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  1. nezz

    my trains - [stock, moc & mod]

    this one I built to go on the 7938 on the upper deck is the sleeping area the lower deck
  2. nezz

    my trains - [stock, moc & mod]

    please explain I wanted to build something that would look like a energy generator powered by the movement of wagon wheels
  3. hi everyone in this topic I'll show my collection of trains to start, a moc I made using pieces I had laying around
  4. nezz

    TV crew

    I like it
  5. nezz

    I am a custom Lego Creator (CustomBrix)

    hi there
  6. nezz

    small cottage modified

    hi here is my first post of a modified set just a few changes were made: - a floor was added - small differences in barbeque area - base floor with kitchen utensils - roof tops still have to finish attic and 1st floor. I'm waiting for stairs and 4x2 plates to go on base floor hope you like it
  7. nezz

    MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    the 3 track version looks a lot better
  8. nezz

    MOC: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    awesomeness right there!
  9. nezz

    MOC: Oriental Building

    the door in the middle building is great!
  10. nezz

    Country In Your City?

    a country/forest/mountain area always looks good. better if it's built with tunnels for trains
  11. nezz

    [MOC] Brownstone Shop + Apartments

    that's one fine design!
  12. nezz

    What to do when an Era ends?

    I'm new here but there are plenty of PF parts for sale since they're still fabricating them and even if they stop, there will still be parts available. 9v has not been around for a long time (I wish LEGO would go back to 9v trains) and you can still find plenty of parts, even new 9v motors