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  1. Just a heads up: anyone buying SW lego (or anything else) from Amazon’s prime day deals (yesterday and today in the UK anyway) might want to screenshot the offer prices and check you are charged correctly, they tried to overcharge me to the tune of £10 and just had an infuriating conversation with an amazon employee who could not see the offer prices and tried to fob me off with a £5 refund as a courtesy, got it sorted in the end but a real shambles, thought I’d mention it.
  2. mttbsstt

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Any news from the London toy fair?
  3. mttbsstt

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    What can I say?! Brimming with excitement I set off this morning to the LTF, eagerly approached TLG exhibition stand... and... was met with a fortress-like set up that was turning everyone but retailers away with no apologies, and before I get a dozen replies to the tune of "it's a trade show" there are other sectors that are involved in the production and dissemination of products (one of which I count myself a part of). Anyway, disappointed but looking forward to Nuremberg next week.
  4. mttbsstt

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    Spoke to the manager in my local TRU yesterday (Coventry UK), he confirmed they had Hobbit sets in stock but were not able to sell them yet, but will be for sale on Friday! He wasn't able to confirm which sets they were but if they were old ones they'd have been able to sell them so they must be some of the new ones.
  5. mttbsstt

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    My apologies, I'm pretty new here, the other thread I posted it on was discussing the 2015 Simpsons CMF series so I thought it would be appropriate, not trying to spam, message received loud and clear.
  6. mttbsstt

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Hi everyone, as a huge fan of Simpsons Lego and a follower of this thread, I wanted to share my LEGO Ideas creation with you all. I have designed a minifig-scale version of Homer's car - The HOMER! Check out the project and photos here: *Links removed* I would love it if you would all support this project as I for one really want to see LEGO Simpsons continue. Thanks for your support guys and gals!