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  1. I agree I doubt we will see the summer sets. Can’t lie though it would be such a good marketing tool if they do have the new sets on show considering TCW returned yesterday. Would really drive the hype up.
  2. Yes mentioned this earlier. Praying that it’s not a typo by Lego.
  3. Then again the angle of the entire set makes the engines look less extended out than they are via Instagram photos...which makes it look way better. Perhaps a tiny bit too long but in all honesty I’m not bothered.
  4. Only bit that’s off is that the engines connected to the main part of the ship should be wider/more stretched out.
  5. Was about to put this in myself. The fact it has come from Lego directly I reckon suggests a new The Mandalorian figure. The set might even have minor updates to what we see now. Perhaps the rushed nature of this set explains the rumour of cancelled sets- just me speculating!
  6. Set number is 75292 5 Figures. Think The Mandalorian is new to some extent. Carbonite bounty elements inside 1,023 pieces £119.99 Pre-order for September 1 2020
  7. Can’t imagine Lego reducing previous price points considering the inflation and pattern of rising prices recently.
  8. I had in mind a Dropship with AT-TE. But the last Dropship was more expensive than $199.99 so I’m not sure.
  9. Cody helmet leaked! No idea if real but wow...
  10. Yes has been discussed in earlier pages. Agree with you regarding the interceptor.
  11. RazorCrest and Exagol by no means concerned have been confirmed. Don’t get hopes up.
  12. Interesting. Cheers. Might confirm new clone variants this wave re. 501st/322nd considering it would be very strange to update that legion alone in isolation.
  13. Cracking piece of work thank you! Only way I can see this being $80 or if it includes Boga but that’s highly doubtable as I feel it would have been mentioned.