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  1. Hi Ryan, didn’t you break the rules etc of LAN by sharing the content you did in January? (Actions have consequences surely you know this?) - again not fully informed on the situation so if I am wrong then sorry. I am also pretty sure a very small minority called you a liar, whilst a large section of the community was excited by the news and thanked you for the informative video. So you’re holding info back simply because of that small minority? Ryan you’re appreciated by many people which your YouTube a channel clearly demonstrates, so I don’t really buy what you’re saying. Again mentioning the exclusivity of your source feeds into many of the arguments on the previous pages which you chose to ignore. Either way hope to hear some news on this set soon from anyone in all honesty.
  2. ArrowBricks

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Knowing something for a long time doesn’t make something not strange lol. I haven’t checked up on this forum often so missed the price but for 1175 pieces I thought £119.99 would be the price.
  3. ArrowBricks

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    £129.99 for the COS set. Good lord. £69.99 for the Hogsmead set - wow great deal. Strange pricing it seems.
  4. I think Lego classify TCW as prequel. Explains the lack of AOTC sets and ‘prequel’ sets more generally. Makes sense just for fans of those three films it’s a tad frustrating.
  5. ArrowBricks

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Top man, cheers.
  6. My sarcasm clearly failed sadly. @Brickroll I imagine it’s nothing really that good that’s meant the leakers aren’t revealing the info (my guess, of course)
  7. ArrowBricks

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Every few months I return to this forum and I am amazed at the quality of sets being released. I hear there is a chess set too right? If so, that’s going to be so good! The amount of new things Harry Potter brings out each year is impressive. I look forward to seeing the other two sets that connect to the COS, which is a superb set in itself. How many sets are there in total for the rest of the year? -these 4 anniversary sets -the chess set - Some Quidditch Pack? - Buildable Fawkes What am I missing? Cheers.
  8. We love you Ryan. After all we wouldn’t know the summer wave if you did not provide it. Very intrigued to hear this unknown set at some point.
  9. ArrowBricks

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    True but I’d argue the 2016 set wasn’t like the 2014 set. It was more of a fuel set with little sections of the castle; a good portion of the cantina was included. TLJ is controversial and I doubt it will receive much treatment from Lego ever again but I would love to see a red Resistance Bomber for sure! Tie bomber and the A-Wing are decent shouts too. I’d have C’ai Threnalli in the latter with a bacta Finn.
  10. I won’t talk too much on this, as this thread certainly isn’t for such discussion, but such a format would be amazing but sadly it is unrealistic in the current climate of Star Wars. With all the new shows coming many of the larger future sets from such shows would be ignored as the winter and spring aren't meant for them. Plus the year for collecting would be too expensive for most if not all. If Star Wars was to become stale at some point for a fair few years then they could do this, but that won’t happen under Disney in this decade.
  11. This was exactly the reason. Good times. I’d love to see what they could come up with again.
  12. PT needs better sets. So many things missing from those films let alone improved figures etc. The prequels are very relevant and always will be particularly in the context of the Clone Wars. I’d love an AOTC Anniversary wave but with this summer’s Clone Wars focus I doubt it and especially with Bad Batch coming to our screens. I think Lego is at their best when they get a good mix of sets in a wave like the 2020 summer wave! (Even though the KoR ship and the Grievous starfighter were characterised by poor decisions)
  13. ArrowBricks

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I recently watched this film again. A lot of it was covered, but one that certainly wasn’t was Maz Kanata’s Castle. Treat it like the 2014 cantina and that would be a great set. To everyone, really interesting ideas! I agree with them all! Those who said a Venator would you want/expect it to be Clone Wars or from Revenge of the Sith?
  14. ArrowBricks

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Obviously drawing on existing Star Wars material, what sets do we all think if released could be known as one of the greatest sets ever or atleast of the decade? Here’s a few of my ideas: 1. Petranaki Arena - all beasts, lots of new Jedi. MBS - alike Cloud City/Mos Eisley etc 2. The Fortitude - Orbak too. 3. Yavin IV Temple - again MBS 4. Trade Federation Landing Craft - Droid’s, Gungans, nice functions of unleashing troops, and Kaadu 5. Naboo Royal Starship - they have to find a way to solve the chrome issue. 6. Jabba’s Palace/Jabba’s Sail Barge - MBS - So many obscure aliens to include. 7. The Invisible Hand - the exterior of this thing would be amazing, perhaps some micro scale Jedi interceptors too, and other nice interior features. The Malevolence was under appreciated imo but this would be amazing. 8. Clone Troopers Battle Pack - 212th Clone Troopers, Shiny Phase II Clone Troopers etc are all in demand. 9. Dryden Vos’ Yacht - this would be so obscure but a masterpiece. Such excellent interior and amazing opportunity for figures. Very unlikely however. 10. Republic Dropship w/AT TE - can split the sets if needed but we all want this re-released!