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  1. wetib

    Tolkien Nativity Scene

    I think I still don't know what people can do with Middle Earth minifigures :) Nice to know that Middle Earth celebrate born of Jesus :)
  2. wetib

    MOC: The Birth of Jesus

    You had really good idea for moc. It is nice to see that eurobricks people remember about Christmas. View with Joseph holding Mary's hand makes me moved :) Nice detailed mocs. Blessed Christmas and New Year :)
  3. wetib

    MEC categorie B: The fall of Dol Guldur

    Really great Dol Guldur! I might everyone on this forum want to has something like that in hands... This is good place for display. Besides make battle elves vs orcs you can imitate "White council attack on Dol Guldur" which will be show in the 3rd Hobbit movie where Elrond, Galadriel, Radagast, Saruman plays leading role. How many bricks did you use to build it? More than 2500? Had you any plans before you decided to make it? I ask you because I really want to build your Dol Guldur on my own. Can you show pictures from back Dol Guldur and Up ?
  4. wetib

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Everyone on this forum has right to share with his opinion or dream list sets. If it is anoying for you don't read it and strop try to ban with sharing opinions others users
  5. wetib

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    If this is to end this theme I have to ask you. Did we get any official information that LOTR and HOBBIT themes are done?
  6. Thanks for next MOCs of Dol Guldur. I saw only 3rd on lego.com. Where did you find it? Can you link me adresses to this MOCs? Currently I make Dol Guldur similar to Lion's Temple. At the moment it looks like very nice.
  7. wetib

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    Doctor_ocs Thank you very much :) Now I am sure Necromancer in Witch-king's crown looks like real Sauron. If you use brick with red light from 9476 behind him you have Sauron from the Hobbit movie.
  8. wetib

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    Would anyone who has 79014 + 79015 be kind enough to take picture of Necromancer in Witch-king's crown?
  9. Julio, your Dol Guldur project with some levels and pedestals for towers sounds very interesting. 2x 79014 + a bunch of 79011s mean that you are going to make Dol Guldur with more than 1800 pieces. You have to show it when you finish it :D Dr. Cogg I will try to build something like Lion's Temple but in Dol Guldur style. DGA is suitable for main gate, but it is 2x lower than lion's head. I have to modifity it. I saw 70010 Lion's Temple review. Behind right part of wall is cell. It is good locations for king Thrain with key and map to Erebor. To the right of cell is movement wall. I think this is way which Gandalf had entered to Dol Guldur and left unnoticed. Thanks guys for help. I am open for more ideas :)
  10. Thanks for idea, but I don't like micro scale :) You think 1500 pieces is too low for good MOC. Lake-town 79013 + 79016 together look pretty nice despite it is about 750-800 pieces This Dol Guldur is great I gree with you. However I prefer "open" place not surrounded by walls. Some ruins + tower + walls + stairs are good for me :)
  11. wetib

    [MOC] Sable Cathedral

    I wouldn't say it is amazing, because this word is inadequate... I can't say how it is good :) High towers crowned with cross, stained Glass it makes your moc realy faithull. I like details. You said It took you 16 hours. Do you mean only building? Did you make project of this? If yes how much time did it take you?
  12. wetib

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    @ Shuebmabow Is it possible to remove red spine from Dains helmet?
  13. wetib

    REVIEW: 79015 Witch-king Battle

    Thank you very much for pictures with elvish warrior and witch-king in the dark. I think only Elronds hair fit to this green torso. In my opinion the best way to make such great Wood-elves warrior is connecting body CMF Elf + 79012 elfs head with hair. I can't show how this mixed elf looks, because I made him in paint and have enough bricks :) Blakstone if I don't bother you and this isn't problem post here cmf elf torso + 79012 elfs head with hair. I have good idea for armored elf. It is connect Elronds body + spartan helmet (spine don't have to be red, gold is also good). If you do it I would be very grateful. If I want too much you don't have to do it. I don't want to waste your time.
  14. wetib

    REVIEW: 79015 Witch-king Battle

    It seems to me Galadriel is one piece taller than Elrond and Witchking :)
  15. Hi guys I want to make ruins of Dol Guldur LEGO. In my opinion DGB 79014 looks like long wall and this set disappointed me. I saw all moments in AUJ and DOS where Dol Guldur was shown. I also watched Dol Guldur in LEGO HOBBIT GAME. I tried to build Dol Guldur in LLD but I haven't got such skills. If you have ever built Dol Guldur or you've got a good design project post it here. I prefer buildings to maximum 1500 pieces (of course DG with 500 could be also good) Please help me to create a really cool Dol Guldur :) Thank you in advance.