get some answers greetz
  10. rjk1977

    rare lego 271

    heeey, i'm selling my rare lego. its the traffic police set number 271 its complete but used in the box. I've got some pic's ,look in my brickshelf i want some money for it or a good trade.
  11. This site http://www.brickshop.nl/lego/technic.html claims to ship the new sets after 15 December Im not sure but i think its not just for Dutch peolple Just ordered the towtruck 9395.
  12. Hello all, I have one complete sunset cruiser for sale. Its RC and 100% complete. Who is interested?
  13. rjk1977

    Mindstorms 2.0 robotics

    Thanks very much for the reply's The choice is easier now , the set is sold I will save a little more and get the newer mindstorms.
  14. rjk1977

    Mindstorms 2.0 robotics

    Thnx Dluders, This is helpfull
  15. Hello everyone, I can buy this set (http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/3804-1)for about € 80,00 , is this to much? Can i use this set with PF? What can i do with the " computer " ? Hope to find some answers.