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  1. kinda bumped into this by accident but i thought it would be worth sharing. Its a small mcpherson design with adjustable toe in/out and caster, steering works fine regardless. wheelbase is pretty much unaffected. srry for the crappy pics.
  2. I am kinda dissapointed.... You finished this allready... What a great build! Sincerly.. so awesome.. both the build and the end result! Instant HOF imo.
  3. you cant do this! Shoooooow us... :D
  4. I agree with Efferman, the hood looks to low,. I think the width is ok. Great progress nonetheless.
  5. Sylvian

    Lego Technic Fast dune buggy!

    Lol, that transition from day to night. Nice buggy :)
  6. I love it! Gotta love those crazy japanese people. It captures the dekotora spirit perfectly.
  7. heh,. thats pretty cool! Buut... imo it would be really interesting with an analog gamepad.
  8. Now this should be a an Official set,.. Love the way it looks, and love all the functions.
  9. Sorry,. after being amazed by alot of your mocs, this one.. meh.. its proportions just dont seem right.
  10. interesting,.. Defenitely not for the purists,. Must be a blast to drive though! Funny, i ordered a Tamiya Pajero cc01 a week ago.. bcuz everytime i build a lego chassis it has me like 'meh' peformance wise.
  11. Sylvian

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    You should turn it into a Nyancat gbc ^ ^
  12. Awesome! not a big fan off the steering though,. i reckon at this scale an undriven solid axle shouldnt be that hard.. but yeah fenders and tires rubbing.. still. :P Nonetheless very nice truck!!
  13. i think you should drop the engine, put it a few studs lower...
  14. Honestly, i terms of shape and proportions, it feels like it 'leans' a bit forward. Other than that its a great little build!
  15. Sylvian

    4 xl motors?

    I Believe Zblj made an 8x8 with 8xl motors (one for each wheel) and it could pull a car.
  16. Very cool machine and awesome execution.
  17. You should enter it for the battlebots competition. :P What a beast..