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  1. ArrowBricks

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I like @wesker ‘s type of list. I’ll do the same! I’ve added some of his ideas too but some are sets I’ve been thinking about for months aswell so apologies if it seems like I am copying. Separatist Magma Tri-Droid With all these re-releases of sets the Star Wars line is facing, how about a brand new vehicle? This would be perfect to get a Commander Cody. There are some great mocs of this vehicle well before Season 7 TCW but with it being included seems a perfect time. Brickbuilt centre with its blue colours. Republic Gunship We might have to wait a year from the UCS version but a system-scale version of this set is well in need of a return. The ‘thanks Commander’ Green Clone Pilot in the Siege of Mandalore is a figure I desire, perhaps the most. CIS Heavy Proton Cannon Add blue CIS colours to the 2011 Battle on Geonosis version. Chance to get Mace Windu’s Clone Troopers from the Bad Batch arc that are seen on Anaxes. I love the colour of those clones. Set could have some great features like 2011. The Bestoon Legacy An easy design for Lego to do and the ship would be great considering it’s importance with Rey. Great way to get Ochi and even Lando ‘the hermit’ Calrissian. Dagger included. Outland Tie Fighter Love the design of this thing when its landing! Perfect for Lego to release a Moff Gideon, Incinerator Trooper and a Beskar armoured Mandalorian. Everyone would grab this set. The Fortitude Took me ages to find the landing craft on the Star Destroyers in Ep 9 but here we are. Will give our Resistance Troops a much needed ride and definitely has vibes of being the Republic Gunship of the Resistance. Great way to get an Orbak creature too. Separatist Shuttle (ROTS-Brown) Seen some great mocs of this particularly from a guy on twitter. A large cockpit piece would make this set amazing. Add a Wat Tambor and boom this set sells well. Hoth Wampa Cave Lego give us an affordable Wampa and a Tauntaun creature mould! Plus gives you another chance to release a snowspeeder. TIE Defender (Rebels) Really nice design. Add some Rebels figures of course but aslong as it has a Tie Pilot the OT fans will be happy. Battle of Endor There is potential for this being MBS but I just feel an affordable playset for this scene would be better. Should include a slightly bigger and more fleshed out Bunker and the Endor Shield aswell. What about a landing pad...damn it’s starting to have that MBS vibe. AT-ST Walker, Ewok Glider, trap + catapult, Endor Speeder Chase Separate sets to create a large scene with above or ones that would be in the MBS. Give us some rare Ewok’s! UCS Droid Control Ship (Lucrehulk) There is a particularly good moc of this online and oh boy this set would look amazing on display. Lego can do their usual trick and give us some exclusive figures- Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Daultay Dofine and heck even a chrome TC-14 again! Homing Spider Droid When I look at this vehicle in universe Lego’s version is actually lacking. Make the eye smaller and add a better middle section! Stickers for the nice design too on that section. Would be a far superior model that would get the collectors opening their wallets. Sneak in a new AOTC Kit Fisto with better head mould and this is a winner. Naboo Royal Starship Queen Amidala and Ric Olie are a must. Sabe likely. Heck I don’t care if it’s grey but I have flirted with the idea of chrome stickers... This set is one of the most desired on this list. Obi-Wan’s Blue Jedi Interceptor w/hyperdrive Like the 2006/7 model but obviously improved like the AOTC version in 2017/8. Great way to get a Commander Cody and a Tion Medon. UCS Republic Dropship w/AT TE New alien figures like Pablo-Jill, Sora Bulq and Tarados Gon and a load of Clones and boom we are done. Needs accurate colour schemes unlike the Clone Wars version. Hopefully the Gunship in 2021 introduces new Clone helmets. UCS Sail Barge (Skiffs), Palace and Rancor Pit to accompany Mos Eisley has given hope for the vast array of alien figures in these scenes to get the Lego treatment. The possibilities... Republic Prisoner Shuttle This will give us Shock Troopers based off of the new 501st designs and a Darth Maul. Add the Cargo box/hold and more accurate colour scheme than the 2009 version and this will be popular for sure. Bad Batch Shuttle This is all about those figures! Include Echo too. Makes sense for this to be released when the new show gets near. UCS Yavin IV Temple I predict this for the next MBS. Loads of amazing Rebel Alliance figures that can be included...the OT fans will be loving life. Examples: (I’ll edit these in’s bed time ;) Geonosian Starfighter I include this because it’s been a while and we are in desperate need of movie accurate Geonosians! Count Dooku’s Solar Sailor Last model in 2009 looks poor and needs updating. I would love Lego to try and incorporate a parachute elastic piece but one can dream can’t they! Mos Espa Podrace Loads of figures for this set! Heck it could even be a UCS. Shmi + Fodesinbeed the obvious choices. I’d love more than 2 Podracers to get an amazing race going. Lego could even release pods later down the line for this. All those aliens... Venator Cruiser Based off of the last episodes of TCW. The Astro Droids, Rex, a first Republic Officer and a shiny Phase II Clone Trooper based off of the new 501st designs would make this even more desirable. Republic Y-Wing Starfighter Ahsoka, Rex, the astro and a Fives minifigure. If they’re doing a Resistance version in new Star Wars content then this Clone Wars version makes so so so much sense! @wesker’S Naboo Starfighter w/ Vulture Droid is a fine fine fine idea! Add in a Naboo Engineer with Theed Padme and this is great. The Naboo Starfighter imo needs an upgraded design aswell and a small downscaling. Vulture Droid definitely needs it. Bounty Hunter Pursuit, Jango’s Slave One, Invisible Hand, Resistance B-Wing and the Petranaki Arena MBS all great ideas in the above post. Give me an Aftab Ackbar and an Engi Golba in the B-Wing!
  2. Sounds interesting BUT everyone take this with a big massive ginormous pinch of salt as 75298 is apparently the Tauntaun Microfighter.
  3. Eurobricks might have a new lego leaker
  4. Thinking about it more deeply, perhaps the Tie Fighter (75300) and the X-Wing (75301) wont be as bad/small as we think. The 2012 models are as followed: 9492 Tie Fighter - 413 pieces whereas 75300 has 432 pieces. 9493 X-Wing - 558 pieces whereas 75301 has 474 pieces. It is rumoured that the front piece of the new X-wing is different so could this be where the main portion of the piece count reduction takes place? (I’m think similar to the 2013 Z-95 Headhunter here)
  5. Darth Vader = Boba Fett Scout Trooper = Stormtrooper Death Star Gunner/Royal Guard = Tie Pilot. I can’t see Lego veering from the OT. Again just my thoughts based off of last years Helmet collection.
  6. I think a Squadrons tie-in is a great call. With the minifigure lineup looking to be ‘different’ and the reality of having less detailed and smaller ships to swoosh around (Piece/price) it makes total sense for it to be based off this game.
  7. 75307 is the third helmet in the collection, rather than the Probe Droid. It is claimed to be an exclusive, similar to how the Tie Pilot helmet was this year. The Probe-Droid is 2021’s version of D-0, BB-8 etc etc - buildable Droids. I assume we will be getting a buildable figure aswell like this years Baby Yoda or last years Yoda. My guesses are either a Royal Guard or a Death Star Gunner.
  8. Are the exclusives any good this year?
  9. Winter has always been known as a wave of smaller sets. However they were still exciting, well built and had new figures, ships and vehicles. This wave just looks bland all over.
  10. ArrowBricks

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Saving 2021 from the horrors of the first half of the year... Endor Speeder Bike Chase £24.99: Endor Luke, Endor Leia, Scout Trooper CIS Proton Cannon £44.99: Mace Windu, Mace Windu Clone Trooper, Battle Droid (x2) Separatist Tri-Droid £54.99: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Commander Cody, Super Tactical Droid, Battle Droideka (x2) Republic Z-95 Headhunter £59.99: Anakin Skywalker, Yellow Clone Pilot, 212th Clone Trooper Moff Gideon’s Tie Outlander £69.99: Beskar Mandalorian, Moff Gideon, Imperial Incinerator Trooper Tuggs' Grub Sienar-Chall Utilipede Transport £99.99 (Galaxy’s Edge): Chef Tuggs, Dok-Ondar, BK-86, Jat Kaa, J2-KC Mandalorian Season 2 Set (£79.99-119.99) Venator-Class Cruiser £139.99: Ahsoka Tano, Clone Commander Rex, Republic Officer, Ahsoka Clone Trooper, Phase II Clone Trooper, CH-33P, RG-G1
  11. Damn this how very awful. Interesting (although not good) that they’re experimenting less detailed sets. Genuinely baffled by this wave. Roll on the second part of 2021.
  12. It’s been a long day for me so apologies...MIA?
  13. With the way this set is made and designed I can definitely see a Geonosian/Petranaki Arena in the near future. Wouldn’t be surprised if a Yavin 4 base also. Sorry if this was too wishlist-like. When will official picture release?
  14. Hmm. Right. Moving on. The Mos Eisley UCS is phenomenal. The box looks boring though! Such a shame I spent around £75 for the 2014 one now this has come out but I haven’t built that yet so I can definitely add parts from that to this. Really feels like Lego have tried to include so many new figures when they really didn’t have to. Well done Lego, you deserve big credit here. Now when are the the 2021 leaks going to start appearing?
  15. The US fans are fuming when sets are released a month later but when other countries, not including themselves, are excluded from sets altogether they are silent. Oh I love it. Poor from Lego either way in all honesty. It’s a very nice set that all collectors would want particularly because it’s an iconic scene.