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  1. Nosaj

    (W.I.P.) EITC-Ship "Wicked Wench"

    Very nice... I must admit, im not familiar with any of the new boat pieces or anything though.. i havent been active on the forums or and lego in general in almost a year
  2. Nosaj

    HMS Puffin

    Looking good... I really love the figure head now that I can see it Looks so much better with less curve
  3. Let me start by saying great adaptation and welcome to the forums... I may try something like this someday as it is a great idea and vague enough to easily modify it to your needs... Hell, you can even use some MOCs. I actually have quite a few ideas now...
  4. Nosaj

    The making of HMS Prince of Wales

    Fantastic ship... Its amazing how well beer and legos work together And as derfel cardarn said, Metallica helps too
  5. Nosaj

    Brick Forge Musket Review

    Great review... I would get some, but I am currently taking a brake from lego to persue ther interests and hobbies... well that and I am trying to keep my collection to official LEGO(aside from some sails and custom rigging ofcourse)
  6. Nosaj

    LEGO skull cave on advertisment

    sounds like skull island to me.
  7. Nosaj

    Revolutionary soldiers

    they look good although, woody if you are reading this, you may want too apply a coat of ModgePodge sealant or even some kind of polyurethane. It will give it some shine and lok closer to official lego.
  8. Nosaj

    W.I.P. Light Frigate (still without a name)

    Looking forward to seeing the fat design come into play and how well it works out... How many guns will it have? Looks like 18 broadsides, but I dont know if you plan on adding some to the top decks. 18 is good for broadsides though, the one I started(its building has been postponed) is only going to have 16 broadsides with posissibly up to 4 cannons on the top deck.
  9. Nosaj

    alternative crow's nest designs

    by LEGOs crows nests, do you mean the piece you can attach rigging to, or do you mean the little bucket(like the one on Kraken Attackin)?
  10. Nosaj

    Imperial Flagship Mod

    I am in love with that figurehead The green looks quite good aswell... Makes me kind of sad I had to post pone the start of my ship(need money for other hobbies)
  11. Nosaj

    le tigre

    Ha... I have wondered if anybody would realize that Nosaj is my name backwards Good work detective... I think CB may have the right idea on keeping it at one deck, or maybe making it longer so you could add a second...
  12. Nosaj

    le tigre

    I think the blue and orange could give it an interesting look, but it isnt looking so great at the moment... what I would do is try to put maybe an orange stripe going through the blue rather that such un-attached color, maybe make the lower deck not so high up on such a short ship, and on your top deck, dont use 2xanything bricks, but make a pretty railing (look at some other ship MOCs for inspiration). Also, a lot of the walls look a little bit square (especially the bow), so maybe try to fix that up a bit... Get some of that done, and your ship will start to become a beauty EDIT: Also remember, your railings dont need to be so high, especially when using solid bricks... Generally 2 bricks or less is high enough, and really 1 1/3-1 2/3 is plenty high enough... want to be sure the minifigs can see over them after all
  13. Nosaj

    Dinner With the Islanders by Azaghal Gabilzaramul

    I like the uneven look... and I have actualy just realized, if you look closely, only a little bit on the top is where water could escape, but the bottom majority is sealed(you can see somewhat of a black dish type thing inside of it)
  14. Nosaj

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Hey I would love to see the Armadas return... Although the armada its self wasnt accurate in the classic line, it is still the most accurate soilders for the pirates to battle. I hope they come back, after all I am NOT looking forward to the POTC line. (as I have said before, I like LEGO, I love POTC, but I am not crazy about the two being combined)
  15. Nosaj

    LDD Historical Figures 2

    Man, I knew there was another! Thats why I put "or of very few anyway" because I was pretty tired and knew I was missing something... There are probably a few others, but i am not familiar with many, I just cannot believe I forgot Sir Henry Morgan... Oh well, like I said, I was tired... you can tell by all of the spelling errors I just had (and fixed ) Edit: Hey look at that.. This was my 100th post... yay!